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>What do girls/guys think about ?
>Do like ?
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of .
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, bit by bit, step by step. There is no "magic moment" (or activity) that will instantly change you.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out. "Signs" of attraction are meaningless.

>Where do I meet people for ?
Anywhere outside. Or online. Above all, leave your comfort zone.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me.
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Coffee is the preferred first date, but any of the following may work: lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, froyo, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, gallery, park, .

>I'm insecure because of my penis
>Do women prefer penises of certain qualities?
>How do I my penis?
Fuck off

>Why can't just give a straightforward rejection?!
>Why are terrible? . .
Fuck off

>Why is there no new thread?
Make one yourself! Try these macros:

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What can I think given how this night went?

After a meeting, its kinda tradition for all of us to go down to a bar. I was there talking to my friend Then a girl who was at the meeting came, introduced herself, sitting down next to us, and started talking to me. My friend went elsewhere quickly (Didnt see him again taht night), and it was just us BSing for ~30 -45+ min (Life, politics, bars, random shit). But she left without saying anything after she went for a smoke (granted I was talking to others when she got back)

(Keep in mind, we were only talking to eachother for that entire time)

Girls what does it feel like to have a penis inside you? Or in your mouth?

Everyone, at what point do you reveal your sex toys to your partner?
Girls, what if your guy had a few (2) small masturbators?

Bf claims to still be interested in sex and wanting to have sex with me, but so far every time I've given him clues that I'm horny, to the point of straight up telling him, nothing's happened.

Should I just give up on having sex at this point? It's been half a year now and we've talked about it multiple times.

you had a normal interaction with a human! im legit jealous

It just seemed a little interesting. How my friend bailed so quickly not to be seen again. And that the girl only spoke to me basically for the entire time she was there. (I mean, there were probably ~30+ people at the meeting and atleast half went to the bar. But focused on me)

Did you follow up or get her number? No? Then it doesn't matter.

Nah. I was dumb. I wasn't expecting her to leave. But what ever. I know I'll see her again in the future.

'just looking for someone to grow a tomacco farm with'

lame or decent bio for tinder?

Men always want sex, pretty much all of the time and it never stops.

If he doesn’t want sex there is either serious psychological damage, some kind of physical problem like ED, insecurity or he just isn’t into you at all. He could just be dense and incapable of reading cues though.

Play a game. Next time he touches you, move his hand off and look in his eyes and smile. If he asks what that was all about, shrug your shoulders and smile and leave the room.

Later if he puts his arm around you, sneak out of it like a cat and then just sit next to him close but not touching, acting like nothing happened.

Wear PJs and make a habit of being just a bit too close to him sometimes, with your boobs and body close to him but not touching. The moment he reaches for you, to put an arm around you just smile and slip away.

Allure can be maximized by offering then withdrawing. Imagine a man tied up in a scorching desert. He's dying of thirst and desperate. You hold a ice cold bottle of water and smile; open it slowly while looking him in the eyes, suck on the rim and lick the cap; drop a few drops into the sand and go "oops... :)" Watch him have a battle with his pride as he decides if he should start begging you or to keep his composure. Seductively pour a few drops of water on his lips and when he frantically licks it up, stop; gently shake your head and smile and walk away with the bottle a few steps.

Hopefully with this image I showed you the idea of allure. Now imagine that's your boyfriend but instead of thirst it's lust. Offer and withdraw; offer and withdraw; eventually it'll drive him nuts where he'll probably grab you and throw you on the bed and rape you because he can't take it anymore.

so yeah glhf

lame because it's a lie. The truth is always the best choice.

Lame because you're only appealing to like literally one single woman that will remember that specific episode of the simpsons.

this is retarded and extremely confusing

men are straightforward and don’t need a bunch of gay mind games

My (20) girlfriend (24) received a message from one of her friends today talking about a dick she's seen that she immediately fell in love with. She said something like "it was so pretty and probably around 11 inches big, nothing compared to my ex".
I and my girlfriend both know that her friend often likes to exaggerate. When she was together with her now ex-boyfriend, he had the biggest and most beautiful dick in the world as well, but after the happiness ended, all the happiness inside the relationship revealed to be fake.

