Well what can I do about this guys?

Well what can I do about this guys?

I'm only 18 I shouldn't be experiencing this shit, no males in my family are bald, even the 90 year old grandfather has thick hair.

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Congrats, your lacl of confidence combined with retardation from puberty made you believe you are balding.


Go have a fap or something and dont drop from highschool, your hairline is okay apar from having gay haircut.

Shave your head and become pic related

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The duality of man
Well it's certainly pretty thinly spread.
>Go have a fap
I can do that.

>pulls long hair apart in two directions
>can see skin on the intersection
>thinly spread

This poster is just pic related. Many anons on /adv are here only to give malicious advice so they can feel a bit better themselves.

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Ehh I haven't paid much attention to it until now so reasonably I got worried.

I love how all these GUYS I THINK I MIGHT BE BALDING OH NO threads are always a guy with a head that is absolutely full of hair


Well us with long hair obviously care about it more and it's more noticeable. Who do you expect, Johnny Sins?

I'm not OP, I have very long hair. Its what I notice first in every one, and what I take most care of on myself. I've noticed some thinning lately on my hair line and its freaking me the fuck out. No one would notice unless I pointed it out.
My hair is long, and I get compliments on it very often, but as someone who looks at it every day, and cares about it, you do notice it. I'd rather stop it in its tracks before it gets bad but I don't know how. I tie my hair back for work and i notice it most on my hair part, so I'm unsure if its balding, thinning, or just loss from tight hair (which I've since loosened).
Certain parts of my head also look like OPs when spread like that.
I've recently starting using thickening shampoo, conditioner with peppermint oil, trying to improve my diet, as well as taking biotin. I hope these work. Maybe they will work for you too OP.
I'm going to look into Minoxidil or Finistride (last resort on the fin) if all else fails and the hairloss continues.

OPs does look a bit thin there, I agree with him, but again that doesn't necessarily mean balding.
Take a look at your hair line. Take pics weekly or bi-weekly to keep track of it to see if its progressing, as well as different spots around your head.
You'd think with everything we can do medically, we'd have found some way to stop male hair loss.
God speed OP.

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>Wohuhuhuuuuh, le me is balding
Pathetic. I'm like that since 14 and it went worse.

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That sucks mate.
Hopefully it doesn't progress beyond that. Still looks good like that depending on your face shape.

See a doctor if you think you're balding.
He should be able to tell you right away if you are or arent.

If you are, just wait until you cant hide it and then shave your head.


You're gonna go bald for sure in the future. But at least you'll have all those memories of your complimented hair to fall back on, right?

Minoxidil. Works for me.

What makes you so sure he'll go bald?
Not every man does.

Nah, I'm quite fucked. Not sure if i should cover my temples as much as i can or let it be.

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Grow a beard. The bigger, the more manly you are. Hair travels south as you age, and you're just making the trip earlier than others. You'll be fine.

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>can't grow a beard
>can barely grow a crustache
>ass is absolutely filled with hair to the point where I have to wipe my ass for 17 minutes everytime I take a shit

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I started balding at 16 during chemo, hair never recovered. You're fucking fine, OP.

Step it up, nerds.

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it traveled south alright

You have thin white people hair. All you need is a good conditioning shampoo and conditioner instead of using typical man 3 in 1 shit.

If your hair wasn't so long it'd look better. I knew a guy who started balding when he was 13 (real shit) so ever since he just kept his hair super short and nobody ever notices to this day. He's 20 now and fine

Honestly thinking of buzzing it. I'm fit enough and have thick eyebrows so I might pull it off.

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Go for it. Either it turns out you look great with it or it's a few months of hat wearing. Couldn't hurt to try either way

>no males in my family are bald, even the 90 year old grandfather has thick hair.
What about the dude your mom cucked your 'dad' for about nine months before you were born? He could be bald as all fuck and you wouldn't know it.

Buzz it mate. How old are you now?





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24 in a week.

Holy shit 2 days later and this thread is still kicking it.
My last reply ( I'm OP ) was and I left after it

Genetic outlier. Keep your chin up!

>being a baldlet

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Yeah thanks for bumping this pointless thread back to the first row with your shitpost, you child

In any case it would hairlet you idiot.

Nigga wut

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Ignore everyone here.

It's normal. Google it, most men experience some sort of hairline change around their early 20s

If it gets too bad do what I do and shave it completely bald for a while to embrace it. Now I just do a mohawk lol

shit genes. It doesnt matter if its in the family or not, they all have the genes, its just recessive in them, but for you they are dominate. Its literally in the family bro its how it works.

Do trigger stress hormones in your body and do not live such unhealthy life style

Make sure do get all vitamins and minerals body needs (read about what kind of foods that are good for the hair)

Stop using chemical shampoo and switch to organic shampoo

Also understand that 90% of all males develop mature hairlines in their grown up lifes

Im 30 and my hair is almost too thick