I had sex for first time, ask me anything!

I will try to answer your question as honestly as i can.

I am 5'8

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Bout Time Friend- hope you had FUN

Does it hurt your dick? Did it get crushed?

How much did you pay, or how much sex did you have?

Is silicon so i was fine, thanks for caring about me tho, bro

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>tfw it was 20 pounds of ass

Worth it?

What is the capital of Outer Mongolia?

Stop pretending to be me you sick fuck.


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What is the half-life of Strontium90?

Ok, sorry i guess...


What!? Are you trolling me or something? I am new here, sorry i dont get the memez

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She is very nice I would also fuck her where did you get her?

On the internet

Was it like this?


>ask me anything!

OK. Explain the Albigensenist Herasy

Idk what that is, sorry.

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Where are you from?

Syria, but now i live in Slovenia

Does she do porn? Do you?

How long did you last?

Lol no
30-60 min

How old are you?


If that's a sex doll, then welcome to the master Race OP

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Yes it is, thanks


What's my middle name?

How long did you last and what positions were used? How did it feel having your penis inside a warm wet hole that actually moves?

Fucking based.

I dont know
>How long did you last and what positions were used?
30 min, normal positions
>How did it feel having your penis inside a warm wet hole that actually moves?
It dosn't move

>tfw missed out on having an autistic teenage weeaboo gf

Feels bad man,
Just get the doll bro and make her a weeb girl.

I sliced my girl's doll throat, so if you want you can have her for like 50% off, deal?

I think the personality is more important than the body.

Just use your imagination... look if you are not going to buy her i am going to slice her in pieces and feed her to pigs.

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Yet another EPIC troll from the trol master himself, L LAWLIET

Well yeah you know it brother hahaha ;)

Wait a minute...


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Does that count as losing your virginity?


actually i consider myself a chad i went to many party's and fucked many girls in vr chat.

>I am 5'8

Why did you feel the need to state this?

Fuck i cant remember now, but i think is because i thought people would ask me that so i just stated it right away.