Send ex-girlfriend (we broke up two years ago after she found out I'd been having a lengthy affair) a text message...

>send ex-girlfriend (we broke up two years ago after she found out I'd been having a lengthy affair) a text message telling her that my grandmother had died after years of fighting with Alzheimer's
>her only response is "Good"

I'm inches away from sending her the most angry, hate-filled, frothing at the mouth message I have ever sent to anyone. It's written up and in my text message Drafts, I just need to hit Send.

On one hand, I guess it's bad form to ask for compassion from the girl whose heart I broke. On the other, though, it's not my grandmother's fault that I was cheating on her all the way throughout the second half of our three years together.

So I ask you, Jow Forums... should I hit Send?

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>she found out I'd been having a lengthy affair
While involving someone unrelated in the crossfire is a low blow, it's quite clear who the bigger piece of shit is, and it's not her.

>text your ex to garner sympathy out of her
>surprised that she does not give a fuck or still holds resentment
Are you really this retarded?

Don’t do it, user. It won’t make you feel any better, and it might only start a fight that’ll make you feel worse. It’s not your grandmother’s fault that she found out about your cheating, and she shouldn’t have said what she said, but you cheated and that is your own fault. You can’t be mad that your ex is mad.

Your girlfriend and you both made poor choices, lashing out won’t make you feel better.

That being said, I’m sorry for your loss, and I hope you find people who can help you grieve

Why would you even tell her that
desu user you have to accept that her hatred of you is how she coped with having been dragged in the mud. No need to literally add insult to injury

You seem like a reasonable person. In this situation, would you really hold a grudge years later?

This. You broke her heart and now you’re dumping off your emotional burdens on her.

You might actually be a idiot.

Or just in an extremely emotional state and not thinking clearly.

My money's on idiot.

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The forgivness and forgetting part is for my piece of mind. If you want to ruin that, I'd ensure you remember the time you were a piece of shit and the reason why I am not speaking to you.
You'll get no pitty out of me, all is fair in karma.

You might also be incredibly selfish. Expecting sympathy from a person you cheated on.

Wew, lad. Wew.

Fucking yes I would. Cheating on someone is the worst thing you could do, of course she's still holding on it. She should have fucking blocked you. And now when it's convenient for you, you want a shoulder to cry on? You're incredibly selfish and self-centered. why the fuck would she care about your grandmother


Leave her alone, you piece of shit

You miss the emotional connection that you had with her, that you completely destroyed by your choices and actions.
You better not send her fucking anything. Leave her alone. That's why she sent you "Good" so you'd fuck off.
It's got nothing to do with your grandmother. It's your fucking fault this is girl doesn't like you, and it's your fault you're texting her right now.
You still feel entitled to her sympathy and attention. Now you're actually angry and looking to take it out on her.
She owes you nothing. She doesn't want you in her life.
This is pretty cringe to be honest. Trying to force this girl to talk to you because you think she should feel sorry for you that your grandmother died. Sounds like you're a manipulative piece of shit.

ur a fucking faggot and this is probably bait and u've succeeded, but I'd not even have responded. I hope u send that message and have ur already bad reputation totally obliterated.

also fuck u for using ur dead grandmother as leverage for texting her, maybe she is better of dead with such a shit grandson

“Send” a bullet to your head, maybe

You both are retarded.

Good, fuck your dead grandma and fuck your mother, cheater.

Should I really take lessons in morality from someone named 'literally Hitler'?

Eh, I dunno. Maybe she could have said something like "I don't care about your pain, but I'm sorry to hear your grandmother died. She was a good person."

Thank you user, I really do appreciate your words.

To give some context, we were friends LONG before we were involved romantically. We met in second grade (2005) and dated from early 2014 through early 2017. She told me whenever we broke up that she wanted to be friends again one day, but maybe she just got caught up in the moment because two years later she, weirdly enough, seems to hate me even more than she did at the time (whenever the affair came to light she seemed more empty and shell-shocked than angry or hateful).

I wish I could say that I had a good excuse. I wish I could say that she was neglectful or abusive or something along those lines, but she wasn't. A girl entered the picture who was attracted to me, and I quickly developed feelings for her that I was ultimately unable to resist. If it's any penance, I was only 16-18 throughout the time the affair took place, and I punished myself by refusing to date the other girl (who I had very strong feelings for) even after my girlfriend broke up with me.

btw: I did send her the message, albeit I softened it up a bit. I might deserve the hate, but I can't let her take out her anger, however justified it might be, on the wrong target - on my grandmother. This is the last time I can do anything for her as her grandson. I'm not going to let her down now.

>Should I really take lessons in morality from someone named 'literally Hitler'?
I'm not the one who cheated, shithead.

Your grandmother doesn't give a shit dickhead, she's ashes now
If you want to do something for her, stop being such a fucking embarassment

Cut her out of your life, if you wish to burn that bridge then that’s your choice. Personally I wouldn’t hold back the insults, but then again I don’t live your life.

You hurted her.
She hurted you back.

She didnt hurt your grandmother by saying that. Anyway what makes you think she should be giving sympaties to you anyway. Piece of shit

Hurted isn't a word baka