Wife goes mad part 100

So yeah took the car down the other day, and these beads broke on the key chain.

Put the beads in my pocket, got home told the wife.

She did not even bother to grunt at me,

(she often refuses to talk or listen to me)

So I put them in the bin.

Few days later

Wife, user no one listens to you. I don't listen to you

Next day

Kids have you seen the bracelet beads I then say,

user yes i did and explained what happened

wife THEY WERE SPECIAL GOES mad at me. I explain that i told her she said nothing.

wife tries to change subject "you should not drive my car"

user its safer car to drive in I only drive it with the kids in usually and on that day was takeing my son out.

Wife gets mad, accuses, throw wooden spoon misses my head. Punches me in my left eye.

She then goes around the house and finds the half built London lego bus, built by my son (8) and daughter (5).

its on the kitchen table. She pushes it of and it smashes into bits.

Later son and daughter see it.

Wife refuses to help fix it and encourages son not to fix it or play with lego.

what would you do?

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I'd have sex with her

she does not want the sex.

I honestly dont feel like sex with her when she has bad behaviour.

Also I don't want her to think I need to have sex with her etc.

sounds like she's losing her marbles OP

get her mental help

What country are you from? What is your native language?
What does the social cultural norms dictate? Your wife punches you and you do nothing, then she breaks your childrens toys and you do nothing. Fucking man up.

yeah I have thought about it.

Just shouts all the day long can't talk quietly.

you get arrested where I am.

Also the bruise wont show on me, but if I hit her she will bruise badly

eg disagree with how child is fed cops called.

and cops always take the female side

what can you do

The best I could do is shame her in fron a a female friend

it was awkward, but females seem to respond to social embarrassment.

yeah that's just not normal dude. im not sure how you could get her to get help, though. seems like when people are this nuts, they just get offended and act worse if you tell them they need help.

if you're in the US and call the cops on her next time she's having a scene and breaking shit, they could potentially take her to a mental hospital but if you have shit insurance that might not be the best

yeah maybe.

maybe I need to get some video cameras installed.

the worst part is she denyes she hits me.

I have exactly one video where she hits me with a small blue ikea kids table

Ironically I took the video because I said she was violent, and she said I am not violent as she hit me or some such shit.

the thing is she could deny she broke it and they have no proof

getting cameras installed would be really smart.

she sounds batshit. my bf's mom is like this. she will say and do all types of terrible shit and then deny it/lose all memory of it.

good luck, my man.

looking at cameras now.

think is they are all so obvious....

and alot of the smaller spy ones have no sound recording.

you can't pass it off like you're putting them in for security?

beat that bitch, AWAY FROM YOUR LISTENING CHILDREN, and try to educate her on how to raise healthy children and a household. If this fails then divorce while its early game.

yeah how does that work out....how do I look like the good one when I have beaten her? ...

what inside the house?

yeah it sounds weird, but they help a lot if someone breaks in to your house.

my mom has at least 4 cameras in the house since it has been robbed before, and we never caught who did it. I don't have cameras at my place cuz I only have an apartment, but when I get a house I will definitely put cameras inside.

to be clear she got the cameras after the robbery

Shes mad at you for not supplying a more fun and luxurious lifestyle.

She spend all day on fakebook and the gram?

She sounds jealous of you. Keep goin man rock on and show your kids a good time. Im sure they’ll appreciate

Leave and take the kids OP. Show Karen that you too can be a bitch

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Sounds like you need to spend some good money on a good divorce lawyer, lol. Thats fucking doomed. Keep good relations with the kids, but leave the cunt of a wife ASAP. Later in life your kids will thank you.

Lol you're legally bound to this person and you have kids with them

I'd an hero