My question now is: I know that my girlfriend loves my dick and I have understood that I'm much above average now as well (I couldn't believe it for most time of my life since I have had big issues with self esteem). But I sometimes think that she could fantasize about some "11 inch dick" just because her friend told her that.
Do women in general get those stories their friends tell them let these stories get to them? And are you unsatisfied with your sex life sometimes after hearing great stories from others?

If your best female friend of 10 years asked you to have sex with her, would you?

I lust for my best friend, but worry that I will make him think I'll change after sleeping with him.

If your best friend (who it's already been long established because of differences you two wouldn't want to/be a good match romanticallylly) asked you to sleep with her, and promised nothing would change she just wanted to get the lust off her mind - would you?

(I'm clean, 7/10, and mentally stable - so assume in this scenario your best friend is as well)

I've been talking to this guy for a while, and I guess we're a thing now. But yesterday I suggested that we break it up, because I think that he deserves better, but he didn't agree. So today he sends me a heartfelt message about how he wants to spend time with me, and that he disagrees that he is too good for me and so on.

Shit's nice, I really, really fucking appreciate it, but what can I write back? He's my first everything and those messages struck me mute

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I’m having a hard time reading this. Are you a female that wants to date your male best friend or am I mistaken?

Stop this fucking garbage. Why do women do this? "You're too good for me" is not something that makes a man feel good, it's some overwhelming hormonal imbalance you're feeling. He's not going to saunter off and just pick up a new girl at the gf store, he likes you. I know you have some big incompetency complex, but fucking stop it.

Go out with him, and if you're not good enough for him, he'll fucking tell you. Or tell him you don't want to date him and discover the real reason, rather than the one that makes you think you've giving him a backhanded compliment.

My best friend's ex did this to him all the fucking time, for no goddamned good reason.

>because I think that he deserves better
What a dumbfuck reason to try to end a relationship. Do you want to be with him or not? If you actually do, then just say it, but “you’re too good for me” is on par with “it’s not you, it’s me”. This roundabout pussyfooting is so fucking annoying. Just be with the guy if he wants it and you want it. God you are so fucking stupid.

Just say how you feel, be honest with him

No, I would not do this. I have a female best friend. She's swell, but she's impossible to date because she's frankly crazy. I'm not going to get into this shit with her. I'm not going to risk having kids. I'm not going to pretend "you would never care," because obviously you do, and obviously everything will change.

What the fuck is going on in this thread tonight?

>What a dumbfuck reason to try to end a relationship.
Not her but girls often struggle with feeling worthy of love. It's a feeling that you will never experience as a man. Don't judge her, it's normal.

Shut up you fucking piece of shit tripfag, you give the worst advice on this board, and that's with someone who calls them "literally hitler" roaming the place.

Do you like receiving anal sex?

wow that was so rude
You're like a mean person I think

I apologize for hurting your feelings.

I forgive you

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>struggle with feeling worthy of love
what the fuck does that even mean? if a man is into you then you’re obviously worthy of love, this just sounds like more retarded mind games and a self absorbed charade to fish for compliments, it sounds extremely disingenuous and makes it out to be like you either don’t have interest in a person at all or you actually do but you want them to come crying to you, how annoying

I love women, but you are so fucking stupid sometimes. Men are straightforward and honest. When you say shit like this they don’t know how to take it. You confuse the hell out of them whether you realize it or not. It is so fucking annoy to have a woman get pouty about miscellaneous seemingly random shit and then trying to disect
>what did she mean by this
It is so emotionally manipulative and gay. If you feel a certain way, just fucking say it. Say EXACTLY how you feel and don’t mince words, and you will be loved more for it. God.

>what the fuck does that even mean?
It's an emotion, not a thought, and only women feel it. Read "men are from mars women are from venus". It goes into a lot of detail. After I learned about it, I started seeing it in women everywhere. You just have to understand that men and women have different experiences and feelings.

