"L Lawliet"

You dumb, larping, ugly homosexual retard, can you please stop spamming your pointless shit everywhere and just leave us alone? Do you really have no life?

Just fuck off already.

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Look at this gay tardboy asking for dick pics.

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You’re worse for getting worked up about a namefag on a mongolian basket weaving forum, chill out

This low IQ cringe larper needs to be called out and should be perma banned

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You can literally just block his name/trip if it really bothers you that much.

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As long as he isn't constantly larping on soc, posting his kik in gay dick threads, listens to Nightcore, posts commie flags and looks like a 12 year ld pederast, he isn't worse.

Doesn't have one on other boards

>namefag weebtard standnig up for other namefag weebtard

He's by far the cringiest dude on this site and never gets banned on /fa/ (yes, that uggo is on /fa/).

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If you seriously gathered all of this shit on him by yourself and are now reveling in the epic 'call out' you're performing at a time when he isn't even actively posting on the board while breking the rules then I've got news for you...

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Those pictures are posted for months, are you too retarded to even read file names? Does anime toast your brain?

>implying file names with post numbers tell your average user the date and time the file was originally downloaded from /b/ without having to look it up because we all have the fucking archives in our brains
>implying I should know about these to begin with despite never having seen them while posting at the time as L because no one else who has seen these gives a shit enough to post them as replies to him
>hasn't cleared up how he isn't a faggot for this thread
Time to take a break from Jow Forums kiddo.

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Imagine going such a length to defend some autistic manchild online
And then berating others about how to use their time for just posting a picture which takes 5 seconds

Are you his communist lover and you rave out to Nightcore together?

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imagine caring about strangers online lmao

He's the most obvious troll on this board. Stop giving him attention, it's what he wants. Unless this is L Lawliet posting these threads in the first place, then carry on I guess.

Trip back on bud.
Otherwise you're the guy who spent time making a thread entirely about a tripfag and I want you to consider that deeply.

He isn't a troll, he is legit retarded and homosexual as the pictures show.

>haha, it was just trolling when I blew through 1000s of dick pics on my phone haha

Imagine defending Nightcore

im not defending shit, just laughing at this faggoty type of thread

He's some dumb Serb


you do realise that people like this enjoy attention, right?