Due to a series of personal events that have happened...

Due to a series of personal events that have happened, I've started to despise the world because of the "unfairness" of it all

I am also self aware enough to realize that this probably stems from being an entitled little fuck, but the self awareness only helps so much

When I am alone, especially when I am alone, I end up disliking the world I am in, to the point where I simply cry, or fantasize about hurting people, or think about suicide

What do I do so I stop feeling this way? What books do you suggest? I want to stop feeling this alone, I want to feel loved

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You don't need a book.
You need a friend.

Do you have a friend whom you can confide in?
Arrange some time together during the weekend or some other time and get at it.

We're naturally supposed to share our grievances.
That's why depression is often vocal (and sometimes annoying) - people who are feeling down tend to involve others.
No good friend will think any less of you if you do this.

I wonder this too.
Yeah I know I am entitled, yeah I know I shouldn't compare myself to others,
yeah I know I should count my blessings and all that.
Still doesn't make me not want a better life style, more women, more money, more social power.
How the fuck could you NOT want all of that amazing shit?
Yeah I know I can't have it, since I was not born exceptional, but how can I not turn bitter about it?
Just knowing it logically doesn't affect my emotions.

Why are you replying to yourself?


>I've started to despise the world because of the "unfairness" of it all

Ya. The world is a fucked up place. I'm a 29 year old virgin, and i'm thankful. Look at the look on that girl's face. I'm not the best at reading body language, but it looks like she's pretty disgusted by the person taking the photo. I don't blame her. I'm disgusted by what i want to do to her. But that's life. It's fucked up. We try to be better than the fucked up feelings cravings and urges we experience.

I'm not certain about what the meaning of life is. I'm not sure what our purpose is. But i like to think it's to just be good. And all it really takes to be good is not being bad. It's a simple scale. You can do nothing of value whatsoever throughout your whole life, but as long as you don't hurt/kill/rape anyone, you're a good person in my book. But good luck with that shit LOL look at that girl, can you blame the guy for snapping a pic my dear god she looks so fucking delicious holy fuck i hate myself.

good luck /b/ro, life is treacherous. good luck.


Jordan Peterson maps of meaning if you're high IQ
Jordan Peterson biblical lecture series if you're atheist
Jordan Peterson 12 rules if you're low iq babbys first introduction to a moral life

>tfw youngest child of 3
>tfw one year younger than everyone at school because I skipped a year
>tfw 5'4"
>tfw not very attractive
>tfw kind of excentric
>most of my motivation is now fueled by a flaming rage to show everyone that I'm actually a pretty cool guy
>I'm now an overcompetitive guy who's never satisfied with what I have

At least I'm doing a lot better than a lot of people I guess. That being said, pretty much my entire motivation in life comes from things I could not control. It's infuriating, but I'd rather use that fire to fuel something good instead of let that fire devour me.

To all the people suggesting Jordan Peterson - I've tried, he doesn't help

I was thinking about getting a pet, is it too selfish to get one, just to ease this feeling I'm feeling? Will it help?

Thinking the only stuff that qualifies as "working" must work emediately, like a magic pill.
Peterson's books and lectures have helped tens of thousands in the last couple of weeks, but it requires work on the readers' part. Also, different things work for different people. It's stupid to claim that JBP doesn't work, just because you've "tried", and it wasn't for you. Just look at the number of his audience.

>I'm not the best at reading body language, but it looks like she's pretty disgusted by the person taking the photo.
Reading body language requires 4D. This is a photo. For all you know, she's got that look on her face because they just fucked in the bathroom stall, and she didn't have time to unmess her hair before he took the photo.

>I'm not certain about what the meaning of life is. I'm not sure what our purpose is.
The purpose is to find meaning. You do so by responsibly moving forwards towards the unknown, informed by the values and virtues you've established in the past. If you don't have any responsibilities, you're living on Pleasure Island, which quickly can trap you in a living hell.

>You can do nothing of value whatsoever throughout your whole life
This is a dystopian flat out lie.

You're not wrong about life being a treacherous, fucked up place, but it's significantly better than any other time in history. Consider yourself blessed for being alive now, and not earlier. Take responsibility, and you'll experience meaningful things.

You could accept how life is instead of going against the flow of the river.

Anything seems unfair when you work against it expecting the same results as someone that follows it.

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Please fuck off back to where you came from, namely Reddit.

>but it's significantly better than any other time in history.
That's relative to the person. Some suicidal incel probably isn't seeing the benefits of society and is maddeningly craving to go out and just force his will on others through violence as would be acceptable long ago.

We live in a time where it seems you can only have meaningful relationships if you are constantly tricking your partner into believing you're "alpha" and if you don't she fucks around on you. Or you have to accept she had 20 different partners, some of which you despise but she found perfectly pleasing.

The world infuriates me. No matter how much I go to the gym, or whiten my teeth, or polish my social skills I always fucking find something to despise in everyone.

"that guy is almost 40 years old and hitting on 18 year olds, but it's cool because he's popular and hiding it behind a facade of coolness", fucking goddamn humans. I can't even accurately describe the disgust societal double standards provoke in me. I just want to swing an axe into peoples faces and make them stop being such pieces of shit.

>inb4 ouch the edge

But I really do feel this. I understand the frustration of these mass murderers. Our society sucks, it rewards the best liars and cheats, the best tricksters, the people with the most "game" as if it's ok that's what life, family and partnerships have been reduced to, a "game". And if you're not ok with it, if you're not ok with a woman slutting it up for 10 years, getting pregnant at 18 and having 4 kids with 4 different men you're the goddamn problem.

