My goal is to go full monk mode for 10+ years and make as much money/lift as much as possible and ignore women...

My goal is to go full monk mode for 10+ years and make as much money/lift as much as possible and ignore women. I plan on doing this until I am in my late 30s and then once I am rich and jacked try to find a 21 year old for a wife. I am 25 now. Does this sound like a good plan?

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>rich and jacked
Don't forget the eventual therapy you'll need because you're an escapist faggot that probably doesn't know that women want an emotionally stable individual.

>and ignore women you usually get a lot of attention from women?

Unbased and bluepilled

when i was 21 a few years ago, we (my peers and i) wouldn’t have looked at anyone over 30 as anything but fuck material and possibly sugar daddy for the immorally inclined. IF you want an immoral wife who will cheat on you with younger men then go for it. You will not be chill or cool to talk to or hang out if you go monk mode and ignore women

Good plan except for the part of getting a woman. At that point in your thirties, you should only be looking for a woman who's also rich and the same age as you, roughly. Anything else is a mistake and you'll get taken to the cleaners

>t. post wall jealous roastie
I need to put in time and effort to get them, but eventually do. That is the point of ignoring them to save that time and instead make more money/workout.
Not true you see early 20s women with men in their 30s all the time
This may be true if you aren't the best that they can get

why could you not get gf now ?

No, it sounds terribly lonely and miserable. Please explain your reasoning around this.

Monks go into isolation because they believe they're getting a metaphysical benefit from it. Opportunity to delve more deeply into meditation or religious contemplation. You'd just be depriving yourself of the things of the world that are known to make people live more contented lives (friendships, relationships, feeling like you're a part of and contributing towards a group in a meaningful way) for money (something known to help people live more contented lives only to a certain extent). Since you're a frogposter I'm assuming you don't believe in those metaphysical rewards that real monks get from their isolation, so you'd be giving up a lot for something that won't make you happy past a certain point.

If you can pull it off, yes.
But it takes a very special rare kind of person to do that, you dont get to choose if you're that person or not, and if you aren't, you'll go insane before it's over, and you'll be socially retarded by the end of it.

May I offer some alternatives?
Find low education high pay jobs. If you're willing to work on oil sites you can make hundreds of thousands a year.

For those guys if they don't have a home, it's literally cheaper for them to work the 2 weeks on and fly to all inclusive resorts on their time off instead of renting a home.

Also I was a smoker until last year. I'm 31. I spent over 6 figures on smoking. I always found a way to pay for it no matter how hard things got. Point?
Don't smoke. Save 20 dollars a day, and just fucking deal with the fact you're hemoraghing money. All heavy smokers do, you can too.

Careful with credit, too. You need to use credit cards to build credit but never spend money you don't have.


You don't have to be a monk to get ahead in 10 years, and I wouldn't recommend it.

>aren't the best that they can get
Even if you are, it still may not work. Why stay with an old man if you can just take half his shit and be free?

Trust me mate, never marry anyone who is not at least your financial equal. Always marry 'up' if you can

>you see early 20s women with men in their 30s all the time

Where in the f do you see this? Are they married or only playing around(which is more likely)

no. this is not a good plan. live a balanced lifestyle, have a normal emotional development, and date girls your own age. autist

dude you have actual autism and you should genuinely be ashamed of yourself for making this thread

Why is this a bad plan? Can someone explain?

Once you reach your goals all of the people you once hoped to impress have move on, changed or died. You will also have 0 social skills.

Cocoon mode will leave you an empty shell of a person. I know from experience.

Absolutely! I did this. Started at 26, got my own house at 31. Soon 35 and I have been doing nothing but getting laid. Having coin. And fun times every day.
You can do it! But does require some careful planning. Stay the course my friend. Mountain of pussy and good times ahead!

You're human. Not a machine.
If you don't know why this is terrible you haven't experienced burnout.

You have very important psychological needs that must be met. It doesn't have to keep you alive to be needed to keep you healthy.

