Hello I am a 25 year old Master Electrician and am currently making $70K a year. I also trade Stocks and Forex...

Hello I am a 25 year old Master Electrician and am currently making $70K a year. I also trade Stocks and Forex, which brings me in an additional $50K a year as well. Before I go further, I'm not telling you this to brag, it's simply to establish that I am what most people view as "successful". Now the advice that I am seeking is woman related(surprise surprise). I would like to find a woman that would allow me to raise our children the way I see fit. I would have her homeschool them for the first 9-11 years of their lives(teaching them the basic stuff like Math, Reading, Writing, etc). This academic regimen would be complimened with daily play time in my specially designed backyard playground( essentially a bodyweight gym to help develop their strength early on). Once they start to enter puberty I would take over teaching them about the many aspects of life(finances, psychology, philosophy, work ethic, nutrition, etc). I'm not planning on being a Drill Instructor kind of parent. I will explain to them and help them understand why I am teaching them what I am teaching them). There's alot more to how I plan on raising and teaching them but that mostly covers it. Now I have two questions. What kind of woman would agree to this method of child rearing, and would raising my children like this leave any kind of negative impact on them psychologically speaking? I would like to think that I am better preparing them for the world than most parents ever prepare their kids for life. But I am open to criticism from anyone that actually grew up in a home like this, or those who have children that are natural achievers.

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Post what you wrote on a dating site (not a hookup app) and trim that giant paragraph of expectations down to "seeking a woman who would be enthusiastic about home schooling her children." The particulars seem important to you but if you're the man of the house you'll be able to actualize them anyway as long as the woman is down to home school. In general it's best to let less say more.

Give room for the children to explore. Make sure you enroll them in programs which allow them to see what might interest them. (Debate/going to cadaver labs to learn about anatomy/law/botany/etcd). It's good you have a specific plan but don't let that become stifling.

Sounds like you're creating prime candidates for Jow Forums with that lifestyle.

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Nobody wants to read all that shit. Next time summarize.

>What kind of woman would agree to this method of child rearing
This may surprise you but women are actually people and all of them are different. You will have to meet many women and explain this to them too see if any would agree to it. I guess online dating would make it easier since you can write up in your bio how you want to raise your kids.

>would raising my children like this leave any kind of negative impact on them psychologically speaking
Yea probably. Kids go to school to both get an education and socialize. You keeping them home with designated play time in your gym would probably make them into robots who cannot function when dealing with other people and probably a lot of other issues. They will also likely resent you and rebel.

Thank you for the criticism, but why do you think they would end up like those unfortunate people? Weren't the majority of the posters on that board raised by single moms/ weak father's?

I should have mentioned specifically that I would be teaching them during the years they would have been going to middle school. I would like to enroll them in a private school for their highschool years. I understand letting them develop socially and have "school friends" would help them feel normal, but I also understand how much time can be wasted developing shallow friendships with weak minded and unmotivated people. I'm hoping by the time they reach highschool that my net worth reaches around the $500K mark and I can have them help me trade and invest our money.

I've done parts of what you've posted here.
I homeschooled my two kids until that age aprox. it's not legal here, we just hid the fact and played smart, pretended to have them enrolled in school, etc. I didn't do the finances part, but told them money is freedom, taught them lots of real history, philosophy and morals, plus all the math and reading.
You need a woman that I can only qualify as "a soldier", someone that is somewhat strong, I mean, not a fucking truck driver lesbian tomboy, I mean a Spartan woman, I don't know how to describe it man, just a girl that has been properly raised by a father and a mother. A girl that has had to help at home, etc. A princess "daddy's angel type" will just crumble on the physical and emotional demands of maternity, you don't want that, you want a girl that will sleep 4 hours a day for a year and won't bitch about it. You must kind of guide the whole thing, take care of her and of the family, like really focus on that, do that and take the lead and she will follow you, unless you are a mangina or a cuck.
It's just the natural order of things.
About impact.
The main problem is that you may overdo it. I really recommend you provide them as much freedom as possible together with as few rules as possible but that are totally non-negotiable.

Also, what you may find interesting, they may hate. I for example wanted to teach them food gardening, and they hated it, so I didn't push it. They loved climbing, so I encouraged that, they climbed trees so fucking high that I thought I was gonna have a heart attack, like 4 stories high, but they were so proud and confident and I had seen them evolving from smaller trees. So don't push/restrict if it's not absolutely necessary, not just convenient. Keep in mind that you are judge, policeman and lawmaker, that's a lot of power that you can easily misuse, beware of that and be ready to fight your demons, because I assure you you'll be tempted to become a tyrant.

