What’s the best course of action if/when dating someone who is perfect otherwise but annoys the ever-loving shit out...

What’s the best course of action if/when dating someone who is perfect otherwise but annoys the ever-loving shit out of politically?

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I don’t know what useless fucking meme that is but your existence contributes fucking nothing to humanity.

t. muslim

depends if you're a grille or not, you stick with the girls who shift to align with what their bfs politics are, you dump the ones who don't

You should try slowly shifting her views more towards yours through conversation, if that doesn't work try manipulating her into believing what you believe. Might be fun.

Or you know, you could just live in peace about it. She has her views, you have yours. Friendly discussion here and there but don't let it bother you.

We’re both guys.

He’s deeply conservative and mildly right-leaning because he’s personally always had it easy and too chickenshit to get aggressive over either his own rights or anyone else’s.

Oh, so you're the one who's politically obnoxious. You should be grateful he puts up with you, desu

If you’re not ”politically obnoxious” about your own right to live and thrive, you’re not ”one of the good ones”. You’re a bootlicker.

He’ll agree ”yeah, that sucks” about something that happened to me because of structured, systematic oppression but cannot connect the dots on how that is ”politics”.

He does not connect that in Chechbya he would be in a fucking death camp.

Be happy you have someone you connect with at all.

Just mutually agree to not let politics get in the way.

I guess that I should just be happy that nobody in his family votes.

Ah yeah, like that user said, you're the obnoxious one and he's the one who has to put up with you.

>structured systemic oppression
>muh death camp

Give it a fucking rest, go be a radicalized extremist who thinks anyone who doesn't take politics to your level is an enemy to someone outside your relationship. Cherish the fact you two faggots found someone to love in this cold lonely world.

”Gay men are being put in death camps” is not a hyperbole. It’s happening as we speak in Chechnya and the US isn’t granting them asylum. This is something that is happening for real, it could have happened to him, it could have happened to me, it is something that should be cared about.

It’s not a matter of ”uwu politics are hard I don’t wanna.”

Make a rule. No politics. He's probably just annoyed as you are, or he's trying to convert you to the Jow Forums republican meme.

Just say, hey, let's just not talk about politics anymore, bub.

He’s 21 and never voted before, and I said that he actually should, so he’s now trying to do political mapping and I’m becoming increasingly aware that maybe he shouldn’t vote.

Your political opinions are not wrong, but your attitude that everyone MUST be as militant as you is wrong. I'm a homo too, whose background is probably more similar to your boyfriend's.

Maybe you are in Chechnya, but I'm in the United States, and we've won all of our political battles here. There's still social progress to be made, but that takes time. There's a point where it's not appropriate to keep fighting when you're not really being oppressed, but to let the fight end.

My family is Catholic. Before I came out, my older brother was constantly calling people "fags" and expressing homophobic thoughts. Several members of my extended family had ignorant thoughts about gays. I was the first gay one. They all loved me before they knew I was gay, there was an awkward moment of "let's see what happens" after I came out, and then I didn't change at all. I remained the same person they loved before, and they've actually all come around. Some took more time than others, but at a certain point, there was no way for them to avoid looking cruel and ridiculous if they kept being weird towards me.

Not everyone lucks out like I did. But for me to become politically militant and enter every social encounter with the assumption that I would be oppressed, would just not be an honest or appropriate response to my life experience. I've done good by setting that example, by simply allowing my sexuality to be a non-issue. I know for a fact I've changed a few people's minds, and if one of my younger cousins turns out to be gay or something, they'll have an easier and less scary time of it because I went first. On a larger scale, I think that's the next step of progress in the post-civil-rights era of gayness.

Politically - I will ALWAYS vote against anti-gay politicians and legislation, whenever it comes up. But I don't need to carry it with me into my relationships or social interactions when it doesn't come up naturally, and neither does your BF. Cut him a break.

LMAOOO that's so funny to me

How did you guys even end up dating, I wouldn't even go near that dick

It’s generally not safe to assume black people are ok with gay people. It’s generally not safe to assume gay people are ok with black people.

I’m not going to deny you’ve probably had a breezy time but sometimes people who go into every situation expecting hostility do it because it’s safer.

I'm not oblivious to danger, I just don't think it's healthy to walk around with a chip on your shoulder. React to what's in front of you, don't get too deep into this victim narrative you've got in your head.

If you want to help gays in Chechnya, I honestly think it's a wonderful thing. The world needs activists, no question. But keep it in its appropriate context. You can do the work without calling your boyfriend a "bootlicker," that doesn't really help anyone.

>Push BF to vote
>Realize he is a free thinking individual and immediately regret decision
You are a faggot, your BF sounds like a chill dude tho

I was in a perfectly fine mood before he started blurting that shit out.

Like fine, that attitude is endearing in everything else but politics are grownup matters and being submissive and not wanting any trouble should not fucking bleed into your attitudes of what you’ll allow to happen to other people.

It's not about "being submissive and not wanting any trouble." It's about knowing the proper behavior for the proper time and place, reacting appropriately to the situation you're in.

I wish I could print out that statement and have you compare it to my boyfriend just to give you perspective of how factually wrong you are about the nature of his entire being.

He’s so nonconfrontational that my friends laugh about the fact they’ve never seen him despite of us being together so long. Which is because he’s scared of people and doesn’t want to get out of his comfort-zone for long enough to be seem.

I’ve jokingly asked if he’s prefer wearing one of those all-covering muslim veils and he’s said he probably would if that would cause less people to notice him, instead of more.

Take out your frustration with him in the bedroom, duh.

Well I don't know him, and desu I'm probably just projecting my own experiences here. I live in New York which is about as gay-friendly and safe as you can get, and desu I'm just tired of my gay friends talking politics 24/7 when they aren't actually doing shit. I have literally been called a "bootlicker" just because I occasionally want to just have a nice night out without the lecture, because I don't dress flamboyantly or wear my politics on my sleeve, etc. It gets old. It's great to do the work, but it gets annoying to talk that shit to death everywhere you go. Politics have no place in the bedroom, it's not really welcome when you're just catching up with friends, etc.

You graduate from high school and learn to talk about politics without taking it too personally.
My boyfriend is an anarcho-capitalist crazy asshole, I'm pretty left wing, we both work in politics and talk about it daily without it ever being a great deal.
As long as your personal values align for what matters in the relationship, having different opinions about the migrant crisis or whether welfare is good or not doesn't matter in the great scheme of things.