Guilty about Number of Girls Fucked

I've fucked over 100 women in my life and I'm in my 20s. I'm a guy.

Sometimes I lay awake at night and think about all those women. Does this make me a bad person? A player? I've creampied a few of those girls straight up - what are the odds I'm gonna get a "you're my father" call over the next 10 years?

Every single one of those interactions were sober, consensual encounters (thank god) but I still feel 'dirty'. I thought it'd feel totally awesome brah to fuck this many women but the few close friends who know are disgusted and think I have mommy issues. I"m pretty sure of my buddies thinks I'm gay because i just plowed through half a city's worth of girls.

Am i permanently damaged for LTRs?

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You probably are. I'm in the same boat, I've realized how many women I've slept with over the years, and a lot of people are disgusted by it. I never really gave it any thought. I've only had two serious relationships. My last girlfriend was super insecure although I'd never cheat. A girl I'm with now constantly thinks I'm messing with multiples women but I tell her I'm not cuz I'm not. It must have done something to me.

she will never leave you because she will never be certain that she's your only source of sex.

Yeah probably. If you couldn't pick one out of one hundred of them that was genuinely worth staying for than obviously women won't make you happy.

From that perspective it works in my favor, but it's becoming a wedge between us where I end up leaving anyway

if you want to stay in a relationship with her you can do so... having you leave would be the best outcome anyway.

>hurr durr anons I'm such a chad look at all the women I've fucked I'm worried because I'm too much of a chad. My sheer charisma and giant dick makes me stay awake at night because I have to sit back and admire my own glory as a chad.

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If I said I was a woman who slept with 100 men you'd call me a degenerate whore wouldn't you

women are bad whores, men are good whores.

Yeah but you're not a woman so standards are different.

Virgins detected

A key that can open any lock is a very valuable item

I'd check counseling and see if there's something underneath your actions. If nothing comes up, move on and bring this "secret" with you to the grave, as I doubt it will help if you tell your future relationships this
Not for the key itself though

I’m 28 and I’ve only been with 2 girls. I get judged negatively for this.

Girls say “that’s weird”

Guys say “dude you are wasting your youth!! You need to be using your dick!”

I can’t win.

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You don't have my sympathy, faggot.
On one hand you managed to get a lot of women to like you and have sex with you, as a fellow man, I congratulate your efforts.
One the other, go fuck yourself, because now there are over 100 ruined women with a few of them carrying your little bastards around and I'm a 21 year old KV.
I wouldn't say that you're damaged for LTRs because my dad was like you and he's been married to my mother for 22 years and shows no signs of divorce.

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My question to you is how are you fucking all these women sober? Are you talking zero alcohol in their system? I don't know where you would be pulling those numbers without going to bars/nightclubs/parties etc.

Don't know if you are damaged for LTRs or not. This could be a symptom of some of your problems or it could just be that you are in this casual hook up culture environment.

>because now there are over 100 ruined women

I hate man whores because all they do is ruin the quality of women for the future. Yeah so you like sluts NOW, right? Well what about when it’s time to find a gf and all of the girls are all prior sluts? This is literally destroying the quality of women for future men

It renders all locks useless though. The point of a lock is that it is hard to unlock. What a stupid metaphor.

Tinder and coffee

How did you do it? I want to be you

Be 6'0
Look like you can deadlift 500lbs
Get tinder
Live in a degenerate liberal city

That's all I did

i dunno op. i dated someone before and his body count was at 20. he was a damaged guy who had mommy/daddy issues. like oedipus. he had a lot of other issues too and was kind of wild in his past and wreckless, think drinking, experimenting with different drugs. he wanted to come in me too, to "claim me." his wreckless past and how he treated others affected his relationships with others for sure. people he was close with suspected or joked he was secretly gay too. he ended up becoming insanely possesive and scared when i tried to break up so he got violent.

another guy i dated that was promiscuous also had a bit of mommy/daddy issues too, and his sexual openness to things like group sex and being cucked kind of confused me. he ended up being an ass and cheated on me.

overall i don't think i wouldn't want to be in a relationship again with someone who has a high body count. i just don't feel it's possible for me to feel like it's genuine love if they are so promiscuous, like it feels like they're desensitized to other people's feelings deep down, thinking they're replaceable.

