What do I do

What do I do
My girlfriend recently went to Florida for a wedding her aunt was having
She gave me nothing to distrust her but ive been feeling different about her since she came back
The trip was two weeks and I thought id miss her like crazy when she got back but it's like nothing's changed
Her sex drive is good, our relationship is rock solid (from what I can tell) and she gave me a promise ring, which I did think was weird, but cute
I know I love her and want to eventually wife her, but why am I feeling this distrust after 8 months together?
I have been cheated on im every post relationship ive had and I know that's a big part. If that's the cause of it how can I over come this

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The cause of what? You literally just said nothings changed in her behavor, only the way you feel. You’re paranoid because she’s been gone for 2 weeks and because you’ve been cheated on, your brain will react that way. Doesn’t mean it’s true. This is a you problem. Don’t sabotage your relationship by being paranoid. Work on it

Found out she texted an ex and told him she missed even they talked
Fucking pissed right now
She cried, promised nothing happened and stormed off
I think it's the end guys, but if she honestly didn't cheat I don't want it to

Also how can I not be paranoid if this works out? How do I know she was truthful
Help a drunk user on the verge out

Being paranoid is normal, it's not a break down of trust. If you can't even talk about these kind of things and the trust has to be considered 'implicit', that's just the first sign of abuse to me. Because it's a free pass to be a piece of shit and blame the other person for it for questioning you.
A truly trusting relationship doesn't come with boundaries and limitations on what you can ask them about. Even things like this.
If she can't understand why you'd feel that way, then she's the one at fault and don't let her blame you for anything.

initiate gay sex with her ex as payback. she obviously deserves it.

Update on the info
Messaged the guy she was taking with pom faceberg (had to create an account ffs) and told him top fuck off
Chad move or beta?
>if helped I'll post her nudes on /b/

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Christ sorry phone posting at work
On not pom, to not top

>girlfriend still misses ex
>leaves for 2 weeks
>goes into mateguarding mode
Yeah I don't think this is going to turn out well for you. I'd tell you to start planning your exit but I know you won't listen. Best of luck to you user!

Where does the ex live and did she see him while there?

My ex went to a wedding in her home town for a friend, she returns no change but then I get a call from a girl that said she was the pregnant fiancee of the guy my gf fucked the whole time she was in town. Seems this guy was my gf's ex, her family loved him and they even covered for her.

>and stormed off
and you're the bad guy here

I'm already back on tinder
She was about 1000 miles away I won't post specifics because idk if someone she knows browses here
I know for a fact now that they haven't seen each other since we started dating

no OP this is an idiots move. Your fucking gf reached out to him and you're so beta she gets to storm out of the room without explaining herself

Should I post the whole story in green text so anyone get the full view?
It might take a while because as previously stated I am on the cell

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when did she text her bf and tell him she misses being together and are they ever in the same town? Does he live where you live or live in the town she traveled to?

If they were ever in the same town at any point since you started dating and missing each other like she professes they saw each other.

you don't need a blow by blow because all the details don't matter. She misses her ex and told him so. Were they ever in the same town. If so they saw each other again.

Fuck it he's the green text
>spelling errors might also occur because I am still drunk from last night
Here I go
>watching movies with GF while she does homework for college
>she goes up top make tea because she's nice and I asked
>decide to check her phone while she's busy
>I read messages with him
>get pissed, pack my shit
>tell her we are done and breaking up
>she has no clue why
>I tell her
>she gets mad/ sad I went threw her phone even though she gave me the password
>fighting insues
>she's crying telling me nothing happened and nothing was going to happen
>I'm not taking her shit
>pack the rest of the things including sex toys I bought her
>she leaves mid packing without telling me
>go to the bar since I was already drunk
>have about a bottle of crown
>she calls asking what im doing
>is ok with it
I ask if anything happened
>tells me no and wasn't planning anything either
>she's still crying
>I ask if she wants this to keep going
>"idk senpai"
>she gets back and im still gone
>calls again and I come back
>drunkenly tell her she should feel like a whore but im sorry for going threw her phone behind her back
>we agree to keep dating
>both agree to change (I have been moving to fast I asked her to move in after 5 months)
>still love her
>kind of fucking hate her for how she stabbed me im the back
>told me it would never happen again
>pass out im her bed and she sleeps on the couch
>wake up
>have morning sex
>she finally lets me cum inside
>apology maybe?
>leaves for college
>I buy a bottle of Jonny Walker blue and sneak it into work
And now the story ends until she gets home at 2

She was in Florida, drunk at the wedding. I'm im the north by the Canadian border
I've always heard drunk words are sober thoughts though

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>>"idk senpai"
you stupid fucker. she has you convinced you did wrong, she left, told you she didn't know if she wanted to stay in the relationship and you like a pussy give her a pass and think pussy means all is well.

She's still got feelings for her ex and the only thing keeping her with you right now is the living arrangement.

They were together got 1.5 weeks and he used her as a rebound
I didn't give her a pass I am looking for another girl in the mean time
I just want to know if it's worth it to try make things work
I honestly think she does love me and has never physically cheated but I feel emotionally hurt

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where is the fuckin ex? I've asked you twice already

hell no its not worth this shit and hell no she doesn't love you

About 50 miles away maybe from here
I know it's not worth it emotionally, but I wanted to marry the last girl I was with and found out she cheated for a full year
I was alone for 2 years after that depressed and I still think I am but I don't want to give up the sex
It's the best ive had nothing has compared and ive been with dozens of women
He was her first time so I don't know of that plays a part in this?

Thats less than an hours drive so easily doable

none of the details matter except for you to look for justification. Bottom line. You thought shit was good and it isn't and sex alone isn't worth the angst of dealing with someone you shouldn't trust.

That's the thing
I don't think I can trust any girl im with after what happened with the one before
My bottom line is, is emotional cheating a deal breaker or is there a way to get this and put her in her place(no violence)

emotional cheating is worse than random fucking once and no, you cannot do anything as punishment that changes how she really feels.

Keep this in mind. When you ask a question and she says I don't know. You hear it as a yes and she means NO.

Anyway, you will trust a girl someday but they will be worthy of trust and wouldn't pull shit like this one did. You knew shit wasn't right in your gut, checked and it wasn't right.