I’m a girl (18) maybe 6 in looks, maybe 7 with makeup on. I’ve always been attracted to older guys (like 35-50)...

I’m a girl (18) maybe 6 in looks, maybe 7 with makeup on. I’ve always been attracted to older guys (like 35-50), but I don’t know how to start a relationship with them since
a) most of them are likely married or have kids
b) they’ll probably ask me where my parents are
c) the guy will be weirded out at the thought of being with someone two times younger than them
d) I don’t know where to find older guys

I don’t know what to do. Dating sites are out of the question because you won’t know whose behind the screen, and I still live with my parents who are strict.
I haven’t even tried to talk to anyone since I’m too fucking scared of my parents seeing me. Do you guys know what older guys are into and how to approach them in particular, while keeping it secret from others?

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retirement home

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just date someone who is unironically an alcoholic, they'll look old eventually

>Dating sites are out of the question
You are literally throwing away by far the best option for no reason.

Nooo not that old
Like 50 the oldest

I don’t want to show my face online

He’s kinda good looking tho

Dumb excuse. And besides, you don't have to if you sign up on SeekingArrangement. Try it out.

Hahahaha, idk i guess date your dad

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Me too OP. Like I've ALWAYS been attracted to men in the same age range but its nearly impossible to get their serious attention. I get it, they are first afraid, then don't take us serious or think we are playing them, etc.

You can't find them on line, those are usually creeps, you can't really approach them and be blunt, they think you are making fun of them.

So, all of these have worked for me at some point. Keep in mind, he might be married but going through a divorce and probably has adult children so you have to overlook that. Some of these worked when I was young and some applicable now since I'm early in my career just out of university.

I see a man that is a neighbor and ask him to help fix something.
I cook something and ask him if he will try it and give me feeback.
I pretend my car is broken and need a ride.

Hang out with older women, not grandmothers but older women and if they are stylish, shop where they shop, ask them for the salon they go to and make friends with others and gossip with them and you will be invited to socialize, usually to meet their children but you aren't their for them but to come in contact with men.

I'll give you an example. Meet a woman at a nail salon and she, her husband and daughter were into Dressage. I knew nothing about it or horses but I went. My god, while most of the riders were women there were hot, available MEN everywhere. I saw one I liked, honestly asked him what was happening and how it all worked and playfully flirted and he asked me to dinner. He wasn't sure what I was up to at first but then saw me as a serious young woman not some bimbo young girl.

>says no to the best option out of the gate.

Good luck on never finding anyone.

I assume you think dating sites are gold for men but for girls they are full of creeps and liars.

Go to a bar, not a club, put on makeup and start flirting there

Is this bait?

Fucking go to /soc/ and lurk more faggot.

Most of them are mentally damaged goods if single, or fat rich men that do what they want.
>pick one

Also, get on fetlife.com. If you're even average looking and kind of flirty in pics, you'll get an occasional rich old guy begging you to be nude on his plantation house party.

Hey there tripfag, your subscriber here. What if they are they slightly off cilter late 20 somethings? I wouldnt mind dating an 18 year old.

What are you doing to my sweet Honoka, you old mummy

can u settle for 21... I'll treat u good

the last girl I dated was 20(I was 35 at the time). Didn't think I would end up liking her because of her age but I caught some feels. She ended up making up last minute plans to hangout and spend the night with some friends on her 2nd night sleeping over at my place. not even offering an invitation for me to join. She couldn't even explain her reasoning behind this decision. Older guys won't take you seriously because of the flaky/irresponsible nature of you young people. They will just try to bang you.

if it helps OP, we met at work, which is full of guys ranging in age from 21-65(predominantly 40+) and very few women. It's an industrial manufacturing plant. Try getting a job in a male dominated industry

>serious young woman
>just wants to satisfy her older man fetish plus hormonal turmoil making her feel constantly funny
Pick one. Actually, you are probably just a healthy young female with her priorities straight, just be aware of any risk involved.

ye gods, girls like this exist.
I have a reason to live...

>dating a guy who will die 20+ years before you

hm a bit risky

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spoiler alert, roasties are infatuated by older men. you're not unique or special, it's natural.

but ur a roastie so go commit die ree

Where do you live?

I’m not of that age, however I am still VERY wary of interacting in any way with underaged girls. In these modern times, people are trigger happy in pedophile allegations. Risky stuff.

It’s not only risky business for you to be taken advantage of, but it’s risky business for an older man as well, even if his intentions are pure because any suspicion of being a pedophile (or something similar ie 37 yr man with 18 yr woman), and everyone else will neither forget nor forgive. You would have to find a way to make to make the positivity of the relationship readily apparent or society will spare that man no mercy.

They have a very specific image of an "old guy" in mind. It's basically a Chad who has matured gracefully, not the typical balding fat blob of shit most men grow to be