Where do married guys find FWB now?

Used to use craigslist but that’s all changed.

Where do I turn now? Tired of Jow Forums giving me boners and nothing to release in to.

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Hi. Are you tall, moderately fit, and show or have success in your career? Become a regular at a bar or side job or place of hobby, build rapport with people in charge and you'll figure out which girl you can FWB pretty easy. Although it'd take sometime and effort.

Honestly having the same problem OP and hoping someone could give a helpful answer, consider this post a bump.

though If you do want my two cents I've recently started joining kik groups that have people in my area. For example #cityname, #countyname, #nearbycityname etc

I am tall, moderately fit and have a good job. Problem is, don’t have time or flexibility to be out late. Need something more mid day or early morning. Gotta happen during business hours.

I have struggled with downloading apps etc. trying to keep it anonymous like the days of Craigslist. With social media I can’t risk getting caught. I smart enough not to shit where I eat. Kik draws to many questions. My wife got curious when I downloaded twitter. I hope there is something out there.

>Tired of Jow Forums giving me boners and nothing to release in to.

That's what the wife is for, retard. Or did you just marry some gold digger because you felt like you had to instead of marrying someone you had actual chemistry with and loved.

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I married a good woman who gave me great kids. She’s just not doing it for me anymore. Mostly due to how our lives are all about the kids. We try to do date nights, but it’s just not sparked like it once was.

I’m the bread winner in our home. She a good wife and mom, but not the kind of sexual I need.

Tell her that man
If even Jamie Lee Curtis can manage to be kinda sexy, I'm sure after a long hard talk your wife can get your bonerjuice pumping again.

I say this not to moralfag but as a warning: a lot of single people are low, low as fuck, and want nothing more than to make partnered people miserable. Ashley Madison was a good option, until oh wait, someone fucking published credit card holders' names and info, thus revealing an entire affair site's roster of cheaters for the fucking world to see.

It's better to just move forward rather than find these pit stops on the side. One way or another, some asshole is gonna make it come back to you.

"Yeah babe you're a wonderful wife and I love you and our kids but you're getting a little saggy so naturally I need to go bang some young whores. Thanks for understanding, but oh no you can't go find a young buck to ride, that would be wrong."

Neck yourself. You've failed as a man and as a husband.

I didn’t say she couldn’t fuck a young buck. I don’t think she would want to.

Failed as a man and husband. I think that’s a stretch. I’m horny, not abusive. I have spent the better part of my life providing a good life for my family. That makes me a failure? I bet you think we were created to only enjoy one partner for life too? Ever consider that people change?

Failing as a husband would be to abandon my wife. Failing as a man would be to leave my family so my children are raised with split up parents. My wife and I aren’t physically or emotionally abusive to each other. My kids have happy lives. I’m simply not “in love” with my wife like I once was. That makes me a failure?

I don’t want to divorce my wife and create a loveless family life for my kids. They don’t need that. Neck myself. Holier than thou pos. Walk a day in another mans shoes.

You fail as a husband when you engage in infidelity. You’re just an asshole and a pussy who wants to fuck a lot of whores but also have a family. Pick one because you can’t do both.

Again, walk a day in another mans shoes you holier than thou twit.

lol my neighbor's side chick literally just showed up at his house screaming about how she's pregnant while his wife and kids were there and then I see this thread
people who cheat are retarded, especially in an era where more and more people are opening up to poly-amorous relationships

>walk a day in another mans shoes you holier than thou twit
kek its hilarious how you’re trying to insult people because they have morals and you don’t. perhaps we’ve touched a nerve?

its less about failing as a husband and more about failing as a father
>I'm tired of our lives being all about our kids so I'm going to do something that will definitely fuck my kids up when they inevitably find out

See, you can’t go into it haphazardly. I mean, obviously I’m not talking about banging random chicks all over town.

For one, never where I live. Two, never where I work.

