How did you improve yourself and why?

How did you improve yourself and why?

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It took me 10-15 year longer than anyone else, but I finally earned a bachelor's degree.

Good on you user, be proud

Based, good work user.

Work, study, work.

Before it became too late. The top reason was to be financially secure in case my mom suffers a rapid deterioration in health from cancer. I took the most rapid pathway I could see to get to a middle class career.

Can i get some help please. My life is sort of going downhill and i literraly have the idea of suicide in my head hours daily.

I am on the 9th hear of my mechanica engineering bachelors. I took it slowly and am a lazy cunt. I only have 3 classes left, calculus 2, physchis 2 and dif equations. The issue i have forgotten even high school math at this point so i just cant even study, i even submitted my thesis and it was accdpted but fuck me i feel so bad about this. It makes me feel worthless and an idiot, i am genuinely thinking paying someone else to enter the exam for me even though i dont even know who to ask.

This is effecting me daily, year after year not accomplishing this simple thing, even though i am improving physically i feel like such a burden. I am 28 and i cant handle what a worthless shit i am anymore. I am not sure i will make it past the calendar year, because deep down i know all this bappened is because of me..

I even know the answer is cut down all hobbies and study, but i am even too lazy for that and spending time on Jow Forums. I am so useless..

Not sure if this really counts, but I started directing more effort towards making passive income and have come a long way.

Kiss ass to get promoted, in order to buy more luxury goods and services (that give sensory pleasure, not mere status symbols).

I lost 40 pounds and got into really good shape to impress a girl I’m in love with. But it turns out you don’t magically grow a pair and learn to ask out women when you look good

>I only have 3 classes left, calculus 2, physchis 2 and dif equations.
Those are the intro classes. You can't take actual mechE classes without doing these first. What are you on about?

Just finished my bachelors this year. I thought I was gonna flunk out of high school, and I did fail my senior math classes in high school. Now I have a degree in a science.

I also have anxiety now. I went through some cbt and I’m still struggling a lot but I definitely feel better able to handle life overall now. I skipped out on a job interview the other day and nearly offed myself because of how upset I was at myself. The important part of that story though is that I’m still here to write it.

>I even know the answer is cut down all hobbies and study, but i am even too lazy for that and spending time on Jow Forums. I am so useless..
I know this feel. The best advice i have is to start small. Don't think of it as this big chunk of studying you have to get done. That's overwhelming and will mentally block you. Break it down in to small bites. Begin by reading one sentence, one paragraph, one page. Do one excersise. Then reward yourself by taking taking a break and wasting a little time on Jow Forums. Then go back and do another excersise.
The idea is to rev up on easy gears and hopefully eventually gain enough mental momentum to study. If that makes any sense to you.

How do you do that?

In the country i am in you could do that, so i did. The requirements werent put in at my uni until after a few years of my enrollment so they dont apply to me. I passed all other classes like i said, thermodynamics, heat transfer, any elective my uni gives about plastics, even my thesis is about 3d printing.

It does, but the classes i have left need foundations from high school and i forgot even those. You are right i know you are right, i shouldnt even rrply to you and just look at the examples. But i dont think i have the strength for this, i dont want to presume it but i might have depression. But fuck me, i might just be making this up in my head in an attempt to cope with my failure.

I dont even know how to start, i lost 30+ pounds of weight, i dress better i improve what i can. But being useless and a burden just paralyses me sometimes. I want to go to a psychiatrist or sth but also afraid of faking symptoms. I might be too weak for this..

>i might have depression
Almost certainly. Every day you don't do something towards graduating, you'll feel more shit. It's an evil downward spiral. But every day you get something little done, towards graudating you'll feel a little better about yourself. It's a long hard climb out of the pit, but you're the one who has to do it. I've been there myself, I know how you feel.

You managed to get accepted to your programme. You passed almost all of your courses. You even got your final thesis accepted; Do you know how impressive that is!? You have the capacity to do this last bit that needs to be done, I KNOW you do. Don't give up user, I believe in you.

good job

hope it's a STEM degree

>improved my diet
>worked on my hobbies and am now seeing monetary gains from it
I was in a massive episode of depression and resentment from age 18 - 25. The fear of missing out on my youth scared me into getting shit done. I still have so much longer to go, but I'm glad I didn't let myself sink deeper into my depression. Really bums me out to see people who have, but I don't blame them since I almost resigned myself to a life of misery.

I mostly "improved" myself by devoting myself to anything such that I don't have to deal with myself and my thoughts by simply being busy.

People will think I have done a respectable amount of things, but they do not know the truth behind it.

Holy fuck, dude why do you talk about yourself like that?

I am not the guy you are replying to, but I came here to tell you that imho you are a great user and Jow Forums poster. Keep it like that.

srsly dont mastrubate every fuckn day and your life is getting better. If you sleep enough and don't eat shit you can easy turn that shit brother

It is not impressive whn i cant finish it. I am sort of paralysed by past failures, your suggestion is good but fuck me when i tried similar stuff it just didnt work.

