I hate my race

I am insecure about my height, weight and my race. I can't change my height or race, but I'm working out more so I have that going for me. What do I do if I hate being asian? I always feel like the next guy has something over me.

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Become trans-race.
Or deal with insecurities and be proud of your tribe.

There's literally never been a better time to be Asian though
>kpop finally getting the global recognition it deserves
>US may have their first Asian president next year
>its finally starting to not be okay to mock them on popular media

Fuck K-pop. Fuck you too. Fuck you Asians.

You know user, this may be just me but over the years i've lost a lot of interest in appearance and got more interested in the human being itself. I don't see a reason for you to hate being Asian, also some people really are into the Asians this days.

What kind of Asian are you? If you're Indian, then shit, I'd be insecure too. If not, I have some advice depending where your ancestors are from.

The fuck would you care about being asian?
Even nazis don't mind east asians.

Honestly man, lay off the chans for a while. This is a shithole where "ethno-nationalists" spew their vile ideas of being part of a master race and where all other races are inferior. Stick around too much and you might believe their nonsense.

Take a reset and delve into your ethnicity and learn to embrace it. Nobody's perfect and race only makes part of the man.

There's literally nothing wrong on being born a Pinoy

It's still okay to mock Italians though apparently

Who were treated far worse

And have a higher population and contributed more

Such double standards

Me too, but I think if I had a big dick, I wouldn’t find anything to feel bag about.


Shut the fuck up wog

troll harder kiddo


>Bigger population than Asians

You are made fun of because you are retarded, not because you are italian

I love you the way you are.


dude srlsy? 90% of the girls these days gets wet by those fuckboys from kpop and any korean/closed eye dude. use this in your favour

Don't Asians have the highest IQ on average?

There's zero wrong with being Asian... period.

(t. non-Asian.)

Work on your self-esteem and self-confidence!!