False rape

My best friend has been accused of rape on a day that he was with me i know he didn't do it but he is now in a holding cell without bond or a lawyer till monday any advice on legal things i can do to help him?

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Suck the judge off

Talk to his lawyer, the truth shall set him free.

You think anyone gives a fuck about the truth when it comes to rape cases? My cousin accused her sister's boyfriend of raping her. My entire family, with absolutely no evidence, wanted to go to this guys work and smash his head in.

People need to realize that rape allegations affect the accused just as much as the accuser. Assumed guilty is the standard in the court of public opinion.

Thats what im worried about its just my word against hers

>Some studies go as high as 90%
Which is why the image doesn't have ANY studies? Lol

What did you do with him at the time?
Did you perform any actions that may generate a log? (Sending texts, shooting videos, snapping) etc... Did he log in to fb from your home?

Just got drunk and watched tv im not sure about his facebook shit cops have his phone. Also the picture is from google images so please dont bitch about it


If you live in an apartment, does the property have video surveilance?
Is there any store nearby he might have passed with video surveilance?

true, but not in the actual court.
There, they do care about what happened and what didn't happen.
I know it sucks that everyone thinks your friend is a poc for now, but worst case scenario, she keeps sticking to her story and it come down to a trial. In that case, she will get exposed and she is likely to go to jail.
More likely, she drops the charges and she gets a free pass because she is a woman.

>In that case, she will get exposed and she is likely to go to jail.
fucking lol

defamation, perjury, filing a false police report...
Those are crimes in most countries.

Weak bait. OP keeps making false rape threads all the time. Ignore the incel.

Rape of a small child is also very illegal but we have seen women in western cpuntries getting away with that aswell

Guys rape is not funny...


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Source? Besides your ass of course.


Sure is Jow Forums in here

Well, that’s hot.

Can you sue her friends and family for defamation if they spread the rumors?

If you get 10k from each this might turn out nicely.

>Hey user, why haven't you gotten a girlfriend yet
this fucking shit is why

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Just be willing to talk to the police about this, and testify in court if it comes to that. Be 100% honest and keep your story consistent. Before too much time passes, write down everything you remember about that night - what time he showed up & left, what you talked about, what you watched on TV. If you exchanged texts/calls with him before he showed up to make the plan, even better.

The truth is on your side here, so just tell the truth. She will have to prove he's guilty, rather than vice versa. But still, the more information & evidence you can provide to support the truth, the better it will go.

Legally? Just cooperate with the investigation as much as possible, provide evidence, tell the truth and hope he gets good enough legal counsel that his character is properly represented. Do NOT try and go after the girlfriend or contact her in any way.

Unfortunately, the rape accusation is going to be on his legal record. Fortunately, if the case is strong enough, he can maybe (and this is a big maybe) sue for slander or libel.

Good luck son

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Were you with him the entire day though?

Thanks. That's all we needed to know.

If you were with him the entire day he has an alibi
and she will get a charge for falsifying a police report.....

Your testimony alone will save him, just don't do anything stupid until then to discredit yourself as a witness, remember what you're going to say and keep saying that. Even a truthful witness can accidentally perjure himself or discredit themselves as a witness by using different words or contexts to say essentially the same thing.

Please study up on how to be a reliable witness. There are even youtubes about it.
Get your story straight about the day, and answer all questions the prosecution has with complete and white honesty.

Not necessarily doubting the veracity of that image, but what is the source for those numbers?

>Did you perform any actions that may generate a log?
does sodomy count?