>be me
>virgin until 18yo
>fucked five women by the time I was 30
>fucked 13 women since
28 ain't too late to increase

>inb4 fucking saggy roasties
Current regular pushing a year and a half since meeting is 24yo.

Was this all in one year?

If that's your lifetime count then I wouldn't worry about it.

Probably about a third of men have slept with over 100 women in this day and age.

>Probably about a third of men have slept with over 100 women in this day and age.

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UK at least

I think increasing would be bad tho..

>lifetime count
>only a span of 12-15 year since he started puberty

>Am i permanently damaged for LTRs?

Well them bitches sure as hell are.

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I thought appearance did not matter so much to women? So I just do not know if my city is degenerate the rest I have

Fucked a lot too OP, have no idea the actual number and worse, many were married so now I have a healthy dose of cynicism about women. Way too many times heard their lies to their unsuspecting husbands.

You probably don't want to hear this but the only thing that finally worked was for me to remain celibate for over a year. I didn't even go out with any women or let them in when they showed up at my door. I didn't trust I would choose wisely enough a woman that would make me want to be monogamous. I was a whore fucking only whores and now I wanted a good woman. Luckly I found one so it is possible but your head must be right before you put your dick in that pussy.

I’m legitimately worried that i’m going to end up eating a woman who used to be a slut.

I was not a man slut. I did not have casual sex. I only had sex within relationships. I’d only want to date a woman who share similar views. But I’m seriously worried that I’m going to be lied to about this. I personally know a few girls who did sleep around a lot, and now that we are all in our late twenties, they act like those slut years never existed and try to date solid dudes..

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>eating a woman

Stupid fucking Apple

Males aren't allowed to complain about that anymore. In all seriousness, just build your muscle and raise your standards as high as you want. Having no sex because you reject everyone is not the same as having no sex because everyone rejects you.

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If you feel that this morally applies to you, than that's the only reason you need. It's probably the way you phrase it that freaks people out. U b u

>Males aren't allowed to complain about that anymore.
And why not?
>go to the gym
I do, I am getting Jow Forums
>it’s not the same
Yes it is
It is morals. I don’t want to have a high number. Just like I wouldn’t want my partner to have a high number either. I still get shit for it because morals are far less common today. People aren’t expected to live by them.

>I don’t want to have a high number.
Are you giving anyone any shit for not following the same morals you wish to adhere to?

>like it feels like they're desensitized to other people's feelings deep down, thinking they're replaceable.

Yeah just about every woman views a man with a penis as a disposable commodity. Fuck off

must have hit a nerve, i'm just replying to op user. some women are like that too. i don't go out dating really and am not part of the hook up culture at all myself. just talking about my experiences with past significant others who had a lot of partners before me.

>Bad person
>Fucked for ltrs
Depends on you.

Getting laid comes natural to me, I' you're the same. I cheated in a past relationship physically once and emotionally a lot because I was too immature to notice it was a nature thing and kept telling myself "I won't do it again". But you are who you are and you gotta accept that.

I've been married for 5 years. I've been faithful to a T with this woman. Secret? I just don't let any kind of relationship or acquaintance with women I'm attracted to go passed acquainted.
No opening, no temptation, no cheating.

It helps a lot that I love this woman a fuck tonne. Keeps my resolve strong.

I've learned in even more things than just this topic, acting how you want is about understanding your nature and playing chess with it..

I feel like a pathetic waste of human because I'm in my early 20's and I have fucked 0 women.

I wish I wouldn't have been born with a broken schizo brain so I could fuck hundreds of women and finally get to know what it feels to be a man

You're a person not a piece of furniture. You don't get "used up" or dirty no matter how many people you've stuck your dick in. Do you care how many bananas you've eaten or how many shits you've taken in life? No. I'd say the same thing to a woman.
People will judge you for all sorts of shit in life. They don't know what's really going on inside. Only you know yourself.
I don't know about the Daddy call. It's about 3% likely you'll get a girl pregnant at any time. Of course they might just abort and never tell you anything.
You should really be using protection every time for your own and their protection. That is very irresponsible and you need to start using condoms 100% of the time and get tested every six months if you're sexually active with new partners.

