Recently saw the NZ shooting video in it's entirety out of curiosity

recently saw the NZ shooting video in it's entirety out of curiosity

i was expecting it to be really bloody or scary

when i was done i didn't feel anything at first since i thought i was desensitized to violence because of the violent media already on tv and shit
now i'm starting to feel a little sad about it
i had always saw myself as a coldhearted, selfish asshole that cared more about myself and money than other people

the video didn't have a lot of visible blood since the video quality is ass and no machine gun blazing with blood and bullets flying everywhere

just a guy saying nothing and his gun going POW and Bang a few times and people going down and quiet and even shot a woman in the head as she was begging for dear life for help as she was lying in the street
it doesn't get bloody until he returns to shoot and the body pie where the bodies are oozing with blood a little either to kill survivors or to disfigure their faces to disrespect them one last time

for some background i'm a city outside Toronto Canada but grew up in the contryside
i'm a left wing progressive guy but my best friend hates muslims

i usually come here to shitpost but i think i need help with trying to cope with this

it also pisses me off that people try to make memes about this

why are we so lax to violence these days

i think everyone should watch that video and see some real violence instead of video games and movies

has anyone else here seen the video?

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No, and I don't want to. Real violence is something to be avoided at all costs.

The world is dark user. The day of the shooting Israel bombed Gaza harder than ever before, and no one cared. Focus on your life, be a good person and don't bother with this shit.

Also try talking to your friend. Why does he hate muslims ? Have they done anything to him or did he fall for the propaganda (which btw is made by the same people importing those muslims into the west) ?

All this could have been avoided if murica would fucking leave middle east alone, and everyone staying in their fucking country.
I'm not gonna watch it because it's fucked up.
This kind of shit will happen even more in the future. We are starting to see the fruits of multiculturalism(actually bad shit is already happening in sweden but it gets no coverage)

It was made pretty clear he got sick with the countless muslim terror attacks all across Europe in recent years, killing thousands upon thousands of his people.

I'm a brown guy. Seen the video. Don't feel anything, but I have been desensitized a long time ago.
To me it is nothing new. I know that some hate us for existing and looking a bit different.
I think about it like this:
It's like being out in nature.
Most of the time you are fine.
But if you are unlucky you encounter a wild animal that will believe that you are encroaching on its territory.
And then they try to kill you.
Nothing you can do about it.

Just imagine being their place. You have to shoot all these people, and your in too deep to do anything else so you just go with it. Regardless of the situation you invested way to much of your pride to just not to do it. So, you go in there adrenaline blazing, fighting your reservations easily with your resolve to completely destroy these people, or dehumanized things as the case may be. After it’s all over, it just becomes a memory, so in substantial mark on the nervous system the will just masturbate to the memory, just be left empty for the disre to do it again. It just seems like a very silly thing to do when you think about it. He coulda just stayed home, and jerked of to porn or something.

I don't like your people, but I can respect you

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cope with what

Violence is part and parcel of living in a city and hollywood glorifies violence. Like one user said, you don't have to feel bad as you had no personal connection to the dead or their families and there was nothing you could have done to stop that shooting. It is important to recognize the suffering those families are going through but you don't have to be shocked by the violence to know that. All I did was boot up insurgency sandstorm to see if the weapon sounds matched but they didn't really, which was disappointing.

Alright that's fair. Now did he ever wonder why would muslims attack europeans like that ? Of course all terrorist attacks are wrong and no innocent should die, but this shit doesn't happen in a vacuum. The entire Middle East has been destroyed by western countries in the past century. It is totally understandable that such crimes will create extremists.

Also your friend is retarded because he equates the actions of individuals with the group. If I thought like that, I would wish a painful death on every single European and North American person. But I don't because I'm not a retarded faggot

Muslims are not guiltless people, they have been plaguing Europe since the 700s

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>i'm a left wing progressive guy
Should've started with this, it explains a lot and saves us a bunch of reading.

>has anyone else here seen the video?
I've seen clips that people spammed on other boards like idiots that they are.

But even before Jow Forums was popular or even actually fully created, I'd also look up gore videos on rotten and ogrish because I was a dumb kid. Plenty of shit I wish I could unsee.

>i think everyone should watch that video and see some real violence instead of video games and movies

That doesn't sound like a good idea.