You're taking a logical rational approach, which, of course, makes perfect sense. But I'm talking about feelings.

>When you say shit like this they don’t know how to take it
That's why I'm here trying to explain for you guys. We both need a hand. Women need security from this feeling; men need something logical and actionable.

Not date, that wouldn't work. We're great friends, but we would make a bad March love wise. I just want to fuck him.

That's why I said imagine if she were mentally stable, but that said - I appreciate the feedback.

k, well, while you’re off thinking
>”am I worthy of love”
if that’s genuinely what you’re think (it likely isn’t and there is some kind if ulterior motive or emotion you want to extract, or you want your fuckboi boyfriend to reaffirm it to you because that’s just how women operate) you want to know what the only things he’s thinking are?

He’s thinking that he loves his gf/wife very much, to the extent that he would die for her sake, he’s thinking that he has the constant nagging uncontrollable desire to fuck the shit out of you, he’s thinking first about how to sexually satisfy you the most and second about how to sexually satisfy himself while he fucks you. Then in the back of his mind he’s thinking about whether or not he wants to have children with you and the rest is entirely blank. Nothing else is going on. Nothing related to a relationship anyway. He’s not worried about anything but a happy sex life and a future with you that only ends the day he finally dies. That’s the average male.

I guess the mental instability was just my singular example - there's a lot of reasons not to date a friend or open that entire thing up. They could be fat, they might be a blonde when you like brunettes, whatever.

It's just a bad move, nonetheless. And also something that could end up hurting you a lot. If you're in love with him, admit it. Don't try to get just a little bit to feel better. As a guy, I've been there.

What kind of girls does an introvert man attract?

As an introvert I can tell you that I always seem to connect best with/attract the hyper outgoing bubbly types. Something about me not being very excitable seems to press their buttons automatically and they just have to stick around to figure out how to get reactions out of me.

Met a girl that I think is cute, I casually expressed through a mutual friend that I'm interested. Mutual friend says that she's been trying to find someone for this girl.

The girl I like is kind of awkward and goofy but sort of extraverted. I'm like that too, but a guy version. But any tips to keep in mind for this type of personality type? Never met someone like her before

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if it's with someone that i genuinely wanted and crushed on it's feel so fucking gooooooood. i just want them to fuck me harder. My old fwb made me feel better than my ex bc i never really liked my ex i just settled for him to have a quick practice relationship. he was fucking annoying though i never wanted to fuck him.

>any tips

Stop worrying about broad personality typology and just feel your way through things like everyone else does.


how was he annoying?

Am I the only one who manages to feel significantly worse about themself when interest is shown in them?

How is it even a question mate? If you've got similar temperaments then deal with her the way you like to be dealt with and stop imagining that intro/extroversion is the make or break factor in a relationship.

I swear I’ve never seen a trip fag that wasn’t retarded.

how do women feel about men that are submissive and clearly sexually confused?

Submissive is one thing, but shit like:

>what do you want me to do?
>gee i dunno
>do you like it when i do x?
>uhhh i’m not sure
>what are you into?
>uhh i dont know
>want to try x thing?

Gets old preeetty quick and is immediate dump material

so what you’re saying is even while men are submissive they have to be dominant decision makers

he had this annoying morality complex and adopted feminist language to seem woke but he was low key a scumbag. total onions boy. my fwb was a normie and honestly im just going to date regular guys for now on idc if their music taste is trash and if they like capeshit. i will not fall victim to another performative soft boy.

lol i know girls like you

No, i’m saying they have to be SOME kind of decision maker. If you dont even know what you want or would be willing to try sexually, you’re likely the same in other areas of your life.
It’s like that annoying shit when you ask a girl what she wants to eat and she always says ‘i don’t know.’ Some people are into that.
Most girls would just think you were slow in the head if you’re always ‘i dunno’.

