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Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

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The reason you guys keep stalking me around and telling people u meet or my coworkers all that I'm this and that I do that is because you don't want me to change since it would mean the stuff you're doing is unjustified. Well I've changed in spite of your efforts so cut it out. I'm not the degenerate I used to be.

I saw your old post about me on a different imageboard. We sure do remember the past differently. It was one thing to suspect you’d built a political identity around hating things and people like me/that remind me of you, it was another thing entirely to have it confirmed.

I don’t know quite how to feel, but I sure do regret how I apparently made you feel. I still (clearly) love you, but I’m going to work out how to stop.

No matter how much it hurts, at least every individual piece of information I learn backs up my current decision to leave you alone forever. For what little it’s worth, I really am sorry.

Can’t be helped now I suppose.

That remind you of me, rather.

I’m about to leave someone who loves me to try to win back someone who has probably moved on.

i'm suffering with scabies and my family refuse to get the proper treatment to avoid re infestation. god i just wanna die desu, why did i have to catch this horrible thing ?

I had 9 weeks to do a project for tomorrow and haven't started. I don't care about not sleeping or that my grade won't be the best, but how do I cope with knowing I just sat around for 9 weeks and let it come to this. I'm actually a shit human.

I'm laying in bed crying at 4am because I miss him so much. Everything has been so off since this happened and I keep thinking that this is just a bad dream I'll wake up from.
But I know it's not.
God knows that I wish it was though.

time to reformat cv layout
apply for jobs with specs that match my job history word for word...
and get rejected by all of them

Hector stop posting my face you faggot, reeee

A teacher in my college is a fucking asshole
I want him to beg for pardon and to realize he’s a shitty human being

Stop being such a rapid turbo cunt, then.

I did the same once

It's been an exact year to this date that I haven't had sex.
This is my longest dry spell since I lost my virginity.

'when I awoke dear....
I made you happy..

Don't worry user. For all you know, you could've been a virgin still.

Sometimes I wonder how just dropping restraints to hookup would feel like. But I don't want to get a form of herpes that goes through a condom.

I always do the same for her.
I keep being reminded maybe I poked the wrong lioness and I get some karma that hurts me.

But then again, did she really want anything out of me or was she going out because of pity? I'll never know, I'm just gonna remain bitter and stew a little while longer until I drop my fat. Since getting a new job, I let myself go since then. I only had a pouch of gut rather than an entire one.

I'd wish my Mother would understand that I've lost all respect for my Father and stop pestering me about having some "euphoric reunion".
I'm sorry but your delusions of how he treated me as a child will never rid me of my resent and contempt for that man, all my youth I've hidden from him because he'd just get mad at me and call me an autistic lowlife no matter what I did.

I'm happy I left and that's one of the major reasons why I left, I don't want to hurt your poor heart but I will not endure anymore suffering because you felt otherwise and lie to yourself, as Ned Kelly once said before death.
> "Such is life"

Gonna try to get through today. I’ve been confused for a long time but I think I know what to do. I gotta try to get my shit together.

Εισαι ωραια γkομενα αλλα μεχρι εkει

Wasn't even going out with her, but she made it worth while going there every day.
Probably not gonna see her again, and I'll no one can replace her.

I was happy the other day. Saw her, told me she was getting her job back, she'd be back here.
Then I woke up.

Told myself if she does come back, I'll tell her I love her.
Need to get her number off a co-worker, get in touch, do something.

You were the reason I stayed for so long. You made going there everyday worth while and now it's just heartbreaking.
I worked on the floor you use to run yesterday, that was depressing. Remembered how I worked myself to exhaustion just to try and impress you, well this fucking company aint getting that kinda work out me now you're gone. Remembered how I'd keep my eye out to see if you were around, how I'd wave when you were past. How I'd look forward to seeing you (and working on your floor).

I know you're married and I never said any of this because of it, but honestly, I loved you so much. It heartbreaking, and I'm trying to move on.


