I literally can't take it anymore

I want sex. I need sex. I've been masturbating at least twice a day for the past month. I'm so horny and addicted and I want even more. I'm so sick of just touching myself by myself. The problem is that I come from a REALLY religious family they could kill me if I even made friends with a guy platonically. I'm only 18 and I should complete my university ed before I can get married but I literally can't wait anymore. I'm so horny all the time even in public and I have to hold myself in. Why? It's not fair. I can't take it anymore. I want things stuffed in all my holes but I can't. Most people in the world have this privilege, but I don't.

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Where do you live? Can't you move out?

Have friends where you regularly stay to netflix and finally go over to the chill part. Lol

That's not an option I would beg in the streets. I love my family but I just wish they were less strict in just that aspect.

Chill out you dumb whore I have 20x the amount of testosterone (therefore 20x the sex drive) as you and I’m still a virgin at 24 because I can’t find a willing participant. I get on life with and control the horniness just fine. Your horny behaviour is likely just wanting attention

How would your family know what you do at university?

holy shit I am 18 and virgin too. I masturbate 2 or 3 times in one day. But i am still being able to hold myself. Just calm down man everything comes just in time.

You must be one angry desperate ugly motherfucker if you are 24 and horny and a virgin.

We need another Jow Forums meeting for some people to get laid..

I mean what did you get now that you called him names... Are you happy now?

That's the only kind of language he understands. See "dumb whore"

24 and virgin. Dude you should give up. Try to learn how to use cosmic energy.

Wow what a whore. This has got to be bait. I hope it is nobody can be this messed up

You can sate your horniness by posting your tits

>I want things stuffed in all my holes
You're mentally ill, this isn't normal

What's wrong with having a stronger sex drive?

I would support your future honour killing for being a fucking anal slut.

My sex drive is 5 times more than hers. The problem is she's a total whore about her lesser sex drive. Again this has got to be bait

You can't have a sex drive 5 times stronger than hers and be a virgin.

Most religious people i've met are just like OP, holy shit. It's like religion makes you absolutely thirsty.

How does your retarded brain figure that?

>I have nothing and he is completely right about me so I will call him a retard

Im calling you a retarded because youre .completely wrong. How can one person ne this retarded?

I am right and you know it. You cannot have a super high sex drive like you claim and be a virgin. So which part are you lying about?

Not lying about either. You are a serious moron

Or did you just not mention that you are choosing to abstain from sex for religious reasons like OP?

Why both of you don't fuck already instead of bumping this thread with your sexual tension?


I'm not doing it for religious reasons. My religion teaches masurbation is just as much of a sin as homosexuality, sex before marriage, etc and I've mastubated multiple times a day aince i was in 3rd grade. She's talking about twice a day? Lol thats nothing. If you need sex with others for the sake of sex and not intimacy you have issues

You two should have sex with each other

Can you imagine the level of validation you would get from BLEACHING this Muslim chick with your big white cock? She is literally risking DEATH for a taste of your superior white seed, her insatiable lust to be fucked in her holes is stronger than her survival instincts - something cultivated over millions of years that had successfully led to her birth. I don’t know what I would bust to harder - the sex, or reading the news about her honour death. ALL FOR THE WHITE COCK.

Jesus, I’m leaking precum right now.

communism is the solution.
religions is a way, capitalists use, to control you-the poor- religion warn you and make you afraid of any sexual activity "that gives you more energy for work for capitalists and less energy for sex" that's their plan.
go out of your home. be communist. support our movement and have sex. enjoy life

Is this what Jow Forumsacks dream with?

Damn, an voluntarily celibate nympho girl exploding with sexual desire.
I almost feel bad, because your first dude is not good enough for that.
Most of us aren't

Please don't be like that.
You are experiencing natural lust and instead of dealing with it, you obsess over it.
This is not healthy because you're blaming everything around you for being unable to fulfill it (your family, masturbation not feeling good enough, being super horny, born in the wrong place etc).

What you're experiencing is normal.
People from your circles (assuming religion) having casual sex is NOT normal.
Think of millions of other people in exact same spot as you. They don't betray their morality to get "things stuffed in all my holes".

Control yourself. This is an obsession. You are glorifying casual sex which is not something worth glorifying.
The least you could do is get a clear, unbiased view on casual sex, because right now you're in this spot where it seems like the answer to all questions because - again - you're obsessing over it.

This is not the right moment to make such decisions. In fact, you will probably regret it if you act on it.
Calm down first, you can't think straight of sex while being horny. Think of it when you're not.

I have the same problem, I'm a tunisian-sand niggerish boi
No matter what you do; you have to control your sex drive till you graduate from the universty with good grades.
I fucked up real bad in the first year because I didn't find a good puss puss; and when I finally found her she turned out to be not interested in me after 4 months; I became upset and bamboozled big time but it isn't worth it really, now I have to study real hard to pass the mid-term exams and that's not ez. focus on your study you dipshit.

lol nafroid btfo

she was with a 9-10 white body with those multi colored eyes that she had, and she had perky tits and round milkish ass; but she hated me after her parents knew about us, she became a complete pussy and denied me though I was willing to confront her parents but she wasn't able to take full responsibilities of her actions, in the end I'm the evil person and I should be stoned till I die.baka

>supposed girl talking about sex
>devolves into incels spouting off, calling her a whore for wanting sex
Every single time. It never fails.