Why would someone living in the year 2019 share the guilt of someone from 1300 years ago? Dumb anime poster

Hey OP, here's a spanner for your works.

>What have humans been doing consistently since we came about?
Defending ourselves, our families, our friends, our race and our ideologies from undesirables.
>How have we been doing it?
By killing everyone and everything who threatens those things.
>Why that way?
Because that is what all conflicts eventually boil down too. Violence has stood the test of time before all else.

Since the end of WW2, most of the world has been steadily trying to end conflict and wars through peaceful means, yet at the same time it still exists AND the world is progressively turning to shit. You try and name one thing besides technology that has actually improved since the 50's. I'll wait.
The reason you didn't feel anything is because it is still in your genetics for this to this to be considered natural. Deep down, you know there is a threat, and the only natural and effective way to deal with a threat, especially one that has cornered you, is to fight. And kill.
Feeling nothing to this event is natural and should not be considered a bad thing. Use that power for what it is meant for.

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SINCE 700, implying they've been plaguing consistently for those 1300 years.

I felt nothing, I've already desensitized myself to stuff like this, this wasn't even that extreme.

But I pose a different question, why do you think this is bad? Why do you think getting being able to watch this stuff is a bad thing? Unless you're actually psychotic random people dying shouldn't interfere with your normal reactions in real life.

Of course, every people has committed atrocities against others. My point is that Muslims aren't responsible for terrorist attacks, just like you aren't responsible for the war crimes committed in Syria. Automatically associating individuals with their group is a direct path to all-out war

If you want to be angry at someone, find out who exactly is sending those muslims in Europe right now, and why

How does murdering innocents helps anyone ? If you want muslims to leave your country, go kill American soldiers in Syria or put a bullet in Netanyahu's head

As a rekt junkie with a massive rekt folder, this video got to me too. Most things don't bother me anymore. This video was different though because unlike isis videos, or cartel videos, these people were completely innocent, or didn't do anything to provoke getting brutally murdered. That's not to say there aren't graphic videos of innocent people getting hurt out there, but none like this. None where the gunman strapped a phone to his head and basically live vlogged his killing spree. It's new, and shocking for sure. And it's so real. Could you imagine if he didn't film it, how much more conspiracy would be around this incident? And the whole "sub 2 pewdiepie" thing just adds a level of normalcy to this guy that makes you wonder "i could be walking by mother fuckers like this every day, or interacting with them online". As a native american, i could have easily passed as a muslim had I been walking near this mosque during this shooting, and likely being shot. So yeah I feel you dog. This one hits differently. Sad to think we are so desensitized, but still things can surprise us. The bar will only go up. The high score mentality will only make these extremists more extreme. I think the best thing to do though is to just ignore the guy. Don't learn his name. Don't look at his picture. Don't involve yourself in threads involving him. Don't give him the infamy he wants. He doesn't even deserve that. I think if we do that, we'll stop seeing these things as frequently.

I'm from canada too. I grew up in a small town in manitoba myself. Do you watch letterkenny?

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I don't think you understand the concept of "different people"

You are on the wrong path. Nothing good will come out of this.
You should seek mental health. Turn your life around, before it's too late.
I wish you all the best, but you'll probably not listen to me right now.
But maybe when your life descends deeper in the abyss, maybe then you will remember what I told you, and what I'm sure a lot of others have also told you, and maybe then you will have the courage to affect some positive change in your life.

>And the whole "sub 2 pewdiepie" thing just adds a level of normalcy

Well, normal to Jow Forums at least. The guy was obviously insane and drew himself into further insanity. I didn't read his manifesto but apparently it was filled with references to Fortnite and loads of other memes.

It's the same thing with the incel who drove his car into a Toronto crowd not too long ago. The whole Kekistan Robot Uprising bullshit that started off as a joke, but people took it seriously.

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It’s a horrific event and probably won’t be the last due to the amount of attention the media gave it, that feeds the ego of mass killers.

I saw it and also wasn't as fazed as I thought I would be. Honestly it wasn't as brutal and gory as it could be. There wasn't that much blood and the people didn't scream in terror or anything like that. I think the clips that fuck with me the most are the ones where you can hear the fear and agony in people's voices, but in this video there's not much of that. Everyone died surprisingly silently.

