Am I turning psychotic?

I've had a strange day and now I'm worried that all the people in my life are actors but worried because if that's true then there's absolutely no way for me to prove it.

Am I turning psychotic?

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Sounds like a variation of imposter syndrome.

If you were psychotic, you wouldn’t question it.

No, not psychotic, especially if this is the only day you've felt this way.
I am interested in hearing what happened to make you feel this way though.

I feel like I'm in a simulation or an experiment.

Ok for example, I deliver packages,
on A SHIT LOAD of occasions, especially today, I go to the door, and an entire family will come to the door or outside to greet me.

What the fuck????

I grew up in a family house like that, but my sister, mother, father and I NEVER just hung out right at the front door or even the god damn back door inside RIGHT before a package shows up, and then we all step outside to greet the delivery guy?

Seriously what the fuck is that??
No one does that! That's entirely too much of a coincidence to keep happening too

Like I feel like I saw a sprite glitch or the side actors playing the minor part of "package recipient" accidentally went out of character?

That wasn't even the only thing that happened

This one guy angerly stepped out (with his wife and dog ((((why)))) after I delivered to his porch to tell me
>That goes to the front
But he points down...
>The front?
I point to the other side of the house
He keeps pointing down and he says
>You delivered it to the front, it goes to the front
I walk away and try not to question it too hard but nope, here I am.
What the fuck
Did he forget his line?

Existential crisis at best. Most likely just teenage angst. It gets better.

1 existential crisis implies questioning of self and self meaning, not your environment
2 I'm 24 you fucking faggot

I'm legit freaking the fuck out.
Given my situation I can't even fully trust that you aren't actors or more likely this is just an AI script running through my phone.


Oh, don't get crazy over white people shit.
A package arriving is sometimes a familial event because their lives are so boring.

What are you talki

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>aww yis check theze quints, cunts

same here, but i've got reason to believe someone has been hacking my phone a few years ago and used it to cause a shitstorm on me to the point of taking real pieces of my life as my online identity or pictures of me and used against me, I even know who the hacker is, little did he knowa that I'm depressed af and don't give a shit about anything, not even my own reputation.

Uhh i think you have early onset schizophrenia and should go to a hospital.
I don’t see anything weird about what you said happened and maybe it’s slightly strange, but certainly nothing to get worked up about or even think about after the fact.
Yes. You likely are turning psychotic. I dont know about you but everyone being actors just sounds stupid and farfetched, like whats even the point. Please seek help.

Ha ha, oh user No.20688775, now don't be silly!

Did somebody forget to take their h̸̕a̡͘͜p̕͜p̧̛̛̀͜y͘͢ pills today?

They were all either right there at the door, or they all knew to drop everything and gather to the door as I dropped the package at.
I also don't knock most of the time. If it says drop on porch, that's what I do. There's a couple of other corners I cut that cause the tracking to be inaccurate as well.
I want it to be a coincidence, I really do.

It's like in a video game with really diverse graphics like BotW and you see an area with 3 of the exact same tree, branches and all, even facing the same direction. You can't help but ask, what the fuck, really

I'm guessing this wasn't within earshot of the massive truck you drive, that hence alerts them, nor are you paying attention that you stomp like a Trex when trying to hustle and deliver shit. Like come on dude, think some more.

Another contributing factor from today:

So I was just doing a route making deliveries and everything is normal. But when I get to my last stop, I notice the neighborhood looks very familiar like I was just there. I look at my itinerary and sure enough, I was there earlier. The itinerary also says it's not the last stop, but it was supposed to be the 12th, but I did not skip any stops? I say whatever and I proceed to attempt delivery- but my last envelope says it's NOT for the address I was sent to? I look around in my car, and the envelope I'm supposed to have is just not there. In fact, the envelope I did have, wasn't even on my itinerary at all.

I've talked to 3 delivery station employees, no one could figure what the fuck or how that could even happen.

The only logical explanation that doesn't break the laws of physics is when I picked up, I must have scanned but left a single envelope, and picked up one without scanning. Then, while delivering, I must have somehow accidentally coincidentally skipped that exact stop for the envelope left behind without knowing. Then when I arrived at the last stop the unscanned envelope is the only one left, but the address I'm at is for the one I don't have.

Problem is, that couldn't have happened either, an employee would have stopped me if I left anything behind at the station, in fact I visually remember looking at my empty route rack after scanning everything in.
And I couldn't have just dropped one at the wrong stop, there's a Geo fence around every house and I have to be in it when I scan and drop the deliveries.

my delivery vehicle is a Prius and I weigh under 160lb

I guess I'm just going crazy

So they know to listen for the "I'm gay" vehicle that sounds like a toddler push kart. And weight means nothing, if you're tired and have not considered how loudly you walk ever in your life because nobody points it out to you.

Take yourself to the hospital before you become a danger to yourself and everybody else.

Hahahaha Jeff Dunham- yeah no you probably shouldnt be namefagging on an advice board where you flame after every 2nd reply, seen your other posts. If someone doesn't /thread after your first answer you freak out. Bye Felicia. (That's Friday, y'know that one? Bet you do)

Eh, seeing as to how this can make a total stranger go from concerned to scared, I think I won't lol

I'm serious user. What if your delusions get worse? You could end up hurting yourself or someone else.

I've talked to doctors, I once worried I was psychotic because there's no way to know if you're delirious if you are, by definition.

She said I was normal, said it was "all in my head" which seemed like a fucked up answer but I guess that's legit.

Yeah I've had delusions, when I was a kid after seeing Spiderman I thought about one time I was bit by a spider and occasionally would try a hand motion to make a web come out when no one was looking.

But everyone does shit like that at some point, the difference between active imagination and delusions is that a delusional person is confident about their delusions.

This for instance, technically isn't a delusion because I'm not that confident that it's actually happening, I'm just thinking about it a lot.

Maybe this whole thread is me reacting the way "normies" do the first time they see the Matrix.

what if cells are actually nanobots thats what i wanna know! Society needs crazy people, we either figure out the truth that is being covered up or we make others seem sane by comparison! Its win win.

Stop encouraging him

No you are just noticing some of the humanoids living among us. It's just the way things are some people are actually not really people at all.

Further contemplating the question with the rest of the trolls that don't care for common sense more thrilling for you or something? I personally don't prefer to enable them unless they talk about being a threat to society.

Don't listen to this OP hospitals will fuck you up. They don't see you as human and they will lobotomize your brain with chemicals.

Your an absolute moron. When I am off my meds I am PSYCHO. Literally screaming my head of and pacing because I'm afraid of what isn't there. Dont talk about shit you don't even know about.

Who’s to say that all the anons interacting with you on Jow Forums aren’t actors either :)

No user there are people who completely recover from psychosis with no medication and not a remission a recovery. The problem is the mental health field is so fucked beyond repair you can't actually get the proper treatment in most areas of the world.

No. Just no. My brain is beyond normal because of brain damage. I need meds to function or else I will become a danger to myself. I have tried no meds and it does not work. I get really fucking weird.

user look up a man called Daniel Mackler on youtube he has videos about psychosis treatment without medication. I do not blame you at all for taking them I imagine the hallucinations are terrifying. That being said there is some evidence the medication really damages your brain. And psychiatrists push the idea you need medication but this is not proven at all.

Not him, but how you view the world is done by questioning the contrast between self and other. It sounds like an existential crisis related to a solipsistic view.