Advice on moving on and not be stuck in the past

Guys need help.
So I had this GF a year ago and we were pretty happy and all. Until she became a bitch and would make up excuses to not to go out with me, which fucking sucked because i had just gotten into the same college as her, had basically no friends besides her, had money problems and my sister was dying from a lung infection(shes fine now btw).
Eventually things became even worse and i got sick and tired of it, and we broke up, at first i thought I was going to be just fine and happy and it would be another break up I have no biggie i've had to deal with it b4. But I guess the whole situation i was in contributed to me going down emotionally, i basically became a doomer doing nothing but smoking cigs and drinking while being in my PC all day, skipping classes in college and shit.
Eventually i did started to go out again, actually meeting some friends and yes, getting some girls again, and the problem starts here, I do want to start dating again i do want to find someone, and i've had 2 chances of dating ( literally being asked by them) since i broke up with my EX, but it seems that it doenst matter how much i want my brain doesnt want to forget my ex and make such an effort and go through what i had gone before, so i refused getting into anything serious...
At the same time i want to be in a relationship with another girl I cant, How do i fix this, how do i forget that bitch once and for all and move on.

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Bump cuz similar shit

First time I seen this doomer shit...I feel personally attacked.

Damn pretty shitty situation right?


Although fucusing on myself helps so does hanging out with my friends i hope we make it and there are girls that deserve our love

Its really bad when you just want to live normally and because of one shitty person you can't connect with other people, either because you think she is the only one or because you dont want that pain to come back....

Focusing on myself was what got me through all of that shit, and my friends also were a big role

Hey bro I know what you are feeling and I have been in a worse one, all you have to do is to tell yourself it's over and there won't be anything between you and your ex, it's going to hurt at the beginning but at the end you will be free from her. Good luck bro

So im on the right way i think i just need to continue like this for some time thanks by the way

Yeah i though she was nearly perfect for me but im beggining to let go i just need to continue working on myself and hang out with my bros and best friends (they give me their oppinion and help me and i also feel alot less lonely,and i ahould in a matrer of time not feel lonely at all)also remembering thw bad things about her helps and not thinking about her too and dont worry we are gonna make it

For the past year i've been trying to convince myself of that, but in my mind she is perfection (even though shes far from it) and all the girls i have been with cannot even be close to what she was. Thats why i refuse them

>me not feel lonely at all
Thanks i will continue my path of bettering myself and i also think eventually i will stop thinking of her as the perfect girl, all i can see when i remember her is our good memories unfortunatly

Same so i sometimes force myself to remember the bad ones on it helps also there is this video that had an imapct on me

Wow this was really a nice video, thanks alot man appreciate it alot, made me feel way better

Dude you said it she's far from perfection and the she's even worse than what you think, your brain just lies to you because you were in love with her. It's more of an addiction, just work on yourself ,and your self-esteem and the reason you refused those girls is because you are not interested in them, just go out and find a girl the meets your standards, go ask random girls and you will be amazed of what you are going to find. It's not going to be easy but you have to believe in yourself

Np bro glad to help + we are dealing with the same stuff

Thanks to everybody in this thread you guys help

Another video i just found

Thanks man apreciate your words, will try to live a better life from now on, I do have to improve on my self confidence though that's true indeed

I know we can move on from this my friend, it's just a matter of time, I really hope someday i can meet someone that will erase her from my memory

We shall friend, and as my grandpa told me:"if you keep looking,you will find the right one."Good luck my friend(s) and let us find the perfect life we strive for, the jurney never ends(the girls that broke our hearts were both a distraction and a learning opportunity)

>but it seems that it doenst matter how much i want my brain doesn't want to forget my ex.

A strong dose of dopamine was released while you were with your gf, making it very difficult to forget her. That's what dopamine does. She lives in your head thanks to dopamine. So just realize it's a brain chemical thing and fight through it. Dating another women is probably the best thing you can do to erase the imprinting of that dopamine in your brain.

Wise words from your elder, i always like and respect what our elders have to say about life

This guy has some really good videos, im actually motivated to do my assignment now

Thank you :)

Im glaf to help we wikk do tho this brothers we ade gonna make it