Follow this plan and you'd go insane or kill yourself over the 10 years. Depression would set in within a few months.

Don't listen to the haters. Do what you want. I'd have been ok if I stuck with it but I fell for the marriage meme and now my life is objectively worse than it could have been.

But don't most of the people on this site spend their time alone?

Not necessarily. You cant really get a good demographic from the site, it's hard to say how many of who are here.
I'm married and had a normal dating and sex life I'd say.
Hard to say if I'm part of a majority or minority here.

It's risky.

1. The girls he'll find by flashing money are probably not the kind you want to get married to.
2. There's also the chance that all he's going to pull will be single mothers looking for a faithful beta provider.

But after a decade of loneliness another few more until death shouldn't be a problem imo. Go for it OP.

ok, let's assume that after 10+ years you actually become rich and jacked like you think you will. you're now in your late 30s and have spent the past decade or more with no relationship experience, looking for a 21 year old wife. despite what you may think, most young women are after an emotionally fulfilling relationship moreso than money. even for the superficial women who are after money and looks, you'd be beat out by any other rich jacked dude who doesnt have deep set emotional issues. the only woman who will want to go anywhere near you will be a psycho gold digger who sees how fucking dumb and autistic you are and will exploit you, divorce you, and take all the money that you spent ten years making. and then you'll fucking blow your stupid brains out because you'll be an empty shell of a human being who wasted his life, has nothing, and is loved by nobody.

spend the next 10+ years having relationships and teaching yourself how not to be a retard. you can work out and make money in that time too, theres no reason why you can't. this "plan" really sounds to me like a fantasy that will enable you to hide from the real world and other people with the promise of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. it's empty. don't be empty. you'll regret it once it's too late to go back.

It depends on what he wants from women right? Women are either for sex or for children when men want to be around them. So if he wants sex, that's fine, if he wants children, that's gonna be tricky

So then the only choice is isolation. Most people aren't really who I want to be around. That's ok.

I can tell you're not experienced with women.

Pretty much. But OP wrote marriage, and you don't need that just for sex.

>that women want an emotionally stable individual
Then, how come they are always trying to fix damage boys.

Oh, tell me how beautiful there personality is bro, do tell

that's your choice. you know what the consequences are. life rewards you when you challenge yourself and look outside your bubble, but if you want to pussy out and be autistic, nobody can stop you, just understand what youre doing to yourself when it could have been different

>Soon 35 and I have been doing nothing but getting laid
>pic related, the hot piece of ass I had last night ;)

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People only take, I'm fine without them.

>Hurr Durr being around people good! Being alone bad!
Just because not everyone needs fucking attention from others doesn't mean anything is wrong with them idiot. Men have always used isolation to train their minds and bodies. You know why? Because other people will without a doubt gen in your way of achieving what you want to achieve.

Digging a hole for yourself, that made you look even virginier.

oh yeah im sure the sperg whose solution to life is to become superficially rich enough to marry a dumb bimbo is training his mind and achieving great things, and not just being an immature self indulgent piece of shit

Why aren't you rich if it's so easy?

Fuck no. Awful plan. Be more realistic, you know this will never work. Or maybe you're too fucking deluded.

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>Be human
>Literally a social animal with social instincts and social needs that contribute to mental health.

>"Not everyone needs attention. Men train alone".

Dude. No. No one likes you and you're justifying it. It is far from normal to have no friends and no group and no social life. If it works for you awesome but don't pretend you've unlocked a universal secretary and spout bullshit wisdom like you know what you're talking about..

when did i ever say anything about getting rich being easy that has nothing to do with anything

>missing out on social gains
slow and steady wins the race war, user

I think you guys are assuming I'm white which I'm not. I'm Trinidadian, so you can stop caring

What if you die or get some kind of cancer you dumb fuck ?

>'damage boys'
They want man who can handle stuff.
That includes fucked up stuff

Then I'll die, what else? I keep a gun next to my dresser anyways in case life gets too shit and I don't have anyone

He said ignore women, but he can still have friends. I think you can go on like this.