I know that I must practice what I preach and I have no problem with that. That's how I wish my parents were, they always encouraged me to read and be healthy yet there eyes were glued to the TV and there asses glued to the couch/bed. So I know how kids look at hypocritical parents. As for the woman, I really am pondering on just getting a mail order bride. I moved to a relatively small town and the people here are very nice, very little littering, no homeless(that I've seen). So I think this would be a a great place to raise a happy healthy family. It's just that I know that if this woman we're to get caught up in the bullshit lifestyle most young women are living, our relationship would go down the toilet. I don't think I can just control the kind of content she browses on her phone/YouTube and shit, that would seem like I was treating her like a child.

You need to make sure your kids get adequate time to learn to socialize and to deal with conflict with peers.

Public school is trash but you also don't have to squirrel them away from the world. There are other options.

It doesn't sound like you care about them as people but as roles to fit into your life. In addition you make all this money but do nothing with it, and are void of a personality.

I don't know what the world taught you but money isn't everything.


OP you're super autistic but I see you mean well. You really shouldn't worry about strength training until after they hit puberty and they have the right hormones (mainly testosterone). Gymnastics is good for kids though

I'm not trying to put you down, because it's really nice that you are planning to give your future kids such a great life and caring home to grow up in. My best friends that grew up in the house next to mine were homeschooled until just before middle school. Their parents were doting, and raised them to be over-achievers. They switched to public school after begging their parents because they wanted to be with other kids everyday. But since they were raised with such a high standard for learning, work ethic, and generally always following rules and doing everything perfectly, switching to the imperfect world of public school and being around a mixed bag of other people was extremely stressful for them to be thrown into. I remember my friend having a panic attack in gym because the other kids weren't following the rules for whatever game they were playing.

Just keep in mind that it's extremely hard for homeschooled kids to adjust to being in the real world with a wide variety of other personality types. Going to school at an older age can really affect their social development and ability to adjust to being in the real world.

you will be a terrible father and no woman would want to do that unless they are like brainwashed

i know you mean well but you see your children like tools rather than people

what happens if your child rebels or worse yet may not seem ideal to you?

Are you Endeavor?

Ignore the posters telling you they'll come out bad. If you're as rich as you say you are I'd suggest buying a secluded plot of land away from others(pretty much like a farm) and raising them there. The majority of the people on this site went through normal disgustingly public education and look at how they turned out. You're idea of raising children isn't new, it sounds alot like what Nobility/Aristocracy would do. They might not be able to function around dumber people, but that's fine. They shouldn't even be interacting with the fucking idiots public school produces. Make sure you teach them how to shoot guns.
Bonus: Black women will gift your children with tremendous athleticism if they are naturally built like pic related.

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>Black women will gift your children tremendous athleticism

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Sounds like a lot of perfectionist speak. What if you have artist children?

No one cares what you think.

This advice board is peppered with OPs complaining that their parents' decision to home school them stunted their social and psychological growth by depriving them of the everyday social interaction of being among other kids.

>What kind of woman would agree to this method of child rearing
As previously stated in thread, that comes down to the individual, but stereo-typically you should look into church groups since they are all about family care and structured lifestyles.

>would raising my children like this leave any kind of negative impact on them psychologically speaking?
Everything is a trade off, in my educated opinion.
My short answer is yes, but you cannot avoid an inverse reaction, so don't worry about it.

>educated opinion
Can I ask what you studied?

Really? I could have sworn that most people here went to public schools. I've not seen a thread about someone who is homeschooled.

This. No matter how good OP is at homeschooling their kids, it doesn't change the fact that they will be too sheltered since they will only have experience interacting with people who their parent's have specifically approved. They will have no experience making friends on their own because of this. Once they either go to school or out into the "real world" they will be overwhelmed by new personalities/types of people they've been sheltered from their whole lives. It will be a huge, disastrous reality check.

Even if they have other homeschool friends their parents arrange for them, there is no avoiding the "awkward homeschool" stereotype once they spread their wings. Even if they make excellent grades and over-achieve in their studies, you need people skills to succeed in our society once you are an adult. That's an unfortunate fact.