Schedule a date with a girl on Tinder

>schedule a date with a girl on Tinder
>on the day, she texts me "hey one of my friends wants to join us, do you mind if I bring her along"
what the fuck is she even doing

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Threesome, big playa OP

She's nervous killer.

She has anxiety or you look like a creepo and didn't pick somewhere public enough.

I was going to joke about a threesome but she's just playing it safe.

She doesn't know you and wants to make sure A. nothing is put into ber drink and B. her other friend should approve of you before she delves further.
Also, if you check out her friend or treat her poorly it'll reflect poorly on you.
Just make sure to open/hold the doors for both of them and treat both with respect but make sure chick #1 gets most of the attention.

I'd do the same but don't have the courage to date another man yet.

I have normal pics and I proposed to meet in an open public area.

That's be cool if we were 16, bit we're both in our late 20s and met through a fucking dating app. It's seriously weird

Then maybe the friend is a tester duff ugo that saw your pics and wants to try her luck to throw you off. Or she could be hotter, who knows.

She wants to make sure you're not a serial killer or some shit. If you can't deal with that OP then ask to invite a friend of your own or just cancel.

Nowadays no one trusts anyone new.
Just jump in.

Bring a bro, obviously.

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>/gif/ rape, scat, brapp, trap
Please start using a tripcode.

I've been here for well over a decade, I have never used and don't even know how to tripcode. Test..

>Then maybe the friend is a tester duff ugo that saw your pics and wants to try her luck to throw you off.
women are weird

Break it off and tell her, that you wanted to date her and not her friend(s).

what if the friend's hotter

When I meet someone off Tinder I want to have at least a non-zero chance of bringing them home with me. Never had a girl do something like this. Unless there actually is a chance of a threesome happening...

I mean I wouldn't go unless there actually is a chance of threesome

you got a problem with the scat, man?

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Not really, as long as you're not the one who used to ruin /trash/ until he was doxxed.

>he hasn't heard of scatman

>there are people this young existing

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>every man you meet is a serial killer rapist
imagine living with such fear of the world

>imagine you get murdered because you're a big fat sucker all for the promise of dick
This is reality.

no it isn't, it's the same as saying every girl I go on a date with is going to falsely accuse me of rape. unfounded fear

scatman is a Jow Forums meme.
also why did you post a literal facebook image referring to ""nice guys""
it was always crigne but now it's outdated and cringe.

I don't think you know the meaning of that word.

Scatman is a musical artist you uncultured swine.
>out of almost 13,000 felony homicides only 19 victims were a girlfriend and 442 victims (male or female) were from acquaintances which includes "homosexual relationships and the composite category of other known to victim"
but no your clickbait is totally a valid source

>current/former spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend
i.e. not a tinder match you go on a date with

>looks like a creep
>she agrees to go on a date with him
How fucking retarded are you, you dumb whore? It's a mistery how you were able to stay alive for so long.

Thousands a year. Amazing. Even the flu kills x10 that number. You're retarded.

There are countless stories of it to cause enough panic, including the tinder murderer. It's not exactly something studyable because first date murder is classified as random homicide.

Heart disease kills millions around the world. I'm not here to compare death dick sizes. I'm establishing crowd fear.

consulting the first table, we see 469 homicides by a stranger (male or female victim) and over half of them were a result of robberies. there's also the unknown category which you can use, but that's also digging to fit your narrative. add to the fact that the victims aren't gendered makes that number even smaller. I'd be more worried about taking a cab to the date then being murdered by my date if I was going to think about the possibility of dying every day

If we're speculating off of your table, it could also fit under 'Other Arguments' with 3k deaths in the column.

yeah sure okay but only half are from acquaintances, strangers and unknown which would be one of the categories tinder date gets classified into. all of them are ungendered and acquaintances includes homosexual relationships, add to this that not all of these deaths are from first dates and the number just gets smaller and smaller.

it's unfounded fear and just because there are examples of it happening doesn't mean it's some common occurrence in the slightest.

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There's a simple line of questioning here:
>Is she going to be paying for her own lunch?
If the answer is no, you are the free lunch and you should get the fuck out of there.

Just answer 'no that's a bit weird...' or something along those lines. Who the fuck brings a friend to a date? It's almost as bad as having your mom tag along. If she doesn't switch up her game then she's not worth it dawg.

>tfw op is just creepy enough so tinder girls are afraid of meeting him alone
>tfw op is about to have a threesome

Pick one

Women who do this are fucking bullshit. It’s a fucking DATE not a group hang out.

God damn.


I mean, is it going to be a lot of expenses? If it's just a relatively cheap lunch and you're a cool enough person I'd just risk it. At worst it doesn't go beyond "friends" but if they like you then you can just bounce off them and meet their other friends.

If you're a total sperglord then at least you have the chance to make human contact.

her friend wants you bad.

Its generally good ida to have multiple women on a "date" because they will compete for your attention. Even if you have nothing interesting going about you in general they will compete on a principle of limited resources aka there is only one you and two of them.

>If it's just a relatively cheap lunch and you're a cool enough person I'd just risk it
>suggesting he should pay for her friends lunch too

This is a lie. I fell for this once and it was very fucking stupid. We’d talk and then her friend would distract her with some stupid gossip every 15 seconds

Trying to sabotage the date in a way where she can still blame you, or her friend.

>I'm establishing crowd fear.

No, youre just jumping the fearmongering bandwagon feminists and media use to make their dime.
My chance of being killed by another man during a fight or robbery are massively higher than a woman getting killed on the first date, and yet I still leave my house.
You should be ashamed for posting sources with obviously populist titles like "men kill women for saying no" , that no doubt cite some "study" that had its definitions twisted and redefined until the result matched the Ideology.