Any medbros?

I've been having constant tremors for years and they've been getting progressively worse. They're always present but sometimes I get "episodes" when I shake violently

right now my entire body is vibrating and all my muscles are twitching violently, could it be early parkinsons? I'm scared guys

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Go to the doctor, retard.

Does it happen more at night when you lay down in b3d?

Do you drink or take drugs? Do you have anxiety or other mental health issues? If not, it could probably some kind of s central nervous system issue and you should have gone to the doctor ages ago.

I'm going in a few hours to get sleeping pills and I'll mention it to her but it may take months to get checked out

sometimes yes, sometimes no. I'd say it's more frequent at night but it's also random; I broke a few glasses by my hand suddenly gripping on it's own and I drop my fork all the time

I do have anxiety but I wouldn't say it's that extreme, I never drink and I smoke weed recreationally

Sounds like a motor thing but i bludged neurophys so im diagnosing you with no cerebellum

Do you do any kind of meditation?

>I do have anxiety
>I smoke weed

These are both potential causes of muscle tremors.

sometimes but I can rarely put myself in the right mindset

Really? I thought my anxiety just boils down to being scared of people and social interactions

Yo op how old are you

20 soon

Ok then its probably not parkinsons or humtingtons, its something you've always had. It might be a peoblem with part of your brain but it can also be an issue with not enough dopamine in the substantia nigra so go see a neurologist, its possible that its an easy fix

Alrighty then, do you do any kind of breathing techniques? That might be what's causing this...

thanks user, this might be among the best advices I got on Jow Forums

Explain that pathology please

btw OP here, it might be unimportant, but I tried ecstasy a few times and it greatly reduces my tremors and tics


Too drunk right now but I know that when I start doing pranayama like I'm supposed to I get muscle spasms at night, forgot where I read about this..

Not an expert but it sounds like how ritalin works. You wake up the high brain so it gets better at supressing the lower brain and keeps everything in order

I don't know much about neurology but it makes sense.

Parkinsons is my biggest fear since I'm a chef and if I have parkinsons I might as well shoot myself

Well parkinsons is the actual nerve shealths in your brain degrading, slowing signals and loosing information. Thats pretty unlikely at 20 unless you have some bizzare 10000/1 genetic defect

Apparently there's also "Young Onset Parkinsons" that can affect teens and symptoms include: depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, tremors of arms legs face and jaw, poor motorics, bradykinesia, memory issues and constipation

I have every single one except constipation

Now let's hope I'm just a fucking retard freaking myself out, but I'm running to the doctor asap