What does being loved feel like?

What does being loved feel like?

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I advice you to find out.

but how?

They’d die for you. That’s the best way to describe the feeling.

Pretty comfy desu

Dunno mate. I hear it's nice.

Your favorite color is brown. You like silver more than gold. On rainy days, you like to sit by a window with a sweater, some earl gray, and a book. You’re more of a rabbit person than a dog or a cat person.

There aren’t just good things about you. You can be frustrating. Stubborn. Refuse to ask for help when its clear that you need it.

But you won’t be angry if someone starts helping you anyway. You don’t need to ask them, because they are there for you.

I am here for you, user.

That’s what being loved is like.

Feels like friendship that enjoys having sex with you and making long term goals to build a future with children or an empire also with you.

It's really not that special.

Like lots of attention

A warm blanket.

bags of sand

Bro thats heroin

It's scary, knowing how much you care for someone and how much they care for you. But it feels wonderful and strong enough to bolster you against anything. That person is the highlight of your day.

I don't know but I know what rejection and being given a chance is like. After 13 years of closing myself off from any kind of love, a chance is more than enough for me.

One night I was really high on sleeping pills, I woke him up and asked him to please go grab me an oreo milkshake from a fast food because I was craving it. It was 4 in the morning.
I woke up at 5. He was watching me sleep, milshake on the table next to him milkshake, smiling like a faggot because "I was cute".

I guess love feels like that.

Love doesn't really mean much. You can be loved by friends, family, or romantic partners; it all boils down to the same thing: you are better in their life than out of it.

It's honestly just a weakness or vulnerability at its heart. When you love someone you feel as though you can let yourself be vulnerable and exposed and bare to them, and if they love you back then they will accept you and reciprocate. But people change, feelings change, relationships can be based on personas that aren't real, you can betray and be betrayed.

Family is the closest thing to true love in the world.

Like heroin, assuming heroin is a warm euphoric bliss, (I dont know I've never done it)

Shit. It fuckin sucks.

This. Recently fell in love with a friend who likes me back. It's both amazing and terrifying.

It's good and a fundamental part of the human experience.

All I want is this feel :(

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Good question.

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Like someone cares you as much as you care yourself

Like bags of sand

like a spoonful of sugar

goddamnit, OP. go find out yourself. You will not be disappointed

It's hell. Don't fall for this meme.

How do I find out?


I've always loved but never been loved myself. I guess if someone values you more than themselves, that sacrifice, that unconditional care and concern. Wish guys would be like that.

I want to know this too. I loved a certain guy and I always will but I can't even imagine how it would feel to actually be liked back

Feels amazing, it's like hitting the very core of what it's like to be human.
One girl i met at 17-18 years of age, her shy eyes could weaken even the strongest of men.
Glad the love was mutual, greatest feeling in the world.

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Like being in the womb. Being born is a different thing.

It's been so long since I've had my heart broken I feel no love from anyone, even when logically they must care deeply for me and I realize this, but, just don't really feel it anymore.

I wish I could know... I’m 22 yo and I’ve never dated anyone, never kissed or had sex with a girl. Nobody wants to date me because I’m a depressed loser and I don’t have any friends

>One night I was really high on sleeping pills, I woke him up and asked him to please go grab me an oreo milkshake from a fast food because I was craving it. It was 4 in the morning.
of course the post made by a woman is disgusting from beginning to end. I dont know how this spineless faggot didnt tell you to fuck off and left you the following day but it sounds like he is an insecure boy with no better prospects than your disgusting fat ass.

I don't get why you have to be rude.

The most wonderful hell you will come to know.

cranky cus' you're an incel aren't you

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The problem with being loved is that a lot of people (particularly the people here) believe that it is a state of being; a metaphysical place you can just go to and exist. It really couldn't be more of the opposite. Feeling loved is, generally, great. Its a feeling of great security and warmth and companionship. It is also a burden. It is hard work. It is uncomfortable at times. It is, in essence, always temporary. Being loved is only as rewarding as the amount of work you put into it. It can be utterly exhausting. The unfortunate reality is that love isn't something that falls down from the heavens and blesses random people. Love is not a connection itself but rather the strength of that connection. Any two people can interact and agree that they love each other but the amount that you are each willing to sacrifice for each other and the amount of accommodation, communication and sheer mental energy you sink into that connection is what makes it love. Waiting for love will always end in failure. Love is a fickle, finite resource that comes with no guarantee. Any second of any day it could be unceremoniously taken from you without apology or remorse. Real love is knowing that your entire being could be crushed any minute but diving in head first anyways because being with the person you love is worth that risk. Love is out there and it is an incredibly powerful, joyous and motivating feeling but it is covered in pitfalls. We'd all like to think that being a good person and making what we believe are the right choices will save us from these pitfalls but unfortunately life just doesn't work that way. Love is a series of choices and random events. It is simultaneously completely in and out of your control. Its weird.

