What are your biggest regerts in life?

What are your biggest regerts in life?

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relapsing and lying about it
I lost Her because of it
she will never come back

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everything, my life has been nothing but regrets, my only current one is that I don't have the courage to just end it.

In 2017 I was at home for Christmas for two weeks and saw a competition for short story writers "based in" my home region, and submitted a story not thinking I'd win. I was working in a city outside of that region at the time, but had plans to return there at the end of the year to return to university. A few months later I learned that I had won the competition, and asked my boss if I could work remotely for one week in order to collect the prize, still assuming I'd have returned for good by the end of that year. I collected the prize, but ended up withdrawing my application to study for a Masters and so didn't move back to the region as intended. I emailed the organizers the following year explaining that I didn't move back, apologizing, and offering to return the prize money. They said it was no problem, and that I hadn't broken any rules. This year I did move back to my home region, but I still feel like a huge piece of shit for not returning as planned in 2017, and at this point my desire to become a writer is stronger than ever but I am so filled with self-loathing that I can't allow myself to even consider it any more.

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>be me, last year
>started doing cocaine because bored
>already doing weed and alcohol
>my gf of 1 year and half found out by surprise
>I went into rehab, intern, detox and then NA meetings
>we went abroad in a trip together, it was great. no more drugs
>when we came back, she left on another trip and since I was alone, couldn't handle it and relapsed
>she came back, found out and allowed me to confess, but I lied in her face to the end
>5 days later, she kicked my ass
>she is now pregnant and with a new bf

She was the one. I've been with other girls after, and nothing is the same.
Although I am mostly over it, every once in a while appears this feeling of melancholia for what I had and lost. She was almost perfect for me.

So listen here, boys: Take care of what you have, if you have something good. Don't fuck it up.

I have a few, mostly related to money. But I think my biggest regret is thinking that getting married would make my life better somehow.



Falling for a guy i knew was a piece of crap without balls.
I was hoping something would change, i ended up being shat on and treated like a slut when being dumped for another woman

>Be me
>Christian fag since birth
>Be a good boy
>Things get rough when I turn 17
>Get a non religious gf
>Manipulative and crazy af
>Loves sex
>Have lots of sex
>Parents find out
>Severe mental trauma, taking years to recover, develop anxiety
>Feel fine
>Gain knowledge of stds
>Develop paranoia of having HIV or something
>Cant trust any women and never want to have sex again
>Lose sleep because fear of dying that way
>no health insurance
>Everyone swears Im fine when I freak out
>Just wanna be happy for a little while
>Im miss the kind of relationship with an so

My regret is pretty lame but the mental damage is real, she treated me like crap, played mind games and tried to get me to turn back on everything I got. I left her and realized the kind of stuff she said to me wasnt right

I fr just have a sore throat and diarrhea because I had spicy food last night but my mind is racing about how im going to wither away like a plant and no one cares.

Having meaningless sex when I was essentially a good girl, didn’t lose my virginity till I was 21.
Stealing from an old job they never found out but I regret it
Lying about a death in my family to get out of a grade

Wasting my entire twenties doing literally nothing.

LOL, I regret NOT wasting my twenties doing fun shit

Can you read? I said doing literally nothing, I didn't do "fun shit."

And I said I regret not doing fun shit in my 20s. Am I not allowed to regret that, Your Royal Highness?

>high school sweetheart 3 years
>he's to go away for university we talk about break up
>hurt I have sex with a guy expecting bf to leave soon
>bf decides to stay close to home
>I'm pregnant, unsure the father, abortion
>my mom slips about abortion and bf wtf
>he doesn't know about other guy and angry I aborted his child
>he breaks up and back to plan A, and leaves
>he's now extremely successful, married with beautiful kids

That was supposed to be my life

Voting for Hillary Clinton

The implication was my "wasted" was doing fun shit, anyway, doesn't matter.

You kids, stop that


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