But ya, the big reason we're all so desensitized is because of the internet, especially on Jow Forums where people are sharing snuff films constantly.

I used to be of the opinion that freedom of speech was good in all circumstances and I used to go to Jow Forums for exactly that reason, but seeing the effects that the anonymous and rule-free nature of Jow Forums has on peoples' mental health changed my mind to an extent. When you put people in an environment where everyone is anonymous and there are no consequences for the things you say, the result is always going to be a cesspool of toxicity and hatred, and when people spend too much time in these environments and not enough time in reality, they end up becoming complete sociopaths. This place really is a breeding ground for mental illness, especially the politically minded boards.

>How does murdering innocents helps anyone ?

By itself, It doesn't. But these are people who are connected to a specific ideology. One that also kills innocents on the regular and has been doing for centuries among many other awful attrocities. It was not an attack on the individuals themselves, but an attack on the ideology itself.
Most people are taking this attack at face value and completely missing the point. This was one man doing what little he could to defend what he had left. It is unfortunate that that innocents were killed yes, but at the end of the day he was eventually forced to use the same tactics that the aggressors have been using for a literal age.

I didn't understand why all the people were in the corners of the room huddled together. Like that seems like the worst possible strategy you could use when there's an active gunner, just lumping all the targets into a single point. There was so many people in the room, they could have easily surrounded him if they had spread out and kept close to the entrance.

To be fair the guy actually posted/streamed on eightchan. But to be even more fair, there's very little difference between here and there.

Mainstream media is not to blame. This terrorist and others like him don't go on mainstream websites.
They go on Breitbart and 8ch Jow Forums and they listen to Youtube propagandists paid with Russian and American money.
This whole alt-right neonazi thing is a huge scene hiding in plain sight.

And the left forced it into being by alienating straight white guys.


Why couldn't you refute or argue any of the points I made? instead you just spouted off the equivalent of the above green text.

>defending our race and our ideologies
the whitest mother fucker can literally convert to islam retard.

>name one thing besides technology that has actually improved since the 50's
international relations fuck head

It's actually not normal to not feel any empathy towards innocent people being slaughtered who weren't threatening anyone. If you lack any empathy, something isn't right. You should bring this up with a shrink.

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You need to get out of your bubble. Your conception of reality is completely fucked. All that you believe in is a lie. You need to turn off your computer for a few months. Go interact with real people. Talk to them and observe their world view.

Not him, and I'll admit that the most extreme over-the-top faggy factions of the leftist SJWs have alienated straight white guys for years. For sure. For years all we've heard is PRIVILEGE PRIVILEGE CIS CIS CULTURAL APPROPRIATION and all that shit

but I'm a straight white dude and never in a million years did I think about shooting people or becoming a neo nazi.

Most of this alt-right shit is just autistic and insane people who have poisoned themselves on irony and trolling turned political.

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>forced to use the same tactics that the aggressors have been using for a literal age.
And how does killing 50 random people make your ideology suddenly gain merit? Committing acts of terror just turns more people against you. You think Isis is getting any people on their side by doing public beheadings? This isn't going to incite a civil war, no way. You have to be delusional to think that. All this accomplished was making people more sympathetic towards immigrants.

>hurrr bb-b-b-b-ut they do it so why can't we
People in Isis make the same argument - "White people come to our countries and murder us for oil, so we're justified in killing random innocents." Nobody is going to view you as martyrs for killing innocents. Again, that just rallies more people against your cause.

Why would I argue with you? I pity you and your condition. I know what you are going through. I was there, once. You need help and I cannot give it to you. I hope you will believe me, like you believed all the other anons that got you in this state to begin with.

Every single people has been commiting atrocities for all of history. That shooter faggot was of British descent, so he's the worst of them all, no one has caused more death than the British.

Killing innocents like he did makes him no better than the jihadis who kill innocents in Europe. Actually, it makes him worse, because muslims actually have a reason to be angry (their entire region being completely destroyed by western countries).

If it's fine to kill innocents because of their race or ideology, then civil war will erupt all over the world. I guess that's what you want, in the end. Your life is most likely a major failure, so you want to bring everyone down with you. Get help man

That is just a thing within the US coasts.
The perpetrator was in Australia. They don't have that shit there.
This is entirely the problem. These people live in a their own bubble built out of propaganda they encountered on the Internet.