When I was younger I was naive and has my slut phase. Thankfully I never contracted anything! I was always super careful but like you said, shit can get through a condom.
As I've aged, I just can't receive orgasm from hookups, so they've become pointless.
Been working on me this past year. I have a feeling when I'm ready and I meet someone of my calibre, I'll rock his world;)

I'll always want to kill them

I really want to quit my shitty job but I need the money and I’m lazy as fuck and hate looking for jobs. Like it’s worth quitting cause this guys a shit head. Any advice on what to do?

I won't forgive any of them

Start looking for another job. Every time I've thought "I hate this place" and put it off, I ended up screwing myself.

If you have a mentally diagnosable trait try and get diagnosed so you become more eligible for more social welfare.

I lived off my welfare as a proud NEET for quiet the number of years now.
couldn't care for society and the degenerates that live within it so I see no personal conflicts in this lifestyle, you especially shouldn't have any problems if you don't like to spend your money allot on mostly materialistic means.

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Yeah I do. How do I sign up?

I really like you, and we both had a connection since day one, and we really get along and I like being friends with you but I guess spending time with you has highlighted feelings I didn't know I had for you.
I want to tell you how I feel but I don't want to jeopardize our friendship. You are there for me when I feel down and you know that i be always there for you and support you in everything you do, hopefully you are seeing that i have feelings for you and by god I hope it's not unrequited but instead the beginning of a Relationship that I'm sure will overcome any obstacle

We are both so similiar to eachother and i feel like you are the most geniune person i ever met.

Try and get diagnosed for a mental "insufficiency" and go to your government welfare services and make claim to eligible financial support,

In doing this, not only do you earn more money through welfare, but it allows you to live a pretty manageable and relatively average life.

Once you make a claim, then the next and last thing you need to worry about is living in an affordable house "considering if you don't like to live with your parents".

>ill be fine, im so good at my job, i can just quit, fuck about for months and walk straight back into one

Now that I turned 30. I'm gonna make up those last miserable years by giving my all. No more bullshit from mentally ill friends. No more slagging around and feeling sorry for myself. No more psychotic drama from those bitches. No more family drama to distract me. It's gonna be all about me, me, me. I will take back control over my life.
Goodbye, fuckers! It has been lousy!

I'm scared my anxiety is gonna fuck my life up.
It's a struggle to even get out of bed because in my head everyone hates me and everyone's judging me which makes it impossible to build meaningful relationships with people. I find it difficult to talk to people I would consider friends because I'm convinced they would all demean/bully/beat the shit out of me given the chance.
Despite being decent looking I'm fucking terrible with women, to the point where once I got a really hot girl's number on a night out and literally never messaged her because the thought of messaging her made me feel extremely ill, and once I somehow managed to get with a girl on a night out so I left early because the thought of actually going all the way made me feel extremely ill. Like to the point of fully shivering. The one opportunity I've ever had to have sex I couldn't get it up through the whole week she was staying round mine.
I've been on medication for 5 years. I don't really know what it's doing, if anything, but if I stop taking it I get really bad withdrawal symptoms like brain zaps and feeling completely detached from my body.
Tried therapy, doesn't do much for me. Telling me how I'm supposed to be thinking doesn't help me because I KNOW that's how I'm supposed to be thinking but my brain doesn't let me because it's fucked.
I'm at uni at the moment so I'm still living life on easy mode but when I graduate next year I reckon I'm fucked.

One day, you act so close to me. And in the other day you act like a goddamn stranger. Nevertheless, you are still trying to put a blame on me and it is so easy to let go even if I made a small joke, as if I was just your emotional stick. Not only that, I have heard that you were dating with the guy who you've been obsessing over five years. Why don't you tell me about this and whenever you argue with that dipshit, you are always coming after me. Not even asking me how am I but it is only "you" and "your" problems

I have never wanted to change you because I loved you as you are. I only wanted your own sake. I was ready to be your friend even.. you told me that you cared about me and missed me too. But why, why are you using me like that?

> Continuing

I got diagnosed with Aspergers at a young age so it pretty much makes it a breeze for me to make claim, use anything relative to this to your advantage.
The government doesn't make this information public to anymore so no one needs to know.

