Why is my "Foot Fetish" so stigmatized?

I went to town on my GF's feet yesterday.. Will she think I'm weird now? I'm afraid to ask.

I once admitted to my brother who I know likes feet that I do, too. He acted like it's weird. WTF???

I've always liked girls' feet as part of a whole package of a girl. I've never understood why this is a "fetish." It's not. It's normal. But somehow there were memes about "foot fetish" for about 10 years now.

Also if you try to look for videos of feet, it's full of demeaning bullshit, women talking about how it's creepy to like feet, or implying that all men who like feet want dirty sweaty feet. (Yuck).

What should I do?

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>It’s normal
reminder that foot fetishism is literally a brain malfunction

You already posted this thread. We have enough retards already spamming their own threads everyday.

I mean I don’t think it’s normal persay, but if my boyfriend had a foot fetish, I wouldn’t care. The fact that a part of me turned him on is a turn on.

People hate it because they have fungus-infested rotfeet and it reminds them of their own condition. Then those same people have an anal fixation, no joke.

Partly because it's seen as a very submissive thing. For women, a male with a foot fetish can be at odds with their desire for a dominant partner.
In part, it's at odds with the norms society has of a traditional male gender role.
There must be female foot fetishists out there. Never met one. It seems to be a predominantly male fetish.

Not OP but what about my mommy/breastfeeding fetish. Will women judge me for it?

I don't understand how leg fetish is acceptable but as soon as you go a few inches lower OH MY GOD THAT SO WEIRD AND DISGUSTING.

Mens feet are generally pretty fucking disgusting. Mine are anyway. Male foot fetishists generally aren't into calloused and crooked things from years of manual labour and repititive micro-injury.

I got the same fetish my friends make jokes about it they don't know I have it no one but the Anons know. Tbh I don't want put them in my mouth or touch them I just wanna look and maybe cum on them so I don't think anyone would know during sex. The may just think I have a face position. Girls feet can be so pretty I do have a problem of staring in public if a girl isn't wearing socks. I actually don't notice breasts or ass that much I like them but I notice women's feet if they look disgusting it is a turn off but clean feet with nail polish colours I like will attract me. I don't think anyone will ever know unless they check my internet history. I am lucky that my fetish isn't overt and it doesn't require me to touch the feet however if people found out I would lose what little respect they have left. They all think I am a pervert any way. People will never appreciate the fetish but if you wanna be choked or spanked it's okay. The people who want to feel pain might have more problems that the people who wanna play with feet.

I like my husbands feet too, idk why, it's not like I'm turned on by them, I find feet to be beautiful, it's hard to describe.

Because of Mr. Bean from what I can remember.

I just want a gf who’s into dressing me up like a girl, fucking me in the ass and relentlessly teasing me about it. I want her to get off to my desperate noises and movements from orgasm denial while simultaneously gently cuddling and kissing in response to each motion, resistance and plea. Is that really so bizarre? How annoying. All these women are so fucking boring with their shit tier normie fetishes.

>1 Corinthians 6:18 Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body.

Girls like feet even at a higher rate than guys because girls are more earthy, and feet connect someone with the earth. You don't find male feet sexually attractive because you're straight. I wouldn't expect you to find male breast sexually attractive either.

wtf liar


based footchad
society doesnt understand you because you are superior

I just want to fuck a girl's pussy and kiss her feet while doiing it.


what is stopping you

My girlfriend/soon wife thinks "foot fetish is weird." I'm just too scared to ask.

dont ask just do it when you fuck her. Are you stupid. And who the fuck cares, there are other disgusting fetishes around and we are all dead in 100 years

I need approval on anything sexual retard. I'm not a fucking rapist.

>I need approval on anything sexual retard
you act like a faggot. You pretend this is something like scat fetish. Stop being her bitch

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Why the fuck are you posting this exact same thread again? It's literally just a copy paste with the same image you fucking degenerate

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I'm alpha. F u.

Post the Dobson edit.

not like this
not like this...

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I am though. Asshat.


My asian gf loves my foot fetish.
I have all kind of dom behaviors, and me playing with her feet isnt different. If I like it I take it, she’s usually shy/embarassed by it and gets turned on.

I mean, whats more weird, me liking her feet or she getting my cum on her face on a daily basis?

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you dont need to get on all fours and lick at her soles like a dog ffs
you can just have her put her legs up

Only girls who got grossed out by foot fetish were not my girlfriends. Those who became my girlfriends learnt to enjoy it or at least tolerate it, because it's something I enjoy.
Obviously you shouldn't tell about it on 1st on 2nd date like you won't tell about any other fetish.

The reason this is so stigmatized and creepy now is mostly because of internet pajeets who spam girls asking for their feet. Best to be aloof until you're close enough

You could say the same thing about a man being into giving oral sex to a woman to be fair and most women even hardcore subs don't really have much of a problem with it. I suppose it's all about having a balance.

Because footfags are really fucking annoying.
They're basically those smokers who think cigarettes don't stink. Footfags are almost always talking about their fetish and trying to shove it in every opportunity they can, but they're so oblivious to this because the only thing they have on their mind is feet.

And don't give me that bullshit about "n-no I'm different...." No you're not. I've known many footfags in my life.

Ive got a question footniggers. I had this bitch BUCK NAKED in my bed but she refused to take her socks off and acted uncomfortable when I touched her foot with mine (which was arguably gay, but not for her). I literally mouth fucked this whore and gagged her on my cock and when the condom broke I pounded her out even harder until finally blowing a fat load inside her pussy. ive never seen a more defeated female.

But it haunts me to this day, why this bitch so worried about her feet? I feel violated, like when an evil h'witch seduces you and is actually just an ugly hag. did she have gross feet or something

Am I weird that I'd get turned on if a cute girl tied me up and stepped on my body and face with her bare feet, but if she showed me her breasts, I'd feel nothing?

Yes, yes you are

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