I have some thoughts

Im transgender (mtf) and recently went through a breakup with my ex(f). we are highschool sophomores. we had been together for a while and weve been broken up for a few months. As summer approaches and the days get longer i’m missing her more and more. i can only remember the great summers i had with her there with me. Our first kiss, our first dates and many more great memories with her are in the summer. Like how i’d open the door to let her in and see or smiling face or if she was letting me in to her house. (in the winter we would just walk home together so no door opening ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). We broke up because even though she was the first person who i told im transgender she was always worried about me transition in the future and being a different person which i understand. She told me that she wanted to break up sometimes because it didn’t feel permanent but she’d never say “breakup” she would only dubtly mention it. i gave her an out of the relationship and it ended on goof terms. Shes been the person i’m closest to for so long that without her i even feel as if i can’t for proper social connections anymore. I don’t feel like i get close to people to maybe that’s just me pushing people away idk. the worst part is that even my closest friends (males) Don’t know i’m transgender and would have difficulty understanding me. This makes me feel a little hopeless like i may lose them and sadly with people who DO know i’m trans they don’t feel permanent in my life. It feels like i’m just living a life where i’m just connecting less and less with people and it’s very painful.

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>Im transgender
Stopped reading there. kys

also damm sorry for bad spelling and grammar i’m really tired. (and mobile autocorrect)

>Im transgender
Stopped reading there. All your problems can be solved by getting therapy, killing yourself or getting your hormones to your proper level by lifting

LOL me too

Post pics OP


This is just the reality of being transgender. You want to be a different thing that what you are. And that is for certain going to scare most average people. Like people that get lots of plastic surgery, you will not be the same, nor will you be absolutely able to sucessfully detransition should you change your mind. We're simply not that far along with gene and personal modification research.
You can do what you want with your body, but you can not control other people's reactions.


why the fuck do people keep suggesting lifting, it does nothing aside of fooling your mind into thinking that you're one step above a gorilla in terms of intelligence

I get wanting to be lean but, muscles? I can't get the appeal

i do not either

Suggesting muscle building to trans is also a no-no because then your muscle pattern of your original hormones will seep through.

Because it increases testosterone, sissy faggot.

>it increase testosterone
yeah, so? it's not going to fix anything

>fixing my hormones won't fix anything, but cutting my dick off will

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so what sort of magic thing does it fix?
>cutting your dick off
that's retarded to do and that's beside the point of the conversation

First of all, you have to be 18 to post here

Secondly, are you getting therapy?

Thirdly. You are only in high school. Try to find friends based on common interests. I know its easier said than done, try not to worry so much about romantic relationships. people will come and go throughout your life, and letting go is a super useful skill to master that you will have to use throughout your life. Find some hobbies to distract you from the hurt of the breakup.

Some things that have helped me in the past–going for long hikes or working out, finding a new TV show to binge. Making art. Doing crafts. Video games. Studying hard and getting good grades. Are there any clubs at school or outside of school that you could join?

Lastly. Don't listen to the people on here that may be questioning your worth or are telling you to kys. You are human. Regardless of your gender identity, you have worth. Focus on cultivating love for yourself.

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I don't understand why they come here to whine about being born differently than they wish they were.
There is a whole board dedicated to self-mutilating persons.

I wish I was more muscular; better tell you all I weigh 210 and am a football player and if you disagree I'll call you football-phobic...

>that's retarded to do
Yet you tranny faggots pick that over lifting and eating healthy

>still on the tranny point

>tranny asks for advice
>give advice
>hurr why are you still talking about trannies
You might be seriously retarded, sweetie

This is why nobody treats you the way you want to be treated, you say you're a tranny and then complain when it's brought it.
It was literally the first statement in the OP and you mad we talk about it.
Like I stated earlier, there's a whole board for your issues.

I'm not op but I assume it'd be easy to assume so

Time for you to make the noose