Being cruel is a convenient way to avoid being vulnerable. user just wishes he had someone who cared about him enough to get up at 4 in the morning and get him a milkshake. Because he is autistic and alone he doesn't understand the concept that a person would genuinely wouldn't at all mind inconveniencing themselves simply for the purpose of making the person they love happy.

I had no recollection of waking him up at 4 and asking him for the milkshake, I fell back asleep right after. But waking up and seeing him smiling at me with the milkshake on the table next to him was one of the sweetest things ever.
I know it's dumb, but as you said knowing he didn't mind the inconvenience of getting out at 4 in the morning to grab a milkshake for me was a pretty nice sign of how much he cared about making me happy.

It's not the sweetest thing he did, or the only thing he did for me. But I always thought it was a pretty cute one.

>What does being loved feel like?
love is just a trick of the mind. Men and women hate each other in reality.

>I had no recollection of waking him up at 4 and asking him for the milkshake
It doesn't really matter even if you had. My girlfriend and I do stupid shit like this for each other all of the time. I understand the concept of going above and beyond and making grand gestures just to put a smile on your partner's face. These kinds of things are just little gestures of sacrifice and consideration that keeps relationships strong. Incels don't understand this. They're only able to comprehend contexts in which women are evil, manipulative creatures and men are victims.

I don't know!
Don't ask me!

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Only women understand what it is like being loved

cultivate soul. make friends. good ones. shitty ones. did your parents love you? did you ever grow attached to a teacher? a companion? it doesn't have to be someone you could fuck to be loved by

it's something you feel like you never truly deserve, but is given to you regardless. You empty your heart out in response and in the end you find there's nothing there, and you realize that the solution to your depression isn't this other person, but something you might never find. You still love them, but the pain from this realization dogs you every minute of your day.

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Feels nice, leaves me skeptical. Also feels like throwing away alot of time because they want all of it

Oh the accuracy.

By whom? Women? None of them really love anymore, at least none of the attractive ones do. You know what being loved is like because you have parents, have you ever had a pet you really really liked? Imagine you're that pet.

I really wish it wasn't

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HEY! Quit stealing my moves.

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> What does being loved feel like?


>They're only able to comprehend contexts in which women are evil, manipulative creatures and men are victims.
Probably because they've never had actual relationship experience. I bet if you gave each incel a gf they would change in no time.

I thought i knew what it was when she sent me message in the morning

"Good morning user!"

But alas, no. She didnt see me that way

Imagine someone caring more for your and your happiness than themselves and their own.
Now - imagine them *acting* on those desires.
Now - imagine that when you feel the same about them this mutual feeling grows and intesifies such that you are both capable of more empathy for each other, making you each *more devoted to the other*.
Can you imagine that?
The reality os much better.

I'm afraid I'll never know.

You have never been love by your mom????? Gee life sucks for you.

>Gee life sucks for you.

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okay thats not nice

I have never been too close to my mom. My dad died a while ago and was almost never there anyway. From the little I see, I have missed out on tonnes of familial/emotional intimacy and have had no physical, romantic or sexual intimacy whatsoever.

so yes

yes it does aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

>have to pretend I'm a normal guy who's probably had plenty of gfs before and has had enough love in his life he's not currently feeling really bad at this moment


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So ig I'll give my love story. Before I start, love is both the greatest and worst feeling a human could feel.

>Meets girl one day
>Becomes her best friend
>Open up to her about life (never done before)
>Learns she has a boyfriend
>Doesn't stop me, I keep talking to her
>She comes to my last football game (she has very strict parents so she could almost never do anything out of school)
>I was on starting defense, so I kept scanning the crowd for her on offense.
>Couldn't find where she was, maybe she showed me up
>I finally spot her and smile
>We lost the game, but the last play I got a QB sack
>I jump over the fense to hug her after the game
>A week later she breaks up with her boyfriend for me
>We get together
>October 2X 20XX
>I was her first kiss
>"How was that for a first kiss" I ask her to tease her
>The next months were the happiest I've ever felt to this day.
>She is the love of my life, the girl I want to marry.

>We begin fighting over little things
>Our constant fights get bad
>We said things we didn't mean.
>She stopped replying to my text messages
>I think the worst.
>Its newyears
>I didn't sleep
>I didn't sleep because of every mistake I had made
>I think shes going to break up with me
>I let another girl get close
>She takes advantage of me
>My love finds out what had happened
>Breaks up with me
>worst I've ever felt in my life
>I try to talk to her, but my texts aren't seen
>i cried
>i finally knew what it felt like to be alone.
>i aim at my temple
>gun misfires.
>I realise what I has just done and am disgusted in myself and all of my choices.
>no one knows about that.

>school started back.
>I feel worthless and spend class with my head down
>I have a wrestling match this Thursday
>its against my rival
>I warm up and streatch out
>she walks in.
>i look down, why was she here after everything I did?
>the match starts
>long story short its an even match, Its 2-0 most of the match
>3rd round, 10 seconds left
>he escapes and takes me down, 2-3 him
>the crowd is going bat sh*t crazy

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>losing 2-3

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