I dont know if i should go to a psychiatrist or psychologist, i am somewhat afraid i will just parrot them stuff i picked up online. Not sure how capable they are either, i dont want to get prescribed sth that will mess me up.

Look i understand your points and thank you for your encouragement, they are literally the same ones i give on this board to fellow anons, but for me i just cant, for some reason..

Because it is my honest feelings about myself, i am not larping here. I genuinely wish i did. I know i shouldnt blame anynody for my failures and i understand my life is at my hands. So i am responsible, everything i did wrong is by my actions and mine alone. It means i failed my loved ones dearly too and it weighs heavily on me..

I dont masturbate everyday user, i eat well and work out the most in my life. I literally lost 30+pounds in 5 months and even when i get praised for it i think "it is nothing and i dont deserve it" cause i dont.

When i was in paris in vocation half the day i felt distraught every day, although granted it might be because of a girl. Which is another point of my failures..

Writing you graduation thesis and getting it accepted is the hardest part of any eduaction. I'm impressed that you were able to do it, and even more so that you did it despite not passing prerquisite courser.

>but for me i just cant, for some reason..
I think you can, if you portion it up into tiny overcomable chunks, and start. I know it's tough, but you've done harder things before, and deep dow I think you know you can do it. But start.

Even the longest journe begins with a single step. And then followed by another single step. Walking a thousand miles is hard. Taking one step is easy.

Psychiatric help or medication might well help you, but even then you will have to do the hard work yourself.

I know that feeling, brotha

I'm almost down to my goal weight, almost got my college education done, and am starting to become more independent and less socially awkward.
I started out as a depressed, low self-esteem, suicidal, abused, fatty femanon.
Even though the turning point for my life was shitty, it's good that it happened because I wouldn't be where I am with out it.

I just dont know user. I will try it again, but if i fail this classes one more time i think i will just give the heirloom rifle one last go. If it wasnt for my mother i wiuld have done it years ago, i dont want to bring her any pain but my abysmal state already does..

C-can you be my friend?

I didn't. Now I'm almost 30 and fuck my life I wanna die it's too late.

Don't forget where you came from.

What was the turning point?

I embraced my skills instead of putting them on the back burner.
I did it for money and to financially contribute with my bf.

Had to quit my job many years ago due to health reasons. I still wanted to work so i tried various work-from-home jobs. I tried everything. Translation, transcription, editing, content mill writing, teaching languages, shopping affiliation, even nude webcamming at my most desparate point. Some of it brought in money but it wasnt enough. I ignored my artistic abilities because i wasnt confident i could make money off of them.

Finally embraced them (along with my fetishes) and now i draw niche fetish art on patreon from the comfort of my home for $2900 a month

>draw niche fetish art on patreon from the comfort of my home for $2900 a month

Good shit, man

I am disgusted and impressed.

Still, losing 40 pounds isn't something to sneeze at! You'll find someone else who is as motivated as you are!

0. Zen meditation
1. No More Mr. Nice Guy
2. Less Stress and more Rest for Adults with Autism
3. Bullet journal
4. Therapy, mindfulness
5. Vitamin B12 treatment
6. The Assertiveness Workbook
7. Communication Coach
8. Getting Things Done
9. Plan B for Autism and Communication
10. Write down three positive things every day

I want to be a designer, dammit! I'm sick of walking through these social minefields and getting snapped at! Tired of jumping through all of these hoops for people who act like grade-A cunts! I want to work on my own things and progress, plan, learn, and finish what I started!

Now that I have more energy and think in a positive manner, I tend to come up with more solutions and work more on the things I want to work on, even the hard parts that suck because they just don't suck that much anymore. I have one life, and I will either achieve some goals or have fun trying!

Realizing the person I loved abused me and kept me from improving myself for 3 years all while making me think I was the problem. The wake up/turning point was after he tossed me aside when some fresh pussy finally showed interest in him.
I went from 0 to 100 within weeks from him doing that.

Just started taking walks one morning and things started going uphill from there. Been working my first full time job for about 8 weeks now and I'm saving up to go back to school.

Women shouldn't post in threads such as this.

Your ((MGTOW)) is showing user.


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From my lowest point I pretty much left a toxic group of people, which meant I stopped being drunk/high regularly. I'm pretty sure that one move saved my life.

Their negativity made it hard for me to focus on myself, my career, my stability, health, everything.

didnt because theres no point in doing so.
why bother if i doesnt change anything?

Because doing the same thing and hoping that something different will happen is crazy. Do something different. People who get somewhere don't instantly know what to do, they just try, fail, evaluate, and try something else until they learn and get somewhere.

So I recommend doing something about your attitude first. When you're on your death bed, what would you regret? The things you didn't achieve or the things you didn't even try?