How to fake it if you are ugly manlet?

how to fake it if you are ugly manlet?

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Fuck lots of bitches

Are we talking, bad but hairstyle and clothing could make you better or we talken straight up 4 or lower face?

no we are talking straight up ugly face can be only fixed by plastic surgery(bone problems) and even i am not sure about that.

so prostitutes?

That, or tinder

>be ugly

i never tried it though. but shoudnt you also need instagram for that?
shit! girls in my country extra hard for some reason. I have no social status.

Be interesting.

I'll be real. Clean up your act, get a good job, and dgaf about guys poking you about insecurities or women not giving attention compared to XYZ chad. Basically rid yourself of insecurities. Can confirm this alone gets me laid at 5'3" and I still get weirded out by it sometimes.

Good advice, having the resilience to shrugs thing off is incredibly valuable.

>Clean up your act
elaborate pls
other than that you say get money and stop compare yourself to others. But how did you get laid? what did you do?

Tinder works for anyone. You just need to create a good profile, which is what most males fail to do.

Hahahahhhahahaha, kek

Tinder is shit and girls there are super picky, good luck competing against chads.

Shit incel advice and wrong.

are you a incel? if so i cant take advice from you. I follow strict rules like do not take any advice from people who are extremely pessimist.

Get fit/skinny
Go to school
Get job doing what you love (or high earning if you don't care and just want dosh)
Let go of stuff out of my control
Don't care about making women like me, let them come to me.
Work hard
Take care of diet, skincare, clothes, home, family etc

I don't have a lot, I don't consider myself some kind of Hercules after that. I'm still a five foot something non-white near midget lol But I've never had a girl turn me down (even girls I thought way out of my league) after they figure out I've got a good life set in front of me and genuinely care about finding a right partner instead of any partner. It's still shocking years after changing but honestly, I guess it's all common sense.

I am not user.

Look i will now give you a best advice of your life. When someone gives you advice use logic to see if it makes sense.

For example why do you think there is pay for like's deal on tinder, is because is rigged.

Yes i do get dates from tinder here and there, but i dont recommend it if you are not chad mentally or physically fit.

Like just ask your friends that use tinder or girl friends. Is better than asking 4 chan.

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>friends and girlfriends
oh boy ;_;

Everything you said is a lie, incel.

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>anyone can get girls off tinder
>you have never been on a date
>you are not a chad
>you are a kissless virgin
>you are not mentally or physically fit
>everyone will tell you you're wrong about tinder
Literally everything you said is bullshit, as was just proven above.

It's Ted Cruz don't bother

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Le ebin facebook reaction gif

Clean up what you can and go on the parowl keep searching. I know it seems hard make sure your as sharp as you can be then approach either through friends or randoms your bound to tick someone's box after that it's all you dont bday around the Bush get close if she pulls back then onto the next.


Lol i have a gf