That's interesting. Why have you had sex with so many women? My bodycount is 35, so it's not like I'm gonna judge you. Be honest with us. What were you trying to achieve? Did you purposely want to get as high a count as possible? Did you just say yes passively to any opportunity that came up? Why did you not settle with any of them long term?

Different fag with a body count of 10 at age 31.
I can easily see 100. I could have done that. Literally 6 of my lays were over 2 months. I stopped because the lifestyle wasn't for me.

If you're in a party atmosphere and you're mildly attractive, it would be really easy to achieve 100 over a few years.
I was clubbing non stop and i even struck out a fuck tonne. That was also like 9 years ago.

>giving anyone shit?
No, but I don’t want to date a girl who doesn’t feel the same. Which is risky because I even personally know women who are lying

i mightve been able to get laid if people like you didnt exist, good men set the standard too high and now women dont like me

>Be honest with us. What were you trying to achieve?

Honestly the physical sensations, having a weird desire to fuck everything. honestly I couldnt tell you "I feel ugly and unloved so I want to sleep with everyone " but for a whole I had a Genghis Khan spread my seed mentality towards women

Like after a while I just didn't feel like it was normal if I wasn't essentially jerking off with a woman's vagina every other week


I’ve slept with 100+ girls and feel totally fine. But I’m a healthy person and don’t use people or sex to deal with issues.
Some girls do take offense or become insecure about it, quick fix was not to date them. I have a gf now, she’s totally fine with it, or rather into it.
Fix yourself before dragging others into your life.

that seems to be a pretty normal feeling imo, it was a type of thrill of accomplishment and being aware of your own power.
Was there anything in common with all the women? Did you feel anything more for any of them than just wanting the notch on the belt?

>Was there anything in common with all the women?

Liberal college aged women. Many were feminists with divorced dad, some we're married. Weirdly a lot of Bisexuals and bisexual who thought they were lesbian.

>Did you feel anything more for any of them than just wanting the notch on the belt?

I got a little bit attached to the hotter ones cause they were hot but otherwise no.

>I’m legitimately worried that i’m going to end up eating a woman who used to be a slut.
I feel the same
I wanted to be married since I was in elementary school, but it's like girls don't

yeah, no

30 yo, only had sex with 1 girl during my life, in a 2years relationship.
It ended sad, after that I was too afraid to hurt feelings/ considering oneself not chad enough/ attracting only girls that repulsive physically or intellectually.

Each time I was moving elsewhere, I was like "hey now I'm going to live my youth and have sex around", but I never did this. Now I'm 30 and I tell myself "hey now girls my age will want a baby" and "I need emotional security in relationship" and "I must be fucking unexperienced in relationship in comparison to every girl I'll meet".

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Love being born working class and stuck in suburbia...

I fucked working class girls in suburbia

Women and men are different.

you sound gross. not necessarily bad people if you haven't violated anyone but it is super gross and i do secretly hope lecherous guys like you get calls in future about your prospective child support payments, kek

So have I. I just meant it's a lot easier living in liberal cities.

I feel the same. I'm 21 and i've fucked at least five hundred different girls. I want to have a healthy long term relationship but i never succeed. Once i've fucked a girl the challenge is over i fall asleep and i wake up sad and disgusted about myself. I want to marry a girl someday and have a family of my own, but after i fuck them i just stop caring and want them to leave. Sometimes i make up excuses śo they leave my apartment the minute after i cum. I am disgusting nobody will ever love me.

As long as you have the same energy for "empowered sex positive" women who fuck 100s of dudes Ill accept your judgement

You have to accept the consequences of your actions

i do. it's all gross and you all deserve the HPV you so rightfully have collected. good luck with your oral cancer

>I've fucked over 100 women

did you get falsely accused of rape? one of them had to throw you under the bus because they don't' like to have a sexual history.