After you've found an affordable house to live in, just spam job searching to meet your required quota and set high and difficult standards for your job providers so they'll never find you a job.
Do all of this and make sure to look like you're trying to look for a job or else you could lose your unemployment welfare support.

You need both the disability welfare and unemployment welfare to have a pretty laid back NEET life.

I want to kill them

I’m diagnosed with OCD as it runs in my family. My main question should I just quit? The guy I work for is a drug addict and a manipulative asshole. I’d rather die than work for someone like that but I really don’t have a choice righ now unless I get unemployment.

Fuck em' bro, my Jow Forums to you is to leave them as soon as you graduate, that's exactly what I did when I finished up High School and never felt happier in my life.
It takes that heavy burden off your back especially as being an introvert, you don't need bad influences in your life, if you need mates just turn to the online community or join a hobby or something.

When you quit explain to your job providers that you left because you were incompatible for the job hence wise making you highly stressed and inefficient.

Your boss especially being a drug addict makes the excuse all the more better and proper.

How much do you regret it?

If you left the job on your own accord or "because you felt like it", the job providers will not like it and you will be delayed of your unemployment welfare for a number of weeks, make up any proper excuse to quit the job as mentioned in my previous post here

>a year
Wow, cry me a fucking river.

Just spoke to my boss. He’s getting rid of this asshole in two weeks. Thank fuck.


I'm sorry for all the pain I put you through. If everything went how it was supposed to, we probably would have been in bed cuddling rn. I remember the first thing I said that made you laugh. I remember your birthday and how I joked about bringing my mom's specialty dish to your party. I was running from a broken relationship and you comforted me without you knowing it. I know I came on a bit too strong but I was sure you didn't want me or that you were taken. I let my insecurities get the best of me. Then, I met your sister. She blindsided me, she seduced me. I started to fall for her. Yet, I get the feeling that you still had feelings for me when my feelings for her were growing. I fucked everything up beyond repair. You dodged a bullet. I'm a mess. You deserve so much better.

I think I may been cursed or it maybe some not so important thing that Im not aware of which bothers me alot, I just wish I could clear it

I love you. I've loved you from the first time I've met you, before you married. Thank you for telling me you love me, I was shocked to know that in a way but it was so good to know. I don't want to hurt your wife or kids in any way, I don't want to be a distraction. Your wife is a beautiful person. It's so hard for me to stay away from you as I know we would've been great together.

You went for her sister so you can forget ever being with her. She isn't going to hurt her sister over you.

I want to harm them

How on earth could someone ever fall for a bitcoin con? The government is not going to ask for stupid can a person be?

God forgive me, I want your husband.

*sigh* can't say that I blame her. The sad part is, I've already had this same exact situation happen before and I guess I obviously didn't learn from it.

I envision an extremely sexually frustrated acne ridden NEET feverishly typing from his moms basement computer this reply.


Are you hoping to find someone who will put you above her sister?

You only care about yourself.

Why does she have to be so nice? Why couldn't she be like your last one?

I generously understand you.
I sincerely hope you are well.
I think of you..quite often.
I dream about you too.
You'll always be in my heart jh.

This is your future gf, lads.

>We are all such nice guys who are perfect so we deserve a perfect virgin
>Or we are all lacking so much but rather than reflect and improve we desire a got virgin to heal us

I fucking hate daylight savings time and I will never participate in it. People who set their clocks forward an hour are fucking stupid. I don’t want to wait until 9 fucking PM for the sun to go down. Fuck that

Substitute it for a guy and he's a god to most of you. Just fuck off. The male ego just can't handle the thought of an experienced woman.

I am an asshole. No I'm not looking for anyone to put their family above me. I just want to be stronger, faithful.

This is because a virgin won't know how crappy they are in bed or how small their dick really is.

Don't bother trying to be with women if you struggle with basic monogamy.

Daylight savings time is against my religion too so I refuse to set my clocks forward no matter what.

Farmers refuse to adhere to it around here.

Men are a fucking disease.


"The way a sperm gets into an egg, scientists have found, is rather like the way a virus infects a cell. It is also like the way snake venom acts on blood."