Nah, same here mate. I think it stems from our low self-esteem. When we are alone, we are used to feeling shitty about ourselves, but when someone shows interest, I start thinking "oh god oh fuck, how can they like me" and start over analysing every thing about myself.

It also could come from hating yourself so much, that you don't think you deserve happiness. When someone shows interest in me, I start feeling happy, and that leads to me feeling unworthy of that happiness, so I self-sabotage every relationship, so I could go back to being unhappy

If you and your friend are going after the same girl, is there a point that you should back off, or just say "fuck it", and keep trying

we dumb

but i learned my lesson. never again. going to find me a nice boy in stem. not some weenie getting a "studies" degree

I thought this was a stereotype but I guess women are actually this easy to understand.

So you’d be okay with a guy telling you to fuck him in the ass with a strapon if he was direct about what he wanted instead of being wishy washy about it or would you be disgusted regardless?

Yes, I would be okay with that. I dont think i’m into strapon fucking, but if that’s what he asks for nicely, then i’d try it out once. Its way better than being wishy washy imo. Like, you are man enough to know what you want and communicate it. Some immature girls would be disgusted by that, i won’t lie. Just disregard them and shrug and leave if they start being offended that you asked a question.

If some guy like a hookup asked me to shit on him i’d just laugh, say i’m not into that and ask if theres anything less shit that hes into.

What kind of woman would be
into that that isn’t sexually damaged to begin with?

How would you react if you tried have sex with a man, but he had an honest to god PTSD flashback?

I never understood this common thing where women believe they aren't "good enough" for a guy. It is such a vague definition that accomplishes absolutely nothing. You're insecure and emotionally over reacting to an issue that doesn't exist.

Men don't view women in regards to "are they good enough for me". Nor do we go around constantly trying to find upgraded gfs to what we have.

You like him. He likes you. Stay together.

>what can I write back
Maybe tell him what you're telling us.
>I really, really fucking appreciate what you wrote. I really don't know how to put into words how you made me feel. I actually feel a little inadequate being unable to say anything good back.

There's an old Chinese poem describing this exact situation actually. Translated:
"On Separation, No. 4"
>If I meet him again,
>This live message I will deliver to him:
>Not that I didn't want to write,
>Nor that I ain't talented and bright—
>I circled along the Clear River, but could not find a piece of sky-size paper.

The persona is rehearsing what she will say when she sees "him" again: she did not write to him precisely because she loves him too much! She could not find a piece of paper large enough to contain all her thoughts and feelings.

Didnt you say you are really good with women lol?

Girls, how fo i get a gf?

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>seen but never spoken to girl several times
>finally have a chat for the first time, never even exchange names
>she facebook stalks and adds me when I get home
What are my chances from 1 to Geralt?

I am, I'm just a pervert who wonders what it's like to have a vagina.

Also that pic is sexy af

Pretty high desu


>Girls, how fo i get a gf?
You can start by getting rid of all your >shadman pics

Okay, thank you for placing my head properly back on my shoulders

Thank you, this is what I will write to him

I'm a girl from the previous thread.

I DM'd my crush, tried to start a conversation with him by asking him a question about his vacation. He responded with a single sentence. Where do I take it from here?

I'm trying to have a fling with him once he returns.

What specifically did you ask? And what specifically did he say?

Me: "What are you up to in [vacation place]?"
Him: "Just having some fun."

I was told in the previous thread that I shouldn't come off as easy but should make him work for me. The thing is, I'm not very attractive as it is (I'm moderately pretty with a skinny body, no tits, but a nice ass, he on the other hand considers himself a "sex god" and has been with a ton of women) so I'm always in limbo when it comes to guys.

Oh he's on vacation NOW, not newly back from vacation? Don't overthink it. He's probably doing a ton of other shit. It's really easy to come off the wrong way when you're trying to get a guy's attention when he's on the road.

Yeah I'm just looking for tips on how to draw him in.

You're overthinking things and advice isn't helping. There's nothing wrong with making it obvious, just don't start off by sending videos of you fingering yourself or something. By trying not to seem easy your liable to come across disinterested.