If you are no rich now you will not be after 10 years. Even if you who earn more money you will spend it quickly. If not your habit of earning and saving will stay with you so which 21 old wanna stay with old stingy man. If you looking for girl who like your money it's not good idea unless you are money maker machine.

why is everyone in this thread so negative to OP and even seems to be offended by his post? I think its a good idea,10+ years seems like a lot of time though.

Cause they can't picture being happy by themselves. They are probably lazy and unmotivated so they need to be around other lazy and unmotivated people.

believe it or not a functional relationship is about getting to know each other and learning to respect and love your significant other for who he/she is, that implies growing togheter as individuals and as a couple.
True love isn't about money, dominance or phisical attraction it's a matter of time, patience and dedication. Seems like OP is looking for a sad, toxic middle to young woman (gold digger or daddy issue you get to choose) relationship

If you found a woman like that, you're the exception not the rule lol, most girls are ruined after a few "boyfriends".

I'm actually having trouble with my current gf, but we're trying our best to solve them, if it doesn't work I think Iìll just have to move on. That doesn't mean I will change my opinion about what I want from a serious relashionship, It just mean I had fun and good sex without succeding to take the relation to the next step

Your advice is good it's just laced with ridicule and shame. Remember that people here come for help and almost always ask honest questions. You can affect change in the world best by speaking to them in a way they can most easily understand. This is especially true for you as a liberal woman on a masculine board, you have a lot to offer in ideas.

For me, I save shame and ridicule until people deserve it or they throw the tomato first.

With every post, you feel something, it's why we keep coming back. Ask yourself, Why do you feel satisfaction from ridiculing men for acting like men? How much of your post (in %) served yourself, and how much served the world?

A car that runs on very little gas is a great car! An altruist that helps the world on very little self-gratification is a very good poster!

Keep up the good work femanon. I do cherish your perspective. You make me think a lot. I used to be just like these men that you love to hate.

explain how did you do it?

>frogposter is going to isolate himself until his late 30s and further degrade his already tenuous or non-existent social skills, and then somehow summon a wife out of thin air because he believes in the incel fantasy of "settling roasties"

yeah man go for it

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There are plenty of 30 year olds with money and a body that haven't been raised on Jow Forums.

Also, if a bitch only wants you for your money/body, she's going to divorce as soon as a better gravy train passes by or if your body/money starts to go away which it very likely will sooner or later.

Have you not seen the typical advice threads on this board

>I am literally autistic, how do I talk to girls?
>I plan on confessing to a girl tomorrow, what kind of tie should I wear with my suit?
>How do I find a virgin girl?

Maybe one in a hundred threads are like "I'm having trouble with my wife/husband" and aren't complete bait.

>waste a decade becoming rich and jacked
>don’t bother polishing your social skills with women
That’s a bad idea. You can be as successful as you want but if you can’t actually talk to girls, all you’ll attract are gold diggers

>This isn't what being a monk is.

I'm 22 and have been doing this all my life because every woman I have ever had in life has been horrible. My mother, my aunt, my grandmother, my teachers, my ex, all horrible bitches. My parents relationship was so horrible that I never want one and never want to get married. The only relationship I ever had she manipulated me and made me feel like shit all the time for no reason. The only reason I met her was because we lived together and she was basically throwing herself at me. I have never pursued a woman in my life.

Actually all the relationships in my life have been horrible, I guess thats what happens when your mother is bipolar and numbed out on lithium and your dad is a psychopath who literally doesn't give a single fuck about me or how I feel

that's probably why I live alone and go weeks without talking to anyone. I just stay really serious all the time now, even when women look and stare, I don't care. I'm focused on my money. Women are a waste of time. I'll live a solitary life for the rest of my days here, all my relationships are dysfunctional and go to shit anyway, if I met a perfect woman who had every positive character trait I want I wouldn't know how to act or behave, id subconsciously fuck it up, I'm only comfortable in chaos, that's all I know

wut, theres a ton of normie threads here