I screwed up really bad at work

I feel like shit.
Today my bosses at work discovered that I was using another boss's password to authorize myself something that I shouldn't had. I got me and my other boss in trouble. We may both get fired and I'm scared. Even if we are not I destroyed all the trust they had in me.
What I did was return a friend's money that his credit card automatically debited from him and he needed that to live and apparently he is severely indebted now.
I don't know how to even show to work tomorrow. I don't know how should I live with myself. I'm scared please help me

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There's gotta be a reasonable explanation, did you and boss huddle up and think of a plan? That's what you should've done since you kinda screwed up. How they find out? How good a job was this?

It is a really good job. My boss just feels betrayed and he hates me now. There isn't a really reasonable explanation as I just did something that I shouldn't have done and that is outside of my permissions. It's a really big time screw up. My boss would probably be Okey but I could get fired and I won't be able to get a new job very easily, I don't have any degree or anything. I'm just an idiot that got lucky and now I'm embarrassed of even showing up tomorrow. I don't know what to say to them

And they found out because the guy came to ask for a loan to cover his card and everything was in his record but there's not a single paper of the returns

How long you been working there?

Almost 6 years

You could always be honest, apologetic, and offer to make things right however they see fit...

Shits fucked m8, best you can do is going to that one boss that trusted you apologizing and kissing his ass so you can use him as a reference.

That's my only option as far as I see it, but they were really pissed off. I'm really scared. I cried while they were saying all that. But, even if I get to keep my job,how do I regain their trust? That's driving me crazy, I can't sleep, I can't eat, I feel like absolutele garbage

Reference for what? They called both of us in, and if he doesn't trust me anymore and is pissed as I saw him he would not help at all. Pretty sure he hates me now

You can't stay if you keep your job, if they let you stay start looking elsewhere while you figure out if you can get a reference. How old are you?

Did you throw him under the bus to save your ass?

28. I don't have any studies and live in a shit 3rd world country that's more dead than anything. This job is literally everything I have.

Show up at work, make sure your other boss is there. To clarify the situation, you need to know the item your friend voided. And the subsequent transactions that happened afterwards. Do not add any detail of your friend's living situation. If this a one time thing you can regain your bosses trust over time, but it will be difficult. Repeated offenses will get you fired. As will the severity of the transaction. Be sure to talk to your other boss beforehand to get your story straight.

No, the screw up was all mine. But he is severely pissed of because I betrayed him.

What happened when they called you both in? What was said?

The two that are in charge asked my boss and I to go over there and explained to him that I was using his password to do things I shouldn't. And the guy is getting his credit card in the red because of his debt and I did all those returns, which weren't items, I literally gave him the money he used to pay back. He has an account where when he gets money from his job, the card automatically takes it away until its fully paid, but he went overboard and doesn't have anything else to live. I just got yelled at and they were right. I'm a shitty employee that can't be trusted. I just wanted to help that guy but now I'm even pissed of at him.

Any implications of being fired?

I don't know they told me that they will think of what they were gonna do tomorrow when they are less pissed

Update us tomorrow, goodluck user.


"Don't do the crime if you can't do the time"

You did bad. You got caught. Take what comes.

Update: right now I'm in my launch break. I talked to the boss whose password I used. He told me that he forgives me and asked me not to do so again but told me I have to regain his trust, meanwhile the other two that are the ones in charge are deciding how to punish me. I still feel ashamed walking through my coworkers and I can feel their stares. I hope my other two bosses decide to punish me lightly and hope they'll forget about it after some months. In the meantime I think I'll have to suffer their coldness.

In which country do you live?

Well, at least one part of the job ended ok, I would talk to the other two 'cause at the end, they are deciding your future. Be honest, tell them you wanted to help your friend who was in a bad situation and that you didn't do it to fuck the company. If you say you have 6 years working there, that says you are a loyal person for the company and maybe they will see it as also like a good friend.

Good luck user.

PS: If they fire you, burn the fucking house.


As far as I was last told I would not be fired but they will sanction me somehow. At least that's what they said. Whis me luck. If I know anything I'll keep you updated

Good to hear pendejito, don't fuck up again.

Saludos desde Mexico.

Al menos no te despidieron asi que felicidades! He trabajado en muchas empresas y si se fijan mucho en la lealtad y en como es la gente. Por eso te comente que si tenias 6 aƱos y no te habias metido en problemas antes, no iba a haber mucho problema.

Keep us updated as long as the thread is alive!