I do not feel attracted to any girl but I'm not gay. what is it?

I do not feel attracted to any girl but I'm not gay. what is it?

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You're depressed or you have a low libido. That's it, really.

You're a girl

That sounds normal to me. You're not required to always have a crush like some little schoolboy.

Keep living your life and focus on you

What or who else you ARE attracted to? There's your answer.
If there's absolutely nothing that gets you aroused at any time then like it was said earlier - you have a low libido or in general are asexual. Nothing to really get worried about, unless it bothers you.

Stop watching porn

>or in general are asexual.
>Nothing to really get worried about

Don't pretend that asexuality is an orientation.

how is it not a sexual orientation?


Cause we're mammals. Zero or low sexual libido is probably not a good sign.

Welcome to my world, I feel the same way, or worse. As in I will feel something of attraction to a woman only to just dismiss it as it was nothing. As in I want to be attracted to a woman but something in my gut stops the attraction. Almost is like when your finger pulls away instinctively from a fire as soon as you are about to touch it.
I don't know why exactly but I guess it's maybe because
>low libido
>still burned out from the string of failures from 2 years ago
>I fap too much to porn and hentai
>I feel insecure about still living with my parents and not having a job that makes enough for a place to live
>college is stressing me the fuck out and I am caring for it less and less but it only makes it worse
Thats just what I think is bothering me, OP. Who knows maybe I'll get lucky and some girl will approach me, But like thats ever likely

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Op here’s what you gotta do
>talk to your doctor about a low libido/testosterone
>start eating more protein and vegetables
>stop watching porn
>better manage your time and work to minimize stress
>try to improve your position in life
Do at least some of these and you’’ll Likely start feeling a desire again.

literally everything you said besides too much porn are signs of low testosterone.
Even too much porn sounds like something low T guys do, but that's just speculation on my part.
Also, do you know the porn thing will only get worse right?
Stop this shit right now before you start posting on /lgbt/ saying that you can only get off thinking about being a submissive faggot.

What if I were to tell you that I have been watching porn since I was 12-13 and I still hate fags, traps, and all the /lgbt/ shit. I mean the worst thing I possibly like are reverse traps (aka girls) but yet again, they only look good in 2D and irl is often hit and miss but it's usually never good. I'm not very submissive anyway

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>reverse traps (aka girls)

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I would say that you're lucky to be that way, but you can still be a degenerate fucker without being susceptible to my specific example.
Also, thinking about 2d girls is probably worst than being a faggot, because the faggot can still fuck dudes, you'll never fuck Hatsune Miku.
If you actually have libido problems, then porn will make it worse. Especially the weirder, unachievable ones.
A lot of dudes in their 20's on some boards over here talk about not getting it hard with actual girls.
Even if you exaggerated your situation, you will be in a worst spot than most guys in your 30's and 40's.
People with more normal tastes than you still have problems getting it up when they get a bit older.
If you're already feeling low libido what are the chances of you actually having a normal sex drive later on with an actual person?
It's just not healthy.
And check your testosterone levels.

Maybe women actually need to step up and not be fat disgusting whores

I don't think they can diet into 2d territory.

A girl like pic related is still attractive because she isn't a hamplanet and is in alright shape. All I'm asking in a woman is to be pleasant and not fat

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I was the same way, didn't have a crush until I was 28. Don't wait for that to start considering dating. Focusing on your own life is a mistake if you don't want to end up alone.

She isn't just attractive because she's "lmao just don't be fat'. She looks naturally great because she has good skin, stores fat in the right places and has a small waist. Aka she's an above average very fertile looking girl with good hormone levels.

I am not depressed, I think it is the lack of libido, how do I increase?
The problem is that for ten years I do not have a crush and I'm 25 years old.
It bothers me
A lot of what you do I do too.
But if I do not focus on me how will I improve myself to attract girls? What did you do differently to get the crush?

I wish

Asexuality. Only autists will say it's not real, don't listen to them.