Rough sex

Why do women like rough sex? I'm a man and I hate the idea of slapping, choking, or otherwise hurting or being aggressive with the person I love. It's baffling to me that girls all seem to get off on this sick shit. Rough sex is for whores and porn stars.

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Just give her a couple and she'll be alright.

it feels good to some girls. they wouldn't ask you to do it if it would hurt them in the long run

Well you beat your dick everyday and that's okay, why not a woman

Rough sex is natural when you unleash the beast. You'd better fuck her senseless before some other man comes along and does.

well it makes sense since you're low t that you wouldn't like things that men with high t like

>t. high t male

My gf likes a hand on her throat, not choking her or any pressure but it drives her crazy... I think part of the rough sex is they want to be taken by what they perceive as masculine. These days that's niggafied domineering and aggressive. Not all girls like it and the sluts you may imagine would like it don't and the prudest girl might love it.. really just women being women.. all the slapping and throatfucking is a turnoff for me too

I don't like rough or degrading sex. Completely turns me off. I'd rather have gentle, slower romantic sex with a man.
Just find women that are into the same things you are. It's hard finding someone you're compatible with on all these different levels, especially if you're introverted. You have to date a lot of people to find the one.

Don't let porn and incel posters fool you, very little women are into that shit.

I say it depends on the age group

Stop being a misogynist and choke your girlfriend.

Most women don't like to be choked or beaten, m8. When most people talk about "rough sex" they're just talking about vigorous, forceful vanilla sex. The girl just wants to feel your strength, work up a sweat and get the heart rate up. She wants you to take control and physically dominate her, not hurt her. A smack on the ass and a good hard fuck does not cause any damage, you're not hurting her, the pleasure vastly outweighs any small amount of pain.

It's like wrestling & roughhousing with your friends, except with a girl, and your dick is inside her. People like to play like that. It's just about being physical and letting your body do what it was made to do.

I have a really sweet innocent gf and we’re super sweet to each other and hold each other for hours, but when we fuck she begs me to pin her down by her throat and to breed her like a dirty whore spanking her hard and calling her a good little slut. Some people just like it and some don’t just talk to your partner about what you want and what they want.

This is why I prefer guys with shorter dicks that can't reach my cervix. Ya'll can pound away with your hips and bruise my theighs and ass without consequently giving me a gut punch in every stroke. Big dicks have to allways be slow and boring stretches with no adrenaline.
Only the enlightened find pleasure in pain and pain in pleasure.

Probably not. I've been with over a dozen girls that were 16-21 years old and only one of them was into rough shit. I don't know of any 30-40-50 year olds that are into rough shit.

>I don't know of any 30-40-50 year olds that are into rough shit.
I know several 30-40 year olds that are.

I had sex with 7 women and 4 wanted me to go rough or were really turned on once I went rough. Not a big sample but still something. Funny thing the prudest of them all was into most hardcore shit, deepthroating, choking, slapping, name-calling, bondage, if she was on period and I pulled my dick out before cumming she would still finish me off orally, no breaks. Nothing made her cum harder than fucking her doggy style and slapping her ass full force, having a finger up her ass and calling her a whore. Women are weird man and as long as both parties know it's all playing, it's a nice release.


Most girls mean that they want passion and for the stroke to be harder. The reason I think why some girls like being pounded aka the man roughly goes in and the hips bump roughly (lmao for back of better words), is because the dick gives more friction stimulation to the vagina and to the clitoris. The clitoris extends internally around the vaginal opening. When his hips bang against yours in a good rythym you’re actually stimulating the internal clitoris. Hopefully this makes sense I’m tired and can’t english today

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You don't even need to get that technical. Good hard sex just feels good, for both parties. It's like a good workout + orgasm(s). What's not to like? Gentle sex can be very nice too, but variety is good, sometimes you just wanna go as hard as you can.

Honestly, I think OP is just nervous that he's not in the physical shape to pull it off, and he's re-framing it as a moral objection to cover up his insecurity.

Why not? It makes complete sense and most of these dudes probably didn’t know that anatomy anyways let’s be honest

Also it’s kind of a primal thing like passion you guys need eachother so bad that it’s intense and you go hard

why do men like rough sex?

Many don't, but the ones that do are getting an endorphin rush from it. People who Self Harm have a similar thing going on.

Mostly because of 50 Shades of Grey and tumblr.

Sex practices are very easily trendy today.

Am I the only one that remembers in 2015 or so when a ton of girls were talking about getting their buttholes eaten like it was a totally normal thing that all guys should do?

>Am I the only one that remembers in 2015 or so when a ton of girls were talking about getting their buttholes eaten like it was a totally normal thing that all guys should do?

I remember that being said ironically.

I thought it was ironic at first too til I met a couple guys that were legitimately into that, then I realized at least a few of the girls were dead serious

It's like brap posting, a few people were serious, and most people just said it as a joke.

Thing is that dudes often force it on women who have no choice but to go along with it. Like you said, you have a small sample of girls. Most women don't like being choked with their own menstrual blood. I shouldn't have to be typing that sentence.

I should say the roughness is an exception. The internal clitoris can also be stimulated by softness and tenderness just in case all the Jow Forumsirgins get any thoughts that all sex must be rough to be pleasurable

>he thinks people don't exaggerate their sex stories
not asking for advice. sage and hide.