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>I have 20x the amount of testosterone (therefore 20x the sex drive)
Nice science there faggot. The only thing "20x the amount of testosterone" will give you is hair loss at 16.

>I want things stuffed in all my holes but I can't.

Maybe it's God's blessing that you can't act out your impulses at the moment and even if you can't see it now you'll be thankful in a few years, don't let yourself be brought down to an animalistic way of living even if our current society actually embraces it.

>1 Corinthians 6:18 Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body.

Twice a day is a fairly low count. Some people masturbate to orgasm, six or seven times a day. Wanting sex is normal. As is masturbating in public. Become more adventurous with your masturbation. Find places in public where you won't get caught. Like libraries or even base ball stadiums. If you want to have sex, have your parents find you a nice smart rich boy from a good family and marry him immediately. It's really up to you.

She got caught with a brown guy. That’s why she broke up with you, brown guy

You can't even quote the bible correctly.

sex is nice, but not when it's with just a random stranger
and why do you think you need to finish your studies to get married?
my wife is still studying and it doesn't hurt either of us - why would it?

A few words differ in terms of which translation you use but the message is the same.

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bad bait

lol shut up virgin

Where do you live OP?

>seething incels who think women needing sex is abnormal
Surely you guys realise what's wrong with you, right?

>My sex drive is 5 times more than hers.
You can't possibly know this and you're most likely wrong. Women both need more sex than men and enjoy it about 5 times more. That's why women literally scream during sex while men almost never do. Stronger needs, more intense sex.

>It's like religion makes you absolutely thirsty.
No, it's absolute thirst that makes religion.

I don‘t have time and energy for your bullcrap 9a7bah
You say you‘re masturbating all day and since you reveal you do it often you probably stuff in crazy shit like bottles
So you do have stuffed things in your hole
You know what I know your problem you just need a silicone dildo
Never had sex but i have some medical knowledge I’ve had suggested people who wanted to do proper suicide many good safe methods clinically verified
So I can confirm that good parts of sex can be easily simulated with toys
Bad parts cannot i mean there‘s not a single toy giving you some change for taxi ride home
You‘re a whore btw

Don't listen to these incels, OP.

Provided you aren't too far away, I will service you in every hole you want. I have a nice thick cock and it gets very hard. I can also have sex nearly endlessly after I came once.

Talk to me.

lmao dumb muslim

Why did you you me

>complete my university ed before I can get married
lol why. pick one or the other. good luck holding a career when you're raising kids.

Imagine not doing natural things that are healthy for you and being under threat of death from your family because of an imaginary sky wizard

Soon you won't have to imagine it, it'll be your life.

Imagine thinking that being so much of a whore that you literally want ALL of your holes filled is normal. OP just needs to get shit in check.

It's biologically normal for a young adult to desire procreation. I'm not saying that someone should go out and get gangbanged, but it's a perfectly normal craving to want sex.

I used to beat my dick three times a day between the ages of 12-18 and I had sex once in that period.. guess self control is a concept lost on the modern female

>self control == not having sex with someone who is not me
Never change, incels.

>someone shares a problem
>let's be sexist because she's a woman
You're a moron.

No different from a man wanting to fill a woman's every hole. What are you, fucking gay?


My virgin ex was the horniest beast in the land. She came onto me literally. I fucked her and dumped her and she was depressed for months. Don't be a whore.

Imagine being this mentally ill.

>don't be a whore
Don't be an asshole. If you don't care for someone, don't have sex with them. Projective douchebag.

>calling her your ex
>fucked once and dumped immediately
This is why incels should burn and deserve to be alone forever.

I agree with what you're saying. I was a different person then, and I was an asshole.

You don't have to be having sex to be in a relationship. That sounds like something an actual skank would say. Also I'm obviously not an incel ;)

OP turned me on. I long for female lust more than anything. I hope she comes back.

>I want things stuffed in all my holes but I can't.

are you going away to university? It should be easy to sneak people into your dorm room

Or she could sneak herself into a man's dorm room, which would help quite a bit if she really does want all of her holes filled.

OP, I'll fill your holes no strings attached. My dick is huge.

OP, get a discord and drop your contact.


I just need a relationship desu. Can be sexless.

>extremely religious family
>they could kill me if I even made friends with a guy platonically
I don't doubt this for a second. Shit happened in my city a couple years ago...
Have you considered telling your father that you want to get married and be a good Muslim wife and raise kids? Why would you want any of this haram education nonsense? Childbearing is what you should be doing!

You are fucking pathetic.

Damn, a cock carousel rider in the making, a pretty common sight but interesting nonetheless.

this is how i felt when i was 18 still a virgin though.
dont worry about it you're female, everyone wants to fuck u

Yeah and what 18 year old guys should be doing is rawdogging it no condom without an education, with 35 yo prostitutes, marrying them to keep the steady stream of pussy.

This is basically most men on this board except instead of family issues they just have no women willing to reciprocate.

>responding to such poor shitty bait

For shame. OP posted once and then not again, learn to know a bait/LARP thread when you see it

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Just carry condoms with you and hang out with guys. If they want to do the dirty at your place they're disqualified. You'll meet plenty of them, but just stay rational and if they go without the condom do whatever it takes to get out of there.

Thats DHT you retard

How many girls have you asked on date this year?