It is so infuriating. I'm almost to the point I'd welcome a death at the hands of the states attack dogs if it meant I could strike back at someone, anyone, for the madness I live in.

>You could accept how life is instead of going against the flow of the river.
For what purpose? I want life to be ideal, not simply be.

Then I'm sorry, you are working against it.
You may think that you are or can be in control of things, big life is WAY bigger than you.

I used to have the same problem as you of wanting shit to be exactly how I want it. Got my mind fucked the hell up with anxiety until I gave up and accepted that truth. Now I'm happy despite not getting exactly what I want all the time.

But again, you can fight that if you want, but be warned that this is a battle no human even won.

Then I'll kill as many of you as I can.

Now you are acting like a baby that I took the pacifier.

Look, this isn't something you can manage a work around, it's an absolute truth. Arguing against it would be like not wanting to get burned when you grab molten metal and getting pissy when it does burn you.

It isn't something bad, it's just a rule of the game. And it doesn't mean you don't get to do things your own way, you just have to police your actions to know if you are going against the current of the river or not.


See you at the game over screen then.

What do you want me to say?
I even went out of my way to tell you it isn't a bad thing and that you be happier if you do accept it.

At this pint you are just getting pissy with your burned hand.

You shouldnt assume these are empty threats. All threats are empty until they're not.

Go ahead, shoot the messenger.
My advice won't change and the fact you are this mad about it proves I've struck a chord. You know I'm right about this.

I can still help you by telling what you can do to work yourself back into the flow of the river at your own pace, but I guess you prefer the long route.

I thought you were upset because people are self opportunistic, really it seems you're upset because of differences in politics, lifestyles, and dae hate sluts memes on Jow Forums

Honestly my advice is stop being edgy, you wouldn't feel this way if you got your ass off the internet. Many people feel the same thing you do, but on a deeper intellectual level. Like a child feeling resentment for his mother abusing him, but later on as an older man he finds out bits and pieces of his mother's life that led to this treatment. That's something that happened in my life, to this day I don't forgive my mom but I understand her sadness, and all I wish is for her to find happiness even if the two of us can never reconcile

Work at a low level job in retail and see the shitty way customers treat you or your employees lie to get around. Then also see the nice people who patiently wait for you when you fuck something up on the register, or crack jokes and wish you a good day, or a little kid gives you a drawing on a holiday when you're busting your ass.

You're lacking real world experience, you need to get out there and start experiencing life. You'll see there are good and bad things about it, there's no need to be edgy just realistic. And the only real answer is life is unfair, but we can all do something to minimize suffering.

Suffering is a choice. Stop sympathizing with mass murderers.

>Stop sympathizing with mass murderers.
Did he?
Damn that kid is wanting all kinds of attention.

Learn to enjoy melancholy and realize that most people are just children that need care.

You're completely wrong about me user. I'm in my 30s and have lived in 5 nations on 4 continents. I've visited over 20 countries. I work 10 hour days 5 days a week. I go to the gym nightly. I talk to coworkers. I moisturize, whiten and condition. I've been in love, lied to, stabbed, shot at, nursed, cursed l and cared for. I know what it feels like to watch someone die. I know what it feels like to lose a parent. I have lived.

And I hate all of this hypocritical bullshit. I hate the lying. The stealing. The manipulating. The people that KNOW they're getting played but play anyway. I hate it all.

Alright, so if Peterson is le too reddit for you, pick up Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power.
You seem to be in total lack of it. Remember to breathe, goddamit. I don't understand what you wish to achieve from asking a fucking no gf board for help with this, when you totally ignore the painfully obvious suggestions we're dealing you. Take some responsibility in life. I know you haven't been taught this earlier, since our goddamn boomer parents never cared to look beyond their household, but this can't be ignored if you want to experience anything meaningful in life.

So in the end it's still about differences in lifestyle. You can't control what others do in their lives, it is arrogant to assume you know what's better for them anyways.

There's nothing that says you must live an unauthentic, unrewarding life, so why are you so fucking mad? I told you life is unfair but we can minimize suffering. What's stopping you from doing that, and why do you think killing people is an appropriate answer?

So that was the problem?
Well, then my advice is different from the "flow of the river" thing, but it's close:
>People will do what they want and not even God can prevent it. All YOU can do is try not to get caught up on this and try to be happy despite it.

People are dicks, big whoop. If you hate the mind games so much, don't do them and abstain from talking to people that do as much as possible.

Seriously, was that the problem?

>And I hate all of this hypocritical bullshit
Stop reading stuff on the internet that confirms this world view then. You'll find evidence to support that all what you hate is true, but consider the fact that the people who aren't like this mighthave better things to do with their life than to blog about it on Jow Forums. Source out the stuff that'll confirm the good parts of life.

>why do you think killing people is an appropriate answer?

Because they need to stop. They need to be made to stop.

Psychadelic drugs bought from research labs because of their grey legal status low price and safety.

That'll field goal your entitled ass into humility.

Oh and it's not entitled to want to feel loved. It's entitlement to demand others love you. There's a fine difference.

Live to inspire change. Be the change you wish to see in the world. It's not a one man job, and there's plenty of room. Good things tend to happen.

The world doesn't want to change you goddamn fool. They need to be exterminated.

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I'm not edgy. It's the truth. They like their shitty world. They thrive in it. They need to be forced to stop.

It's edgy because you are talking about it on Jow Forums for no apparent reason other than shock value.
Grow up.