You have a lot of leeway and stuff that would seem creepy from a guy you can get away with.

My 2 cents anyway. Though I am a little biased in that I'm getting the feeling a girl I'm currently talking to is this way and it's frustrating.

What I was told by the poster in the other thread is, by making it easy for him you're coming off as a slut. He'll assume you're this way to every guy (granted, all I want with him is a fling). He needs to feel challenged.

An earlier poster said I should flirt with him and let him know I'm interested immediately. If not, I'm going to come off as boring which is the last thing I want to do. I've been dumped by guys before so I know how it feels.


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Poster sounds like some moron who thinks every man is crippled by the thought that girls have desires.

You think I should make it obvious? Any tips for how to flirt with him over text?

Was it peanut buttercup who told you that making it easy is bad? Because the dude has no fucking clue.

Yeah. How did you know?

>Any tips for
It's within you, it's basic biology. Again, you're overthinking it.

Saying this you should really bear in mind that there is no certainty anything will come of it no matter what you do.

I'm not going to send him a: "Hey baby let's fuck once you come home."

So don't, you've already proven you know not to do that. Have some confidence.

Should a guy with Aspergers even bother? Trying to see it from the other point of view, I can't really think of a more unattractive trait than being a sperg.

Well what kind of wording gets a guy interested without seeming slutty or shallow?

Emojis and being flirty.

I can't imagine being flirty without sounding like a dumbass.

Plenty of spergs with wives and girlfriends.

Pretend you're twirling your hair around your finger when you're texting him.

Seems kind of abrupt though. I need to pick up where I left off.

I find girls talking about past relationships even briefly pretty uncomfortable. I recognise it's me thats the problem having been a reclusive loner for too long. I'm curious why you do it though, it often seems to come up - is it some sort of subtle "see if you can do better" thing, or what?

My ex explained it as her not thinking and slipping into it. Basically a spaghetti moment.

same boat, maybe my standards are just too high but the second a girl says she’s not a virgin I just walk away

I went to a bar with my friend (girl) and we were talking and having drinks
Our situation up to that point was an on-and-off intimate thing where we would have sex every once in a while

While at the bar the conversation turned toward my brother's relationship with his girlfriend and if they were going to have kids and I told her that I wasn't sure because he never talked to me about kids, just proposing to her
Then she asked me about having kids and I told "I'm not ready for that"
She follows up and I tell her "That's a huge responsibility" and she tells me that it isn't
She presses further and asks me if I ever considered sex without protection

From there I was terrified
All I could do is stare at the bar
She was hooking my arm, rubbing my back and my head trying to console me
She was trying to change the subject all together to playing pool but I wasn't having it

>girl wants your seed
It's a compliment.

I get up from the bar and without saying anything and I go outside to try and clear my head
After a couple minutes I come back and tell her I'm probably going to just walk home (she drove us there)
She tells me that she can drive me and I accept, so she finishes her drink and we leave

During the drive home I've got my arms tightly wrapped around myself and staring at my feet
She continues to reassure me by putting her hand on my knee

She drops me off at my place and we talk for a bit
At this point we realize that it's become awkward and we kiss a couple times and I start to cry before getting out of the car

I felt guilty because I felt I've been leading her because I just don't feel that way about her

We've been in this sexual situation for about 7 years

She takes responsibility, but I am the one who is wrong ultimately?

Pretty dumb to not realise that fucking someone releatedly for 7 years would create some of form of attachment.

Probably. I've not got any female friends from that long though so it would depend on circumstances.

As someone who has studied a bit of Chinese, including Chinese poetry, what's the poem's Chinese name/author? I'm not finding a reference to it.

LMFAO why would you ever have a crush on a guy who
>considers himself a "sex god"

Like, wtf. If he genuinely refers to himself as a sex god isn't this the cringiest shit ever? On top of obviously screaming insecurity, immaturity, and most likely a fair amount of lying.

For Girls, do you prefer men starting the conversation/approaching you, or you prefer that you are the ones who start?