Could I have HIV?

I am absolutely worried to my bones...

Four weeks ago I went to a bachelor party, and I had sex with one of the call girls. *Everything* was protected, meaning, I used a condom for both oral and vaginal, while she used some lube, but I didn't cum in her. Condom did not break either, I am certain of it. After it was done, she proceeded to take my condom off using a Wet Wipe, then she wiped my genital area.
After this happened, I did not shower immediately, rather, I showered the morning after. I did not give a second thought to it at the time because I thought that I used protection.
Fast forward to now, on Tuesday I came down with flu like symptoms. No fever, just slight chills and sinus headaches, but had to take the days off. This was the last in a long series of colds I've been having since September (stress, school, work etc.). Yesterday, I also noticed that something resembling oral thrush might have developed on my tongue. I have no other symptoms though: no muscle ache, no swelled lymph nodes, no diarrhea, no vomiting, just a persistent cough which is getting better. I went and took a blood test today, the results come back in a week.

I'm looking for some advice, or at least some kind words of encouragement... I is actually possible that I've contracted HIV because I did not wash immediately after intercourse? I made sure I was careful during the whole thing, the girl wiped me clean, but it just didn't cross my mind to shower immediately.

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You are fine, but if the worry really persists you could get checked just to make sure. It never hurts to have regular check ups if you are sexually active.

Sounds unlikely, if you're that worried just get tested.

>Go to a doctor or planned parenthood
>get tested
>get results
>problem solved or just beginning depending on how dirty the skank was.

I doubt it's HIV. Callgirls don't actually stay in business that long if they get it, and actually get tested more regularly than you think. Did you two kiss?

HIV isn't that bad these days, if you have medical coverage for PREP or whatever it's called. You didn't do anything wrong, as long as the call girl got paid for her time, you should check out a planned parenthood for testing to be safe though. That's always good procedure.

you're crazy

Thank you

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Thanks m8. I thought about that too. This happened in a fairly upscale mountain resort town, so maybe you're right - call girls there couldn't afford to have it there.

True. Thanks for the tap on the shoulder.

Still get tested! and thank you for hiring the services of a callgirl.

It used to be normal, there's a REASON people do it, but libs and cons both get too many brownie points from puritans and fake feminists for having a "sex work should stop" stance.

HIV takes longer than a week to start showing symptoms

It's been 4 weeks, almost to the date

I'm 99% sure you don't have HIV.

HIV is transmited by bloodstream. Not by saliva, not by urine and not by feces. In order to get HIV the carrier fluids would have to enter your bloodstream by way of an open wound or an orifice like the penis or anus. You used a condom and you don't know for certain the girl had HIV. My advice is that you stop worrying about it. IMO you wasted your money on the test. You're fine.

Thanks friend. I guess I thought that leftovers on my groin the lube which came in contact with her bodily fluids might have seeped into my dick bc I didn't wash immediately.

>I is actually possible that I've contracted HIV because I did not wash immediately after intercourse?
no. if it happened the way you described it there is 0.00000000000000001% chance you acquired HIV. probably even less.

you either had it beforehand or you dont have HIV.

Thanks user. The leftover lube and her bodily fluids on my groin that could have seeped into my dick throughout a whole night was my main worry.

Did you drink heavily too?
Oral and alcohol is a really bad bactirial combo. Brush your teeth and use mouthwash.

I had drinks but wasn't smashed. Didn't perform oral on her either.

Washing immediately would make zero difference to whether or not you contracted HIV.

>having casual sex
Lol asking for it

Thank you for the responses. They helped a lot to calm me down. Frankly I don't remember the last time I was this terrified.