My Chinese friend keeps saying she has dreams about me, she says she has them a lot, is this a sign she likes me?

My Chinese friend keeps saying she has dreams about me, she says she has them a lot, is this a sign she likes me?

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In my case i think most of the things you dream about are total bullshit but it might mean that you think a lot about x, and thats why you dream about x.
Other times its proyection, if you think your boss is motherly, she might appear in your dreams as your mother.

Other times, just because you were stressed when you said pancakes yesterday, pancakes will appear in your dream

Having the dream nope but if she is telling you it does mean she likes you.

Ask her on date.
>inb4 wall of bullshit
Ask her on date. Burger and park. And then walk her home and do handholding.
>inb4 did that still unsure
Ask her on date. Netflix and chill.

>Netflix and chill
Is not a date. If one more guy asks me to Netflix and chill I'll scream, I've had it.

Netflix and chill is the modern equivalent of
>wanna see my butterfly collection?
>you look tired to go home, want a coffe at me?
Its just excuse to lure your partner to private 1vs1 settings where perverse things like cuddling can happen.

well duh but I'm just sick of it. You know my grandfather recently died and my grandmother was talking to me and I asked how they got together. She said he asked her to a music festival and promised her parents to have her home before midnight. He picked her up on his motorcycle, partied a little, listened to music and made love all afternoon into the night in a tent. She said she remembered it as if it were yesterday, even the slight chill in the air, hugging him tight, on the motorcycle ride home.

I want that not Netflix and chill

well then go back in time and fuck your grandpa

you mean to tell me no guy today has any imagination or too lazy to come up with something or too cheap to buy a couple passes and gas money? It makes more sense to you to suggest having sex with my grandfather after traveling in a time machine?



Men are creative, just not with you because you probably give it up too easy

That she has the dreams means nothing.

That she keeps telling you she dreams about you is hinting

avoid single yellow female, repeat, avoid.

stop dating stoners and other assorted morons.

If you want to have sex in camp after techno party in the fields then simply tell your suitors you want that. I am sure one of them will be willing to go that far.

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Your grandma fucked a guy at a party and you're jealous. Think about that.

What? Give it up has nothing to do with a guy trying. They put no effort into anything but a video game.

I don't date stoners but admit some morons slipped through.

See, like I said you guys expect me to tell you everything and then call me a bitch if I do or you start looking for a cheaper version or give me the someday promise.

Why can't a guy come up with something I don't know I would love yet and take me on an adventure?

An adventure isn't going to his messy apartment when his roommate is out, ostensibly to watch a movie I could watch at home and then have to deal with him trying to get me to suck him. Where is the adventure, the romance, the sense of wonder?

She knew him already dumbass and married him and they were married 45 years. She is lost without him now.

Times changed. Party thanks to laws allowing women to work or vote, party thanks to loud minority (feminists), party thanks to extraordinary easy access to porn or escorts (men todays arent in big hurry to bend backwards for the sole promise of sex) and lastly you sound like typical high upkeep low quality woman yourself.

Its always easier to blame others instead of looking at your own issues. For example you expect men (which are on average like retards when it comes down to social clues) to read your mind.

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I see. well the problem is obviously in your bad judgement then than with the motley bunch of lads you've been picking up. anyhow, good luck!


>Why can't a guy come up with something I don't know I would love
because harassment and false rape charges have ruined it on everyone.

Bitches are so fucking stupid.

>Where is the adventure, the romance, the sense of wonder?
Your grandma had sex.. in a tent... calm down love.

Guys don't put effort into sluts unless they're really hot

>Its always easier to blame others instead of looking at your own issues
Your whole post was blaming everything and everybody. God you guys are just lazy, admit it.

Certainly not at some druggie music festival.

I said a few morons but I also said to start, I'm done with any guy that cannot come up with anything better than netflix and chill or lets hang out. No, have a little imagination, take a small risk and both of us can enjoy the experience. Instead its safe, boring and above all else cheap. You want the payoff without any of the effort. I'm sick of it and so are many of my friends.

What? Thats a stupid excuse. You're just lazy.

guys are so lazy and stupid they cannot put any effort into anything more than a movie I can watch at home. You don't even make that interesting so why should I go? Hours of sitting on your couch may be good for you but its BORING to anyone else.

>You want the payoff without any of the effort.
This describes you perfectly, why is it the guy that has to come up with some kind of epic adventure on his own from scratch, if you think it's because they have to impress you because you're valuable/a catch then clearly that's not the case.

I used that as one example but it made an impression on her along with many more they experienced together. She loved my grandfather deeply and even though he's gone she still does.

You guys think romance is some one time trick to suffer through and its not.

Ok, something else, use your imagination.

no but in my experience you can start to think about or see someone differently after dreaming about them in a certain way. when i was younger i had a a dream i was lying in bed and cuddling with a guy in my class who i had never even really thought about much before. but after that dream i developed a crush on him.

If I can get pussy by messaging 30 girls on Tinder and waiting for at least one to respond positively then why would I waste my time and money getting, pussy any other way? You're not special enough for that, you're just another basic bitch who thinks she deserves Prince Charming when she doesn't.

I wished your comment was a surprise but its not and you only prove my point. Guys now are completely clueless at best and worthless at worst.

Ok, that doesn't threaten me at all so go ahead but you get what you put into it. Me, I'll wait for my prince.

Do you deserve a prince? Are you 7/10+? What have you done to build enough value in your life to earn that?

Not an argument.

You are living proof how entitled and toxic modern women are.

look lady, I agree with you 100%, that is the kind of man a woman wants, except that it is the kind of guy that is getting emasculated by society and all the faggotry going on. I don't condone this cheapass, lameass, netflix bullshit, fwiw.

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>This is where she stops replying

>she said she wanted to go on a date so I took her to some concert me and the boys were camping at, got her drunk, and fucked the shit out of her
>bitch could hardly walk in the morning
>the concert was free and the beer was cheap, never gotten my dick wet for less
t. retarded femanon's dead grandfather

The guys who try that shit are seen as weirdos, why should they?

>take me on an adventure?
why dont you take me on an adventure? man up

You are not under consideration and do not get to ask me any questions. You do make my point however. You cannot contribute anything positive or have any imagination when it comes to women so you throw out a string of questions intending to demean and put me on the defensive but you do not deserve answers.

Nope you lazy boy. Use your head. And you guys wonder why women won't listen to you anymore.

you sound like an entitled spoilt little cow, and the only kind of man able to put a bit of smacht on you will be some nasty biker badboy type who'll break your jaw and break your heart, and maybe arse too, not necessarily in that order.

And you sound like a manboy who's mommie nursed him WAY too long and have no idea how to be a man or even act civil. Shoo fly.

don't be daft, there are a few people replying to you. I like you, you're feisty. Unlucky in love, obviously, but perhaps that is a reflection on you also, think about that, no offence like.
also, you're the one hankering after a granpa-granma style wooing and courting: good for you!

>Nope you lazy boy
yes you lazy girl

she wants the green card, take care user

yes it is. especially knowing that she told you about this. ask her out and post results.

Lmao, I'm plenty creative, last date we went to a crepe shop, went bowling and finished it off by cooking dinner together. Now answer the question what does your entitled ass bring to the table?

a mother/son date doesn't count

Man, if you're gonna insult me at least apply some effort.

Get a room, you two. Serously though, I do not see why you two keep replying to each other. Like you both have something to prove.

On topic, people differ. Some are romantic, some are not. You came across people who are not. That's all there is to it. Maybe switch tactics on where to find these romantic people? Give your local book store a try like Notting Hill?