I have extremely thin forearms for a guy. I'm 22 and this is what my forearm looks like...

I have extremely thin forearms for a guy. I'm 22 and this is what my forearm looks like. I don't see much difference between mine and my 12 year old brother's. My 15 yo sister has bigger fucking arms than me, and I'm supposed to be lifting and all that crap. I realize genetics play a role, and I have drawn the worst possible card, but seriously, most girls have thicker arms than me without lifting a weight in their life, and I can wrap around my wrist and touch my thumb with every single finger.

What can I do? I've never had a girlfriend, I'm always submissive, and I've never been in a fight in my life. My body image issues have caused me to have basically non-existent confidence throughout all of my life. I feel so pathetic.

I've always been told "lift, work out, eat more" or "after you get older you'll fill out". But I'm through that bullshit. I've begun to ponder the possibility of there being something wrong with my hormones, like I was malnourished or some shit. Like I didn't get enough nutrients during my main growth period. Aside from that, my hips are also wide, my ribcage is narrow, and I've basically got a fucking hourglass figure. My dick is normal sized, I doubt it's Klinefelters.

Could this be fixed with HGH (human growth hormone) or testosterone replacement therapy, or something else? Please, someone chime in, I'm so depressed because of this.

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But I like skelly boys.

I'm 28 and have similar forearms. Plus my hands are really small. Been like this my whole life.

I've always been self-conscious about how skinny and "weak" I am, but as you get older you get over it. People still comment sometimes and it stings a little but I quickly brush it off. I'm often described as "that skinny guy."

Have you tried lifting and eating more? That's what I would suggest, plus pic related.

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This guy generally gets it although I would recommend bulking as well, the problem might just be that he is a skelly

I'm the same way but over time a lot of people have said it's more lean and they like my arms. I work out so I have some muscular definition but my wrists are thin and shit. Honestly bro, you do you - you should like the way you look, so you should get your arms to a point where you like them. People can like plenty about you if you just sell it right. Confidence is key.

Farmer carries

Honestly this is a weird thing to be insecure about. You're fine. Just be healthy, well-groomed, well-dressed, and in the best shape you can be in. I guarantee you VERY few people are looking at you like "ew skinny arms!"

Same issue, I used to be super insecure about my arms up until HS, and my closet was essentially just long sleeve shirts. What changed for me is that I started running track and cross country where being extremely skinny and having stick limbs is very normal, and is seen quite positively, since most good long distance runners tend to be very underweight. I started to pride myself on my efficiency and weight, and running today has been the single most beneficial thing I've ever done; for my friend circle, body image, fitness, and overall mental health.

My suggestion is to pick up a good pair of shoes find a running community. Even online, seeing other runners' bodies can help.

An exercise you can do at home is push-ups on your fists. Your fists facing each other with your knuckles in a vertical top to bottom line.

im in the same place as you. girl forearms and wrists my entire life. im 25

My arms look the same. I get told I look elegant a lot.

Do manual labor
Or do deadlifts

Skellys r spooky tho
U need a man who can fix the pipes once in a while with his beefy arms

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The fuck's wrong with you? You need no therapy or hormone bs, you gotta start working out. The forearmmuscels are extremly though and need a lot of training and time to grow, but they DO. My dad had the same issue when he was young (I got my bodystructure from my mothers side) and he simply started working out.

Try exercises that also include your forearms. Pull-ups, deadlift, lateral rise,... . Once you build up strength, you will feel less insecure about your forearms and eventually they will grow.

I can't even wear a wrist watch it would just look ridiculous on my chicken arms, I don't even think they go tight enough anyway.
I've actually heard people from a distance who didn't think I can hear them say "that's gross".
The sad part is I lifted free weights for years and it did nothing, it's just purely genetic skinny bones like a greyhound dog or something.

There are basketball players with that body type who workout for a living and are still skinny.
Roger Federer works out his forearms harder than anyone and they're skinny as fuck..

Do you guys think K2D3, Calcium and Magnesium could grow the bone itself? Eating healthy and working out meanwhile of course...

Keep the doses healthy and see what happens - but if you're much older than 20, then no, probably not. It's fine dude you really don't need to change this. This is bordering on body dysmorphia

>I lifted and it did nothing

No I don't, I can fix my own pipes.

Well OP at least you're not an obese fatty.

I'm not OP, I'm 18 and trying to reach my genetic potentional. Heard this was a good option.

Take up carpentry. Use a hammer a lot. Lots of low resistance repetition will give you defined forearms.

Work construction for a year.