True. I suppose Jow Forums especially, but even normies who know about the who pewdiepie t series thing can relate is all I'm saying. And as insane as he was, clearly he blended into society enough to own a vechcle, immigrate, etc. He had a life. Nobody saw it coming. You think you know people was all I meant.

>The perpetrator was in Australia. They don't have that shit there.

They don't have the internet in Australia?

Also he was in New Zealand.

Well no shit, you don’t kill over feelings or ideology holy fuck.. defense of your life and your family is about as pro violence as I get.. I’m not defending the mindset, I just see a subculture brewing from the same bigotry the left says they condemn.

>a subculture brewing from the same bigotry the left says they condemn

>why are we so lax to violence these days
Most first world societies have the luxury of being disassociated from violence on an individual level. We're so far divorced from the reality of war and cruelty that we've basically turned it into a form of entertainment.

One of the reasons why that video was shocking was because the violence was extremely intimate. You weren't seeing people being blown away by bombs from an infrared camera or reading it in a newspaper the next day, but from the first person perspective of somebody who was determined to act as an agent of chaos. Those people he killed were innocent, but he wanted to destroy them regardless.

There's a stark contrast between deaths in entertainment and reality. Nobody does an acrobatic flourish before hitting the ground or gives a lengthy dialogue about a life well lived when shot by a gun. They simply die, and reveal how fragile we all are.

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This never happened you retard. Your weak brain was convinced that straight white men are oppressed through alt-right propaganda which consists of cherrypicking crazy SJWs and pretending like their opinions speak for the entirety of society.

>the whitest mother fucker can literally convert to islam retard.
Please stop name calling, it's pretty childish.
Yes, what you said is true, but less than 5% of white European males are Muslim, and even less are converts plus that percentage is a very generous rounding up. They are victims of the aggressive spread of this ideology, not supporters.

>international relations fuck head
Again, stop. It's extremely cringeworthy.
This is debatable from an all manner of different viewpoints. I wouldn't say it's any better on average than it was in the 50's and while that is a very broad statement, the smallest amount of research can support my theory. Everyone still hates each other, the media telling you it's all butterflies and rainbows out there doesn't mean it is.

I'll be honest with you, the only thing I found myself thinking watching the video and reading his manifesto, is what he could of done more efficiently.

I see it in the fuckin news, it’s not an illusion it’s just left vs right thing.
And neonazis found their lap dogs in uneducated neets.

>Please stop name calling, it's pretty childish.
Stop bullying this user. He just wants to endorse mass killings. You have to be gentle with alt-righters, they're sensitive.

>I wouldn't say it's any better on average than it was in the 50's and while that is a very broad statement, the smallest amount of research can support my theory.

Just the opposite.

On top of that, there hasn't been a major war or genocide in the first world in over 50 years. Even the third world has progressed by leaps and bounds.

You see it in the fake news that is tailored to make you act like a racist moron. No shit.

I've studied and worked for 10 years at a university and never once came across these supposed SJW and the leftist feminist ideology and cultural Marxism that you scream about.

But you probably never went to college so what would you know?

You’re gonna be a contrarian to whatever I say, if you need to insult other people to feel a boost to your ego so be it. I have zero to gain from giving a shit what you think of me.

Why are you arguing with someone who posts an anime picture and incorrect historical information? Low IQ mate, not worth.

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You either can't or didn't read the post string. I am the one who would be considered "supportive" of this act. He is the one acting like a child calling names and overtly showing he has an over-reliance on surface media like Proves.
>business insider
Wow another journalism blog. One who has probably millions in net value, of course life is good. Also doesn't post the source info.

And yes, while there hasn't been a "major" war so to speak. There are multiple small to medium scale conflicts around the world that have been taking place all around the world for many years, some of which the actual (not reported) death-rate is similar to previous major wars. And if the 3rd world has improved so much, why is the white man constantly having to come in and intervene to keep things stable. Do your own research and form your own opinions.

20 innocent Muslims (women and children) were killed today by American drone strikes in the Middle East. You don't bat an eye because you have been trained by the State to believe that all killing is wrong except State sactioned violence, which doesn't need to be questioned. 99% of people will never address this hypocrisy.

Now, I don't condone the NZ shooter, but tell me, what is a viable solution to end the great replacement of white people when all roads of democracy lead to our death?

