I think I fucked up, I told my girlfriend I love her after 3 week of dating

I think I fucked up, I told my girlfriend I love her after 3 week of dating.

We flirt daily and she makes me really happy, it's been like a 10 minutes and she hasn't responded. She's still online.

Am I fucked?

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Yeah probs. Girls don't want to know that you have strong feelings that can overcome your self control.

We were flirting so hard and she was so sweet.

I was really happy and wanted to say it.

Yea, that's bad. Don't say it again.
Mostly you just have to wait it out though, and see what happens. Not much advice can be given for this.

Creepy. If I was a smol girl going out with a guy who gets emotionally overwhelmed to the point of crazy actions like that I'd be afraid of getting raped. Who knows when she might flirt a little harder and you 'just can't help yourself' to her body. you were just feeling so strongly, you know? You had to do something.

I may be socially retarded, but I'm not brain dead.

Nice bait.

3 weeks is kinda quick. You really barely know someone at that point, even if you talk daily. If she saw it, she's probably thinking about how to tell you she likes you but not like that yet.

You seem pretty braindead. You DID tell some girl you've been seeing for three weeks you're in love with her, after all.

Also wait, how is this your gf after three weeks of dating?

Did you have sex yet?

Maybe tell her "sorry I think I just got ahead of myself"

Never deal with that shit online.
Do it in person.
Also, feeling really happy to the point of having to tell her, gives the impression you need something emotionally, and that's never good.
Women(and men, if they have as many options as most women) usually will only like to hear about your affection if they are actively fighting over it.
It'll probably end up fine. Take the lesson for what it is though.

Me and my girlfriend confessed our love for each other after like 2-3 weeks (I felt like I was being pressured into it and it was my first relationship, didn't know what the fuck I was doing), and she ended up being emotionally abusive and I had to break up with her a few days ago. Shit still hurts like a bitch, but I have a feeling that if you're going to dive in that deep, that quickly, something's a bit wrong with how you're approaching the relationship. Even if you are actually fine and you're not gonna end up being abusive, that still may be what she thinks you're going to do. If I were you, I'd just wait until she responds, however long that takes. If it takes days and she's not replying, you've probably lost her. But if she's already worried about you being creepy and obsessive, sending her another message when she's not responding is just gonna make it worse and make you look even more creey and obsessive. Seriously, double messaging her is the worst thing you can do right now; you're just gonna have to wait it out.

Also this. The first "I love you" or "I'm falling for you" or whatever should never be done through text. Hell, maybe it's just that she's not sure you're taking this seriously, which is a much easier fix than if she thinks you're a creep.

I once told a gf I loved mid BJ.
She stopped immediately and got so mad at me.

This, except don't tell her you're sorry. Own your words, but let them mean what you actually meant to communicate.
It's better to brush it off as not a big deal, and obviously
this. Making sure she knows it's not going to spoil your opportunity to getting to know each other more, and ACTUALLY falling in love, should be done in person and preferably through actions instead of words. Remember to be pleasant about it and have fun together

I've told four girls/women I've been in romantic relationships with. In the first two cases there were stakes. In the latter two I was older, and said "you know that I love you, right?" in a matter of fact, no biggie, just letting you know but it should be obvious kind of way. I'm pretty sure this is the best way of phrasing it, since it's not something you'd imagine in a movie scene with swirling soundtrack, but rather more sincere and closer to a kind gesture between lovers than the climax of desire.
I've also told female friends, and they've understood that it was meant platonically, since it's easier to tell whether you're being seriously infatuated or simply affectionate in a friendly way, when your body language factors into it. Text is terrible for expressing emotions, since you can't read whether or not the timing is right, or influence how she reads it.

>tell a woman I love her
she leaves
>tell a woman I think she's beautiful
cuts off contact with me
Christ this shit is why I hardly ever compliment women anymore.

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You... fucked up?... because you told your girlfriend... that you love her...

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>Thinking someone you've dated for three weeks is your girlfriend

I fucking hate this world. Why would you even call people your gf/bf if you don't/won't say you love them? Gf and I told each right before we started dating, when we were just best friends. It took some time to understand what we felt (we've known each other for years, always been just friends), but the feeling just kept on growing stronger and stronger. Grow some brain cells and stop "dating" left and right waiting to say I love you, find instead the person you can say that to and only then date her

Not everyone is Macaulay Culkin in My Girl, friendo. People date, this much should be accepted by everybody. People who date don't want to commit to the person before getting to know them, as they might have gotten deceived in earlier relationships. Also, admitting to that strong an emotion will likely push someone away, if it doesn't feel earned.

Only children and woke hippies spray the word around like free cake.