How do do i cope with the fact that not only the little girl i've been raising as my own for 7 years is not only not...

how do do i cope with the fact that not only the little girl i've been raising as my own for 7 years is not only not mine but was the result of incest between my wife and a brother i didn't know about?

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throw up

Sorry man

I'd make a scene or throw an 'episode'

kick that bitch to the curb and give the girl a choice of who to choose and let her know

I would say write a novel about it. But someone already has. I've read it and obviously so have you

top kek.


what book is that?
i honestly don't know what your talking about
is it game of thrones or something?

Dude wtf lmaooo i had to read this like 9 times to understand whats happening. Bait or not tell me more im curious now. So what are you gonna leave your wife or take care of the kid? like whats the next chapter tell me!

please let this be fake

how did you find out my dude

>when my "daughter" was born she was not only very premature but was also very sick
>ever since i first saw her i always had a feeling something wasn't right that just wouldn't go away
>but i ignored it because i was more worried about her survival of not dying
>among her many health problems the big the big two were her lungs which only one of them functioned and poorly at that and the other lung was dead and the biggest was her very weak heart that gave out very easily
>we had her in the hospital for whole year before she came home due to all the treatments
>as she got older i noticed she looked nothing like me at all
>she didn't have my eyes or hair colour or anything
>she also looked messed up and deformed too
>large chin and forehead, thin and receding hairline, had bad eyes so she needed glassess, bad teeth that got cavities very easily so she's missing a lot of teeth and her teeth were also more crooked than normal
>literally the most ugly and gross looking girl you could imagine
>i would never talk about her like this normally but after the shit i've learned i don't care anymore
>surprisingly she had no mental problems or learning disabilities and was otherwise a normal kid
>fast forward two years ago and i'm still bothered by the fact she doesn't look like me
>i had my doctor do some tests on me and it turns out i have a very low sperm count
>when my wife is away for work i took my "Daughter" to the doctor for some blood work
>luckily she didn't complain much since she was used to it from many other times when she was sick
>have blood sample sent to be tested
>tests come back negative
>now i'm freaking out finding out she's not related to me
>then a bigger bomshell is that the father's side has identical genes as her moms side meaning the father is either a brother or her father
>take "Daughter" back home and try to stay calm
>decide to look through wife's FB page at her friends list
>find a friend that i've never met or heard of

>see all of these really old pictures of him and my wife when they were in highschool
>am able to get his contact info and call him up
>tells me he's her brother and that he hasn't heard from his sister since around the same time my "daughter" was born
>i explain everything i learned and he quickly hangs up
>i'm assuming he knows he's probably the father
>now i'm just waiting for wife to come home trying to think of what to do
>i can't tell the kid about this for obvious reasons
>i'm completely at a loss right now

Oh my dear God. Buddy I am actually really sad right now. You are in a bad position. The little girl is going to go through life all fucked up because her mom is disgusting. Why in gods name does this happen. People know what sibling fucking causes. This isn't game of thrones there are bad consequences. Dude the money and time spent with this woman. You may have wasted your best years here bud. There is no advice I can give.

If I were In that situation I would do some fucked shit I would need a least 9 drinks. This is so sad. You shouldn't do what I am going to say next but if it were me. I would take half the money and disappear. Just go away and setup shop some place else. Maybe send birthday cards to the girl and when she is old enough tell her why I left. That is if I was in the situation but I am a bad person and I am not you you need to make the decisions here. Coming to 4 Chan might not be the best thing. Call your father if you can or your mother if possible to talk to someone. You need to talk to someone, not us we are not the people to reach out to we are degenerate fucks here.

Btw if you are joking good story it got me pretty worked up.

unironically head out for some cigarettes and never come back.

Tell the kid you love her and gtfo.
Wow what a messed up story.

Incest doesnt always fuck you up. Even when it does it’s not that bad unless you do it for more than 1 generation. This is a LARP

i don't know if i actually love the kid anymore
like i said before i always knew something wasn't right and never could see myself in her before

now all i see in her is my wife who is now dead to me

If you wanna leave it's your life man it's been wasted for a few years now, so go for it. Btw if this isn't a LARP I and you really don't care about your wife when you confront her record it put it on YouTube and put her on blast also link it in the thread I wanna see this shit.

jesus get the fuck away from those creeps

You deserve better. Or maybe you dont.

Get out and get your own family

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>all these retards ITT falling for the bait

Post your retard daughter with time stamp and my post number or you’re full of shit,

she may not be my kid but i'm not gonna ruin her life by faggots turn her into an incest meme

Cover her eyes then

You don’t even have a daughter do you?

She doesn’t need to be in the photo. It would be so easy for you to take a timestamped photo of some of her baby toys but you won’t do it because you’re a lying shitposter

Yo dude if you were real you would already been updating us. Btw if you wanna send a pic and now have it blow up send it to [email protected] it's a temp email. I won't post it.

Realistically you have 2 options:
1) leave with your retard daughter and raise her as your own
2) leave and carry on with life
If you are a good person and care about your retard daughter then you’ll pick 1. If you’re not a good person and don’t care about your regard daughter you’ll pick 2. Overall though no ones gonna judge you for the choice you make because it wasn’t your fault. Also you’ll probably want to cut all contact with your retard wife.

But it isn't his daughter not his responsibility. Of a woman tricks me into raising another mad kid retard or not I'm out. I always planned on DNA testing any of my children after birth it is nessary.

I got her these stuffed bears when she was born

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Okay I believe you and even if you were lying to go this far for a joke deserves praise. Anyhow please keep updating us on what happens. Also once you have come to a decision about the lil tard let us know okay. Your life may be falling apart but for us this is like a movie okay you don't stop watching the movie half way we need a conclusion or an update.

she's not retarded she's just physically fucked up


Okay deformed my bad.

Have you confronted your side yet? Confront her, see what happens and then decide what your next step is.


Nah I’m not convinced those belong to a seven year old. Those stuffed bears are pretty generic. Looks like something my mom would have.


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