>why is the white man constantly having to come in and intervene to keep things stable

I know you're not the brightest one out there, but you can't actually believe this, right ? Do you actually see western involvment in the Middle East as ''keeping things stable'' ? That's fucking sad

>the smallest amount of research can support my theory

Alright then, I show you mine and you didn't have anything to say besides "surface media bad" whatever that means.

>Also doesn't post the source info.
They're listed right in the article.

Anyways, show your underground deep web sources that prove how the world is as bad if not worse than 50+ years ago

Kick out the zionists who have overtaken your governments. They're the ones sending billions to Israel every year for free, they're the ones causing the destruction of the Middle East that is causing this immigration influx. They're the ones opening your borders.

The Muslims are the knife, Zionists are the wielder. You faggots attack the weapon instead of the person using it, because the weapon is an easier target. You're weak

>the great replacement of white people

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I'm just making fun of you for crying about people calling you mean words on the internet. It's just funny to me. Sorry, I should have considered you'd be too stupid to pick up the sarcasm.

Some Hasidic’s are tired of the Zionist too.

Well, he is right user, white people are going to be replaced in every European homeland. The important question is whether white people should disappear or whether it should be resisted, and if so, how.

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>pic absolutely unrelated

Something is wrong with aussies mentally. They're literally a nation founded by criminals ostracized from Britain. Honestly the place needs to be nuked otherwise we'll be seeing a lot more of these types of massacres.

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It's related because white corporate greed has caused almost every ecological crisis in the world.

I didn't mean to post an image at all, weird. But now everyone is aware that whites are not having enough children to survive and that they're being replaced by mass migration user. It's just whether that's bad is the question.

Yeah Hasidics are usually fine. Zionist doesn't necessarily mean Jew, actually a lot of American Zionists are Christians

>But now everyone is aware that whites are not having enough children to survive and that they're being replaced by mass migration user

I wasn't aware of that at all. You know why? Because it's pure speculation.

>intervenes between two anons having a semi-formal debate over a serious topic, despite the name calling.
>making fun of others
>lol you too stupid for sarcasm
>also name-calling.
Guess how I know you are underage?

t. Didn't read the manifesto
He doesn't want infamy

Well not really, it's kinda obvious. The problem is that instead of attacking the governments who have shoveled immigrants into the West, these right wing faggots attack innocents who did nothing to them

Makes a lot of sense actually

The manifesto is entirely ironic shitposts. if he didn't want infamy he wouldn't have a manifesto in the first place and he certainly wouldn't have livestreamed himself to make his whole thing as clickbait as possible,

>it's kinda obvious

It's really not.

I've seen graphs that are like "by the year 2100 Whites might make up 49% of the USA"

International relations can improve with conflict. Nobody said there's been zero conflict since the 50's. That doesn't even make logical sense why you would try to refute that.

It is entirely accepted that at the current birthrates in Japan, for instance, that the Japanese are going to enter an old-age crisis that will disrupt the whole economy if it goes on too long. The same thing is happening in Europe and literally all the left-wing politicians know this. They are doing their best to mitigate the incoming crisis by replacing the unborn Europeans with young foreigners, who are supposed to enter the workforce and provide children for the future.

Everyone knows this, left and right. I'm just skeptical that mass importing people from Somalia is going to actually fix the problem.

You're just a really cringy person. The fact that you had to ask someone to stop saying mean words to you makes you look insecure and fragile. The fact that you think posting on an advice board for incels is a formal debate is cute too.

The majority of children in public schools in the USA are already nonwhite. We can talk about whether this is bad or good or neutral, but to not notice that the USA is going to be majority nonwhite within a generation or two is obvious to anyone paying attention.

>Please stop name calling, it's pretty childish.
aw did your feelings get hurt? you must be new. go cry about it on reddit faggot

Japan is an exceptional example. It's nothing like Europe or even the rest of the world.
The USA was never full white to begin with. As soon as it got done genociding most of the natives it was bringing in Blacks for slavery, and then Chinese to build the railroads. This is absolutely nothing new, an has nothing to do with a retard with guns who overdoses on Jow Forums memes.

>This was one man doing what little he could to defend what he had left
If you sincerely believe that mowing down crowds of unarmed people in a church is even remotely comparable to self-defense then you need to immediately end your own life. You're disgusting.

