Describe your friend who gets laid the most

Describe your friend who gets laid the most.

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>implying I have friends
My step dad obviously had sex, but I can only assume it was 3 years ago, since my youngest half brother is 2ish.

Tall, doesn't smoke or drink, play football, was bad at school,is planning to go to military.

Me, Myself, and I. I fuck my gf at least 4 times a week. Sometimes more like daily. I used to be a Jow Forums lurking manlet virgin but I started lifting weights 3 days a week and got a better job outside of moms house.

He's a great dude, honestly. Nerdy and blunt in speech, and actually a little socially awkward, but works out and dresses and styles his hair in a way that suits him. Puts on a big "oh, I don't care about anything" front, but I know him better than that. He's just as insecure as anyone else, even a little afraid that he's a shitty person, and has a massive fear of commitment. He's been in a few long term relationships with great girls but breaks them off every time because he starts to feel trapped (translation: he starts to feel like he can't meet their expectations). I wish him nothing but success, and I hope he meets a girl he can really love some day.

tall, good looking, fit, somewhat neo-nazi, mommy issues and has nervous ticks

Alpha dude with anger issues, dad issues, insecure as hell, cheated on every girl he ever been with. Has 3 kids. Prone to addiction to most things.
Yeah, stopped being friends with him and now my life is awesome.

I know it’s hard not to make it about yourself, but the question was who of your friends. Not who among you.

why being tall is so important?
that really frustrate me, as a 5'5 manlet...
is there any hope to manlets to get laid?

another friend who's also tall is as much of a sperg as me
I'm short, but my brother is even shorter and he swims in pussy

damn.. then it really is all about your personality..

No its mostly about your looks, as in your facial features.

Autistic guys online can't tell a good looking guy so they hone in on something they can quantify: height.

>30 lives in a caravan, has job, has a dog
>5/10 at best
>very flirty, dirty talk with girls
>will fuck any moving thing even a landwhale
>on tinder and fuck 60 girls in a year

5’5”, handsome, extreme extrovert, sly and low-key. def knows his way around women.

lead guitarist in my band. not even that attractive, just socializes a lot.

Fucks a lot of 5/10s on tinder, Jow Forums but not that handsome, very shy except when with someone he will never meet again, gets very quickly irritated when others are making jokes that he is secretly gay yet shame others for being virgins or not having a gf

>proof men are weak and only care about sex
>why should these emotional beings be allowed any power

>highly medicated bipolar 1
>on disability plus a small stipend from his parents
>overweight, 5'10 probably 210
>drinks 3 energy drinks a day, smokes a pack a day
>can't drive
>an actual misogynist, not just a 'feminist calling anyone they don't like a misogynist' misogynist
>genuinely doesn't like women
>crafts his entire personality around the Sopranos and mobster movies
>relentless confidence and faux mobster attitude
>somehow it fucking works
>pulls girls from 4/10 through 7/10 off Tinder and Facebook all the fucking time
>has slept with over 60 women

I'm genuinely impressed by the guy. I actually started watching lots of mobster movies, prison movies, and Lockup episodes to try and work on my own edgy personality. Hope it works.

>has slept with over 60 women

Is that even above average these days?

I don’t havr any friends. I assume the guy that delivers the pizza gets his cock polished though. He’s a fuckin hero.

Yes you dumb piece of Jow Forums trash

He was a hipster 5'7 chubby Mexican. Admittedly he had a pretty good looking face, he just had some meat on his bones. He was also very manipulative with all the girls he slept with. He mostly banged art hoes, but he banged a lot of them.

I thought he was a spergy nerd like me. But then a few weeks into the semester I get to hear some chick screaming every other day.

Fuck you Aaron.

My friend looks like a younger modern-day Ragnar and cosplayed as him once at Dragoncon. His optimism is literally infectious and hanging around him has changed my outlook on life in many ways for the better, even if my life hasn't drastically changed. I was deeply introverted and reclusive before I met him and he dragged me out of my shell. I do have a small man-crush on him.

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How does he do it?

Due is tall got reject by the girl before and she eventually got around to him after her other relationships failed. Dude went from virgin to getting laid all the time by one horny chick.

I pray to Cuthulu for his soul.

It's funny cuz he looks pretty much like the model in your pic. Yes, he has a girl and is cheating on her. I look below average on a normal day, next to him I'm more than invisible.

slight speech impediment , physically fit , new or nearly new car , likes mainstream music most

Somewhat androgynous, doesn't give a shit about most things, does his job, high social value.

Lmao go outside NOW

legitimately hilarious

He's actually a really nice, funny, good looking, athletic guy and a great friend. However, he's horrible at committing to relationships and very unhygienic.

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tfw no friends

>handsome as fuck
>piercing green eyes
>styled haircut, wears basic fuckboy clothes that fit
>smokes, drinks
>loves joking around, pleasant voice, gives you the sex look no matter who you are
>shy yet confident its a weird mix that works for him
He also has game so yeah


> Jow Forums is autistic as fuck

> using weak logical fallacies to support unsound argument
> proof women are stupid

It gets polished by guys like you, fatty

>dude gets triggered and baited
>proving the post he replied to as true
>ironic but expected

>5'5" gigamanlet
>always swarmed by girls
>doesn't seem that handsome but what do i know?
>not chad, not super rich (high earning career though)
>very humble, confident personality without being a dick. kind of zen
>ex military

None of you will believe me and the guy'll get laid regardless. I want to hate him (6'4" permavirgin here) but he's alright. He doesn't look for girls and that makes them fight for him pretty hard.

