Tips on getting a manly girl

Is there anything I could do to help my chances of getting a manly gf?
I already put myself out there as much as I can without changing my personality, but is there anywhere I could go or do to get a manly gf considering I'm a pretty femenine guy?

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Tfw I will never have an amazon hyena gf to rape me with with her monster clit

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I dont really even care about looks, she can be shorter and stuff all I want is for her to have a dominant personality, am I asking too much?

Tfw manly female but 5'3 femlet. All I wanted was to be an amazon

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Eh, build some muscle learn to fight and you should be handle a dude like, who is also a 5'3" manlet. At least you will give me a run for my money..

Have you tryed hitting on them and not being a cuck? Im not being a dick but they still want you to act like a man.

Manly women still want manly men assuming they are actually women.

You could try, but they're rare. And I think you'd be happier with a real man to keep you in your place

work out build muscle get stronger, meme on manlets and on chads who think waman=/= stronk

Haven´t met one that isn´t a lesbian yet
That doesn´t really matter it´s the personality that sells it
Guess I want a manly woman that´s into femenine men
Not really into men

>Not really into men
Give it time, lol. You'll get the manliest woman you can find, and it still won't scratch your itch...

Well that happened to me with guys so I´m just gonna be happy being alone if that happens

Maybe you just didn't get the right one. If you're a "feminine guy" who wants to be dominated, women just aren't gonna cut it. I know your type

You're not wrong, but I'm not attracted to guys as I am to women

>manly gf
What, a Trap?

just be gay

Tomboy, but like nonw of that manly for attention shit, straight up a guy's personality on a female body

And what aspects of male personality are you expecting?

What if I'm muscular, masculine man, I just want someone else to take the lead in the relationship and have a tall girl fetish?

1. Dating by what you like is one thing, dating by your fetishes is another.
2. They dont have to be big to take control.

I like legs

Then when you see a girl with nice legs talk to her, maybe she has some kinks in common maybe not.

I know you anons will think I'm trolling or baiting but I actually did it OP. Bear with me this is a wild ride of a tale.

> be me, bi trap, studying abroad.
> in free time post artwork and webcomic to DeviantArt because why the fuck not.
> do fanart for some obscure character, search the website to see if anyone else has done it.
> only 3 pictures, one is quite well drawn, leave a like and comment and all that then check the artists gallery.
> mfw its all yaoi and furry stuff with the ocasional picture like the one I'd seen.
> artist is a non-binary tomboy domme (imagine the the picture of the tumblr girls, more or less like that)
> play vydia and wathc anime together and chat almost everyday
> feelings ensue
> save up and make the trip
> strap-on fuck every other night
> together til today

AMA I guess?

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Non-binary tomboy here, how do I get a trap bf? I've been searching for some 11 years now.

>straight up a guy's personality on a female body

What did you mean by this?

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The fact that other girls wanna be tall like me makes me feel a lot better about myself. Thank you!

The fact that other girls wanna be tall like me makes me feel a lot better about myself. Thank you!

I think deviantart was more of a coincidence, discord I'd where it's at you can search up some servers that'll tickle your fancy.
Glad to know there's more gonna be more couples like that it's perfect relationship