How can sluts (male and female) come here and bitch and moan about how they want a relationship but can’t because of their past.

Nobody FORCED you to go fuck 15+ people. You made that choice all on your own. Accept the consequences to your choices. Grow up.

Women only pull the false rape accusation when they need to get something from you or you start to tell people that both of you know

Learn how to play the game

>"hey now girls my age will want a baby"
>"I must be fucking unexperienced in relationship in comparison to every girl I'll meet".
As already stated, my current is 24yo. She was 22 when we matched on tinder, and I was 33 at the time. We chatted on snapchat for 6 months before meeting, so I could be sure what I was getting into. Not really into ONSs, so was hoping to meet someone I would want to keep around, and possibly start a relationship with. Turned out to be a really good match, and we've seen each other frequently for 17 months, more so over the past 7.

I'm more experienced in relationships than you, but you're old enough to be experienced in life, so use that to your avantage, do self-improvement and meet younger women. It's totally doable. I've had a much better sex life after 30 than I did in the 12 years prior.

Woman here
I’d have serious reservations about your mental state. but i would not care, at all. if you turned out to be alright, no std, and tried to improve yourself. My personal number of sex partners is somewhere 20-30, i never cared to count and it was when i was younger. I’m 25 now and have quit all that unhealthy behaviour.
Anyway if you are determined to be better and not sleep around like this, there will be a girl who will love you. If you just get depressed and keep sleeping around then that’s not what a lot of women are into.
You aren’t a bad person if it was consensual. Flawed, probably. But if it makes you feel dirty then go turn your life around to feel good about yourself.

>I've fucked over 100 women in my life and I'm in my 20s. I'm a guy.
high five man you did great, i fucked something between 30 and 40, but aside of 6 or 7 all hookers, so your number is pretty neat


the ultimate protection against a false rape :^)

>have quit all that unhealthy behaviour
ehm what is unhealthy about it? Quite the contrary it is quite healthy

If you're good at sex they'll want to fuck you again, not put you in prison

Only small dicked and big mouthed idiots get charged with rape. Well, them and actual rapists. Git gud

By unhealthy behaviour i mean the stuff that led to me having a period of promiscuity. Like drugs and self esteem issues. If you feel fine about fucking lots of people then that’s fine, but most people aren’t.

I believe the usa average is 7 in a lifetime

>Am i permanently damaged for LTRs?

Tell them you're a virgin if you want it to work, and don't give explanations as to why you're so experienced.

Trust me on this one.

he fucks girls for a profession.

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>but most people aren’t.
i disagree, most do but try to make it something undesirable because they cannot get it themselves

im very fine about fucking lots of people, i even think its hot if women do it

Give a brother some tips. Im trying to do more FwB type stuff and I had two in the past but I am by no means good at this...

I met a girl at a bar last weekend and we were suppose to go on a date today, she last minute called it off saying that she didn't think we were a good match (which is great actually, I admired the honesty)

But im pretty good at serious relationships but not looking for that right now, and as a result I have no idea how to do the opposite...

congrats, you're the male version of a roastie

Goal is now dead lift 500lbs thank u

Look, the world is never going to be happy with you.

There will never be a shortage of young manchildren confusing procreation with masterbation jeering at you to get your numbers up and beating their chests at you if you don't. They're all full of piss and vinegar, and almost all of them didn't have fathers or mothers worth a damn anyway.

There will never be a shortage of mature men looking to put a round in your head for being a playa. Half of them have good justification for it too.

There will never be a shortage of women looking to escape their miserable lives for a fantasy romp with Mr Perfect or even just to get their confidence up with Mr Available.

Stop caring about what the world thinks about you, start caring about what you think about you. You can make the choice to stop making casulaties happen and find someone to settle down with and call it a done deal.

And unless you picked up a nasty STD, which with that kind of a number is likely, you aren't damaged for a LTR if you don't want to be. If anything you've got the masterbatory phase of your life out of the way.