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>Describe your friend

If I had a single friend I wouldn't fucking be here, user. GDI

> cringe

Your reply has made it worse.

>user is still triggered and apparently 12 mentally

>Describe your friend who gets laid the most.
5'10", big ears, doesn't train or use the gym or anything, skinny save for a little bit of a stomach
De facto leader of group of friends and very quick to excommunicate people from our friend group to the extent that we socialise with people removed from our group without him knowing, everyone knows what he is like and challenging him is hard but results in little to no change, in 24 years of knowing him he has apologised once for being a shitty friend at times but out of habit I hang out with him.
Preys on women who have vulnerabilities (aspergers/no dad/poor), will usually get them to pay for him when he can after getting them things that don't have a monetary value.
Lies about smoking, I've seen him spray his mouth with aftershave because he was on his way to see his then girlfriend who didn't know he smoked.
Cocaine addict, he has been sacked from workplaces for stealing from them, he sold his possessions for money so he could buy coke, he will take most things if he is offered them.
He will go anywhere at the drop of a hat if a woman talks about it, he is very good at selling a dream to them or spontaneously taking women on road trips or to the beach if he has the next day off

>Describe your friend who gets laid the most.
He is a policeman, he has pictures of him in uniform on tinder with a bio that reads:
Ever thought "fuck the police"? well now you can

He spends his days off meeting women and fucking them because they have a uniform fetish.

That is fucking clever. Hats off to him.

It was me before I got married. Was into writing and had a bunch of published short stories and played that card a lot. Went mostly for non-college educated women who were impressed with my degree. About average height. Slightly overweight. Swarthy white guy.

Me probably. I have a combination of good looks, confidence, and being nice. 5'7" blonde, fit, radiate a positive attitude.

There was this friend of mine who now is dead that was ugly as fuck.
Short, a bit overweight and at 16 looked like he was almost 30.
To cover his balding head he used a ton of gel and had this sort of cringe emo haircut.
I'm an average dude and i'm pretty shit at getting girls.
He was fucking smashing left and right.
We were pretty close so sometimes he helped me try to get laid.
He simply added a ton of girls ( from 5/10 to 10/10 ) on fb/ig and messaged them all like it was nothing.
He died badly in a car crash.
I know that if he could get laid like that I can do it to.
I still can't get laid.

He sounds like a loser. why are you friends with him?

Man, I'm in the police and always wanted to try that. paranoid that I'd just get set up and targeted by organised crime/people that are super anti cop though.

That and i'm fuck ugly of course.

>50% are secretly talking about themselves, except the truth is they havent had sex at all

Holy fucking cringe.

>I'd just get set up and targeted by organised crime/people that are super anti cop though.


He sounds cute af

What? you think criminals don't use tinder?

He's about 6'1 390lbs.
Doesn't work out and only eats junk food.
Lives with his parents and didn't get a job until he was 25.
Dropped out of high school but started attending community college a couple years ago.
Drives the most beat up toyota you ever saw.
Keeps is hair long but is bald on top, I always thought he looked like a hippy-monk.
Always watching anime and playing Starcraft.

This guy has been consistently getting pussy since we were teenagers. How? He's really fucking cool and fun to hang out with, and he is ALWAYS trying to impress some girl and make them his GF. Sure, they're not supermodels 4s and 5s, but he is *out there* and letting them know he digs them and they reciprocate. I've literally seen him give a girl a tear soaked love poem and a few days later they were fucking each other's brains out.

Oh and he bathes every day which is apparently not common for nerdy guys.

Pic related he looks a lot like this guy just bald on top.

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Please study his MO and educate us.

He’s a mess.

He has naturally good looks and is very good with women. He hooks up with different girls every week. But his life is a mess. He’s 28 years old and has been a server at a restaurant since he was 20. Still lives with his parents and he’s been working on getting his degree since he was 21. He gets too distracted by pussy. He told me his count is more than 100 girls which he really prides himself on. But he is a mess. He drinks a lot and he fucked up his car the other day (probably while drunk).

It’s sad. I’ve told him he needs to stop having sex and stop drinking but he laughs at me. I am worried he’s going to destroy his life.

AIDS infested. Small, literally will bang ANY woman who shows interest. 5/10 average fag who thinks he's special because ugly chicks want to bang him.

What quality of women are we talking about, user?

>super charismatic and genuinely fun to be around
>constantly swiping on dating apps

5'9 stoner gypsy

Ex friend. He was a literal sociopath. Pathological liar, social comedian, expert at reading people, expert at creating entire personas based on his reads of people.
He could walk up to any girl and just become the greatest most perfect man she's ever met. It was kind of scary actually. And cringey hearing the lies.

Anyway, people like this are pretty dangerous. They'll sabotage you the moment you stand between them and a goal.

Afghani dude in Germany, acts German. Average height but with a thick beard. Is essentially my nigger-pass since he banters as if he were a white edgelord. This peak chad went from lying about his sex life to cheating on his pawg gf with two other pawgs twice in a week.

Are you fucking retarded? 4/10 thru 7/10. Come at me with some stupid bullshit like that again and your mom's gonna be real lonely next Christmas, understand? >Me being a mobster XD


Tall. Dark long hair. Beard. Athletic. Super kind. No drama. No insecurities. Annoyingly positive and compassionate. Stable income and a dope house. Knows how to build and fix shit. Adventurous. Handsome af.
Perfect in every way you want a man to be except he don’t want to settle, don’t want marriage and don’t want kids. Slept with 200+ girls and do not aim to slow down...
but he lets me use his cabin whenever I want so that’s cool, i basically live in it now... good friend.