No they aren't. Its just that there has been sucha failure in good fathers out there to help raise functional men that the cycle of fucked-up-ness keeps perpetuating.
And societal toxic masculinity doesn't help those now who want to seek help.

Supply and demand. Unemployment rates. The advancements in A.I. and robotics. Poverty. Increasing wage gap. Wars between genders. Divorce rates. Malthusian Theory of Population. /tinfoilhat


>there has been sucha failure in good fathers

The problem is society makes excuses for every type of crappy male behavior out there. We STILL treat men and differently regarding number of sexual partners. We STILL make excuses for men that cheat or watch porn 24/7 when they have a partner..."they just can't help it, it's their nature". If that's so why are there (a small number) of good, loving faithful men out there? We enable men to be sleazy womanizing losers. They are snakes and their sperm is venom.

>We STILL treat men and women*

The issue isn't that they're actually cunts.
I fucking love my main group of friends, been mates with some of em since I was like 4/5. I know they love and care about me too. But that won't stop me from thinking even they are out to get me.
It's even worse when it's with people I don't know as well. Met a group of guys at uni who I got on with really well but ended up cutting contact entirely because I was convinced they all hated me and were taking the piss out of me even though they invited me to hang out with them regularly and introduced me to their other mates and all that shit.
Basically my brain is wired to believe that everyone fucking despises me/thinks I'm a weirdo which makes maintaining friendships difficult and starting any form of sexual/romantic relationship completely impossible bc why the fuck would they be interested in me? If they show interest it's gotta be some kind of sick joke and if its not then they'll quickly lose interest once they realise how much of a spastic I am.
Obviously this shit probably isn't true and it's an unhealthy way of thinking, I'm aware of that. But it's how I think and I don't know if there's any way of changing it.

I don't know if I should end it now or after my trip. Hell, idk if I should say anything at all, since we don't even talk anymore

But I think if a guy has a genuinely GOOD father who is involved in his life and leads by healthy example, that is where the good men come from.
My ex is a sleezeball, porn 24/7, cheated, lied, unemployed, abusive, NEET and if you look at his parents, you can see why.
I'm seeing that all men are not this way by who I have in my life now.
You have to look towards the family.

I do agree with that. If you want to know what sort of future you will have with a man, look at his dad and his relationship with his mother. It is 100% accurate from my experience.

>seething sluts

I haven't had sex in many years. You're just upset because we see through you and described you so perfectly.

But guys should be held to a different standard since it is easier for women to find a partner.

oh shut up loser

I'm perfectly fine with never talking to you again.

The timing....has got to be right.

I've let everyone down
I have trouble with everything
no one will ever love me

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ahhhh i like you so much why won't you pay attention to me or sit by me in class i would try to sit next to you but you're always late can you either talk to me first or tell me to fuck off so i can move on

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I had a dream where she asked me out. I woke up giddy and couldn't get back to sleep for an hour. 2 more weeks until I get the chance to ask her out. The wait is killing me.

Thank you for seeing museum in me where I saw empty hallways

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I'll always deserve revenge

I, you gotta stop acting like this, man. I'm not leaving him for you. I like you, and I'm attracted to you, but I'm not acting on that and we honestly barely know each other.

No, I was bleeding. Don't you remember? They operated on me in the doctors' surgery? I tied it around my hand hoping it might stop me from die-ing.

Enough. I lost both

So many things become clear when you're all alone

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The opposite really.

I wonder how you'll remember me in time. I wonder how I will remember you.

I'm not a stranger to heartbreak, my heart loves wildly and strongly and it never wants to let go. I have to force it to now.

Stop being friends with her and him both. He's not worth it honey. He's a child just as every man is and if she trusted you she'd complain to you about it herself. But she knows.

I did the right thing, don't worry.

sorry you'll have to fight a job first

I don’t know what you want from me. You start things and then act irritated or oblivious. You know I want you to fuck me. It will never happen, obviously, but you know I want it so stop playing with my head.

I just wan't her back and for things to be normal again, really thought this one would work out well.