Someone who understands the situation, perhaps feels they are in a similar situation. Hell, go as far as use fake names for the duration.

good luck bro I'm sure the odds of things going smoothly are in your favor

No, I’m saying don’t pass judgement. You can offer an opinion without judgement.

my exhusband cheated on me. I loved him with all my heart and soul and never saw the signs. It hurt so bad to find out how little he actually thought about me and my feelings. All he cared about was what he wanted and what he got and fuck anybody else, as long as he got his. It's been 5 years now and I still get sad when I think about how much I put into that relationship and how little I got out of it.

Don't do that to your wife, OP. Fucking talk to her at the minimum. Don't be a coward.

Nah, you just want people with the same opinions as you. If you want a real solution, go to a relationship therapist or talk to your wife instead of cheating on her. Work out your issues.

OP needs to stop being a degenerate and get off Jow Forums if he can’t manage to be on here without thinking about cheating on his wife. Grow up.

I appreciate your position here.

So here are my options:

1. Tell her I’m not in love with her anymore. We ultimately get divorced or fake staying together. Both options will lead to the kids being messed up by it.

2. I say nothing, find a “side chick” for as long as it’s needed/manageable and things go fine, OR they don’t and wife and kids are damaged by it.

3. Suppress my desires and continue to fake my marriage and hope, maybe, someday I’ll get over it and feel reconnected to my wife.

Offer me any other options I’m missing?

No, I don’t. I just don’t need judgmental assholes throwing their beliefs on me. I asked for advice, not your morales.

op a shit

That’s rich. Degenerate get off Jow Forums?! Wtf do you think Jow Forums is run by? It’s sole content is created by the underbelly of society. Pot calling kettle.

>decide to spend a lifetime with a person you're not satisfied with
Normalfags everyone

Aw fuck this is bait isn’t it? No one could have this lack of self awareness.

I stopped caring about women's feelings because they are such horrible people. When men cheat, they can still love their wife. When women cheat, they dont love their man any more.

And women also view men are pure success objects, ive never see a woman stay with a man who hit hard times. Whether health or wealth, they all leave. Men bend over for women and live as their slaves, and women still treat them like trash. Once you witness woman nature you take the red pill and treat them like sex objects and nothing more. The man has a right to fuck who he wants, the woman doesnt.

>Tell her I’m not in love with her anymore
Yeah, don't phrase it like that. Just tell her you're interested in opening up the relationship to have new sexual experiences. Everyone has heard of open relationships, you've been together for a long time, she might not like it but it won't be shocking. Communicate.

And you do still love her, don't you? You're just not infatuated anymore. That feeling fades in any relationship or marriage that lasts long enough. Maybe she's feeling the same, maybe she'd relish the chance to fuck other guys.

4.) You tell your wife that you're not sexually or romantically satisfied and it's bothering you. Ask her if there is something that can be done between you two as a married couple - such as sexual therapy, going to look at sex toys together, scheduling date/sex-play nights. You can even suggest a threesome and see what she has to say about that? (You can have a MFF if she can have a FMM threesome too.)

Have you asked to see if there's anything that's going on with her to make her sexual drive tank? Is she stressed? Is she constantly on "mom-mode" and cleaning/cooking/children draining her of energy? (Do you do your share of housework to help her in this area?)

I can't imagine that her sex drive is dead - rather dormant and probably hormonal after having kids. I'm sure she's got her own desires and fantasies too - but have you two sat down and discussed any of this? This is your wife, after all. You're 50/50. Of all the people on this planet that you can be real with - it SHOULD be her and she should feel just as comfortable coming to you with this stuff.

I get the whole seven year itch thing. It's real. Monogamy is an active choice that we legally seal with a ring - but not honestly discussing these basic biological needs is doing your marriage a disservice.

Talk to her. Be honest with her and tell her that you need more and that you want to help her get on the same page. Can you help around the house? Does she need more romance? How about a vacation from the damn kids every once in a while? Go run away together to a hotel for the weekend while the grandparents watch the brats.

Quiet, you incel. The adults are talking.

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