Is it normal to be turned on by inflicting pain?

Is it normal to be turned on by inflicting pain?
I am a straight female

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Its not common but its not unusual.

Explore your fantasies and your sexuality.

Make sure everyone is consenting.
and try to let go of you inhibitions.

Is there an extent to which it is unhealthy though?
My fantasies are fairly extreme and mostly revolve around a lack of consent
You should really read this and probably the rest of the questions and answers.

As someone not into that at all, what about it do you like? Do you genuinely like harming others?

Honestly, I have no good answer. When I accidentally hurt people in my day to day life, like step on their toes or something, I don't get any pleasure out of it.
It's mostly a sexual thing and it only applies to men. I'm never turned on by women being hurt.
To me there's something really erotic about a tall, strong man being left with no control, and being made to cry and beg. Sexual pain is attractive to me but so are other kinds of pain. Anything that will hurt him and make him more powerless, I'm attracted to.
I've never hurt anyone in real life, though. I probably wouldn't.

So it's only partially about the pain, but mostly about the control? Sounds like classic BDSM kink.

I suppose it boils down to control, but there are aspects of it that are just pain. In high school, the football player I had a crush on broke his leg during a game and I could hear him cry out in pain and hobble off the field. I was fairly turned on but tried to ignore it because I felt terrible about it.

Do you have some kind of complex of powerlessness, which this one helps you undo? Is that why the pain of big, strong men is appealing to you, in the same way a women who'd been physically hurt by a man before would possibly desire to somehow gain a position of control over him? Not being rude but I really don't consider your situation "normal", I don't consider any of BDSM normal, and I think you should try and figure out the root of the fetish and also lift that root out from the ground. Then again I'm possibly asexual and don't feel these kinds of sexual fetishes, so one one hand I might be too vanilla, but seriously, I think it's not good for you to have this attraction. Please try and get rid of it. Don't just fall for the "it's okay, as long as there's consent!" answer that people today can use to justify literally any kind of depravity. Not shaming you at all - just trying to help you, before you go down this road and realize your appetite to only get more and more depraved...

Yeah, I definitely understand. I don't think you're being rude at all.
I was abused as a child, but by my mother. I don't know why my attraction is only focused on men.
I worry that it will get more depraved as well. It's already quite bad and has escalated since I first discovered this about myself.
Do you have advice on how to get rid of it?

I don't have advice, sadly. I'm very unfamiliar with areas like these. I was speaking to some anons about fetishes the other day, and one was telling me how thus far they haven't found a manner of getting rid of them. That really alarmed me. And in your case, I'd suggest three things:
1) Immediately cease all further feeding of the proclivity (no more looking into BDSM protocol, no more fantasies of it, no more normalization of it in any way)
2) Research it and see what is said about it. See if there are known causes, known treatment, etc. Learn as much as you possibly can about it.
3) Reflect on your life, and what might have made you like this. See if you can "nip" out that part which did so. ex. Forgive your mother for her abuse, and no longer tell yourself you're the victim of such, and need to react from that and take further actions because of it. Try and "rewire" yourself if possible.

I'm sorry to hear about it's escalation. Such is the case with most fetishes. It would really be wisest to prevent it from escalating any further, because these presumably only proceed in one direction.

Good luck, anonette. I wish you the best in healing from your possible trauma, and eliminating this affliction of yours.

Thank you user.
Good luck to you too amigo.

Google "bdsm for beginners"

I’m a femanon in a similar situation. Abused by mother, ended up developing fetish for inflicting pain on men ect.

The only thing that stopped this for me was by finding a man that I absolutely adore who will not have a bar of it. So I’ve had to force myself to not think about it because it’s not compatible in our relationship. It’s hard and sometimes I’ll still grab him a little too hard or something but other than that I don’t even think about it anymore. I just stamped it out.

Do you still think about those things in private or have you been able to totally drive it out?

thats hot though

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I mean, yeah, it is.
I'm just not sure if it should be

you can hurt me babe, break me in like a wild stallion

The point of it is that you wouldn't enjoy it

Do you get excited inflicting emotional pain or distress?

Not normal, but not unheard of either.

>hurt back at work
>GF at the time keeps fucking with me and pressing/hitting the spot where it hurts most
>Jumps towards me and does shit then dodges away while giggling and cooing about how cute it is to see me hurt
>That this is the first time she's ever seen me weak and she wants to take advantage of it
>Smacks me again
>Tell her if she comes near me again she'll regret it
>Can't do much, bending or standing feels like I'm being snapped in half, hope threat works
>Punches my spine, grab her by the ankle, she tries to jump away and I yank her off balance
>Hurts bad but get up enough to pin her
>She struggles, climb on her
>Smack her In the face hard enough her glasses fly off and she looks a bit out of it
>Put my thumb over her eye with one hand and bend her fingers backwards when she tries to stop me
>Tell her I'll break her goddamn fingers if she doesn't knock her shit off
>Yelps in pain then moans
>Tells me this is hot as fuck and wants me to hit her

Yes, but I would never do so.
The concept is exciting but I refuse to become an abuser

Thanks for responding. I just wanted a tidbit of info I can build beliefs about all women on.

I really doubt I speak for all women here

While the first part sounds like it would appeal to me, the second part wouldn't.
I have no desire nor attraction to the concept of being hurt, only to doing the hurting