Should I hit on my sister?

She text me randomly last week saying "I love you more than you know xxxx" So I replied, and then she sent me a selfie, not a dirty one, just a selfie.

And then I sent one back and she said I was beautiful. Is she into me or is it just because we're close? Because we've always been close.

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You playing with fire


Pic related?


Some girls are just flirty and you just have no idea what they’re actually thinking and this might be the case

Flirting with her own brother though?

The love between siblings is very different to love between gf and bf.
It is not sexual and you shouldn't make it sexual.


Yes, I make sensual jokes with my sister every now, and then. But, if this is out of the blue, and out character for her then who knows

Are you insane?

I guess it's not, but calling me beautiful tripped me out.
Jury's out

Shouldn’t is a loaded word, why shouldn’t he without appealing to familial taboo.

Real life is not anime OP.

first was meant for
and the second was for

Dont do this, trust me.

Why? I will trust when you give the details of your incestual dealings

I wouldn't look so far into this. She's could easily be, and probably is, just trying to be a good sibling... My sister says very similar things to me at times, but there's never anything more to it than that.

Just go up to her, look her in the eyes, give her a firm handshake, and say I’m yours.

You will not feel love, you will regret it, mark my words.

Hitting on your sister is gay, even if you're a guy.

Plus then there's the whole other aspect of what happens AFTER you get a nut off. This isn't a Tinder hookup or a high school girlfriend that you can walk away from and never see again for the rest of your life. You gotta live with this person for the rest of your life, so don't make it weird.

t. messed around with my cousin when I was like 14

and that's another thing, I can understand being horny and confused and experimenting when you're kids, but you're presumably over the age of 18.

do it wuss

>presumably over the age of 18
Well he posted a picture of a girl who looks like she is over 30 and he claimed the picture was related to his question, so I think that is a safe assumption.

>having sex with your fat 30 something year old sister

yeah fuck it sure why not this website is retarded

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yikes. answer is no

That is why everyone is saying "don't do it"

If OP is considering it, he's already got one foot off the edge.

Sometimes it’s not about love. It’s about fucking your sister.

The man who never gambles never wins OP go for it

No one. Your sister looks like a pig. Just buy some pig loins from a supermarket and rub them on your dick. It’s essentially the same thing.

This is called a woman expressing her sisterly love. There’s no sexual in it. Get yourself a gf or fap more bro.

This is called a woman expressing her sisterly love. There’s nothing sexual in it. Get yourself a gf of F more dude.

Great shitpost

If you already don't know the answer than both nurture and nature has failed you.

You should hit the bible user.

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That usually makes ti even more of a regret if it doesn't work out. Thee's that rule about how it's not advised to fuck with your coworkers as if things won't work out afterwards, it may be tough and awkward as fuck. Now crank it up to eleven.


>t. messed around with my cousin when I was like 14
god I wish that was me
>tfw never had any attractive cousins my age

Well your father did hit on his sister, so you might try as well

Pretty sure the Bible is up there for incest reads, is it not? Is not the while concept of Adam and Eve one giant incestuous, neverending orgy?

They had two kids, both boys, then suddenly 7bn people.
Humanity even got wiped out a couple of times but always seemed to come back if there were a few humans there.
It is really weird logic.

If you need this much convincing NOT TO?
Then fuck it I say do it.

Anime makes people fucking retarded.
I had a date with a guy and he emoted like an anime character would, I left the place right then.

How different is that the theory of evolution? The entire human race has one common ancestor.

All these losers are trying to derail you from some of the best sex you’ll ever have. They can’t even sleep with normal women, let alone the forbidden fruit of a T H I C C A F sister who has all but directly told you she wants no-strings rough sex.

Stop asking the meek their opinions, when you already know the answer. She’s complimented your looks beyond a sisterly manner, has professed her love with an implication that it’s beyond familial, sent a selfie to grind your almonds.

Come on dude.

It’s a green light.

Get into gear.

Invite her to yours, get two-bottles drunk on wine, tell her you always found her beautiful, wear something tight, put some fuckmusic on and turn them lights low.

After a few hours, keep complimenting her, stroke her arm and move for that kiss.

Pound. The. Shit. Out. Of. Her.

She’s also more likely to let you go anal. Just do it, video it if you can, then share that kino.

Be the Chad, user.

>t. messed around with my cousin when I was like 14
story time

when i was younger i had a cousin that came into my room on a family trip to jump up on the bed to wake me up. then later there was a time that he told me his girlfriend at the time was like me, i dunno what he meant by saying that to me. we haven't talked in years--- our families have grown apart, but he still checks out my facebook stories.

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Pound that slampig. Go for it.

Incest is forbidden.

>calling me beautiful tripped me out
She meant your personality, like she thinks you got a beautiful soul, numbnuts.

>me b4.jpg
What the fuck, OP? Take your brother fetish elsewhere. This is for people seeking advice.

op, if you wanna fuck up your bloodline and have veggies growing in your house and not in the garden, go ahead. But know those wont continue the fucked gene pool you'll create