If you think about it, incels aka Jow Forums is to blame for the replacement of the white race. They're too busy posting frogs and watching fortnite anime to get married to a nice fat autistic white bitch of a wife and have 8 kids with them, like their parents and grandparents and great-grandparents

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i want to but i don't have crakle tv or what ever

do you know were i watch it

i watch mostly corner gas, tralier park boys and littlest hobo

also i'm from Ontario

what tribe are you?

I may be wrong, but it seems only countrys in Africa are going to have a birth rate

White people aren't going anywhere. They're still the majority. Melanin doesn't mean shit dude. I'd be more worried about incompatible cultures, but the fact that children from immigrant backgrounds are in the schools mixing with everyone else is good. Culture usually gets washed out over a couple generations when living in the west.

>Japan is an exceptional example. It's nothing like Europe
That's just wrong. You need about 2.1 births/couple to replace yourself; take a look at the failure in both nations here. They are experiencing a similar crisis that all Western countries are going to go through. Japan's symptoms are exacerbated by the fact that they bring in almost zero immigrants. We've been pumping in millions of nonwhites for decades, which maintains the illusion of population stability and growth. You have no idea what you're fucking talking about.

>The USA was never full white to begin with.
Irrelevant and not my claim. The US was 90% white for hundreds of years until the 1965 Immigration Act.

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>White people aren't going anywhere. They're still the majority. Melanin doesn't mean shit dude
Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Whites are not replacing themselves and are therefore declining. Of the major races across the globe, whites are the minority. And while I superficially agree that melanin is not the defining difference between races, I am not a fucking commie who thinks that all races and sexes are identical. An African is genetically different than an Asian in such a way that they build different civilizations. We are the product of our genes.

i think it's on crave. I used to have crave but i just torrent everything now. Super funny show. If you live in small town canada you'll relate to it so much. hilarious in general.

I'm mostly cree, maybe some ojibwe. the reserve i'm a member of is cree anyways (i don't live there). though i did one of those 23andme things (i know. take it with a grain of salt) and it told me I'm only 35% native american, and 62% eropean.

>replacement of the white race
This is the greatest meme to ever be perpetuated onto the people of the world. Geneticists already discovered quite some time ago that the construct of race is genetically irrelevant. The "white race" is addicted to dominance. Any sociopolitical or economic existence that is any less than 100% dominance feels like oppression to them.

>gotta protect the white race by arguing on Jow Forums via my parents' basement

>An African is genetically different than an Asian in such a way that they build different civilizations. We are the product of our genes.
I love when autists LARP as geneticists.

>Geneticists already discovered quite some time ago that the construct of race is genetically irrelevan

Geneticists are faggots who'll say whatever gets them paid. Race should not dictate your life, but acting like it doesn't change anything is a globalist lie

I don't understand what the first half of this post has to do with the seconds half of this post.

Communism is the greatest meme to ever be perpetuated onto the people of the world. Fuck off with your pseudoscience pushed by cultural marxists.

To think that a people want total autonomy in their homelands. What a crime that they don't want foreign influence! And what shame that they won't give up what they're built to a bunch of self-righteous anti-white brown people.

then why is it that every fucking race bitches about it and bitches even more to make sure whites feel guilty?
Fuck off nigger, stop bitching about shit so faggots can succumb to white guilt

fun fact: the countries with the highest birth rate are also the ones with the highest infant mortality rate.

I love when there is no argument and you faggots go back to jacking off and smoking weed. At least when whites go extinct, you'll die with them.


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To be clear, Trump is a globalist, multiracial Zion-worshipper. Although I support him as a symbol of collective white identity, Trump's path will also lead white people to racial replacement in their own countries, and we need to plan for when he is no longer president.

>At least when whites go extinct, you'll die with them.
That's not how any of that works.

In this "oh no multiculturalism is bad" hissy fit that people are having, they're somehow neglecting the fact that white people are also mixing their genes with other races. So no one is going "extinct" they're just mixing it up.

Also I'll die when I'm like 87 years old or something and try to cross the highway or something. It has nothing to do with your "white genocide"

who isn't a globalist then, cause I've only ever heard this "globalist" shit coming from Alex Jones who's been sucking Trump off for years.