How do i get out of paying child support even the kid is mine?

How do i get out of paying child support even the kid is mine?

i want nothing to do with my ex wife or my kid
i've never felt anything but resentment for them as they have made my life a living hell
and i really don't want give them money and just want to keep it all for myself so i'm not strapped with stupid child support bills i'd honestly rather go to jail then give up my money

how do i get out of this?

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Say that paying child support is against your religion

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Fake death, worst case you go to jail which is still better than paying

There's other countries that don't have a treaty with the US for enforcement of child support.

Find overseas employment in a country that’s not a member of The Hague Convention. Anywhere in Asia you can set yourself up nicely

It’s not your kids fault. You rejecting your child will affect him/her for the rest of their life. It fucked me up. People need to feel loved by their parents.

i never wanted the kid in the first place


Your fault for being a retard.

Start having sex with other men instead and you won’t run into that problem

What were you really drunk or something? Did u get a paternity test?

Announce loudly and clearly, preferably in a courtroom setting, that you aren't going to pay

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the condom broke but she told me should get plan B but she lied and kept the pregnancy a secret because she wanted kids but i didn't

lol, just pay up you fuck

Leave the country, fake your death, stay unemployed. Those are pretty much your only options.

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Did you try taking the plan b pill? That might have worked

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Find a genie and wish for both of them to disappear

Have you tried converting to Islam

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You could always make fake money out of wax and pay them with that

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You could also use shadow clone jutsu and have your shadow clone go to jail if they arrest you

Are you sure she didn’t cheat on you with 38 other men?

If I was his wife then I’d probably cheat on him every single day

i wish she did but the blood test came back positive that i'm the father not that it matters to me if i'm the dad or not
i still want nothing to do with her or that kid

Just pay it man

My dad never paid child support a decade ago and he just got a letter this month saying that he owes the government or something 10,000 bucks because of it

it's just paper

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Also, Thailand, as the other user suggested too.