Was fired from a fortune-500 company because one of my coworkers was afraid of me and reported this fear to security... because I sent a photo of a firearm to him, but we live in Texas... What's the best way to respond to recruiters when they ask why I left??

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Well did you leave, or were you fired? They'll find out if you were fired if you're joining another big company with a dedicated HR department.

If it were me I'd explain that in most of Texan society it's totally normal to own and talk about guns casually, so you didn't think the protocol would be so different in that setting because you were still in Texas. Now you know better and the mistake won't happen again.

You potentially may have been fired illegally.

Tell them about your great replacement theory, and show them your rough draft of your manifesto.

I was fired. They didn't even pay me for my 13 days of vacation I had left.

What do you mean?

Thanks for the lolz..

They didn't like that I shot dem gunz at da range and posted a pic on the facebook sir.

Texas is good and bad.

Apparently companies don't have to actually give you or anyone a reason for why you were fired. They can just do it without fear of anything.

I would just say you left because of the toxic environment and makeup a story about that one dude was shown a firearm picture and made a comment of being afraid and you mentioned you owned one and the environment chsnged and became negative.

Were you at least jerking off with your gun? What a texas fag.

That’s pretty gay

Well, be upfront with it to HR. Explain to them it was a misunderstanding and they you were just intending to share a picture with that person but it got way out of hand

Jerking off is a violation of the corporate code of conduct.

Tek kep. If OP has the same mental degeneration as the usual Jow Forums drone, it could not be that far from the truth.

Just posting but i get op's feels. i was harassed into quitting by some faggot coworkers who whined to the manager about me for retarded bullshit reasons. it's like a god damned kindergarten.
i don't even mind work itself, i just hate dealing with coworkers. no matter what THEY do or say no matter how offensive you find it, well that's all well and good. but my GOD you do one thing and they flip their shit and try and get you fired.
i understand why people go postal. until society stops being a bunch of whiny faggots going around ruining people's lives because they can't control their own fucking emotions and desire to kick up drama, the shootings will continue. i can't wait until remote work is the norm and i never have to speak to anyone again.
op you did nothing wrong. find out where he lives and cut the brakelines on his truck.

Why did you send them a photo of a firearm?

Did you send a photo of a gun or did you use a photo to illustrate a threat of murder?

I purchased I firearm I showed it to a team member out of pride of ownership.

>I purchased a dragon dildo I showed it to a team member out of pride of ownership.

Have done the same thing. Lucky for me, my colleges also like guns. I don't doubt that had they report me, innocent or not, I would also be fired. Pretty lame.

Just tell them you wanted a change of pace and a more challenging career to better your skills

Why did you send an unwanted image of your firearm to a co-worker you didn't know well enough to imagine they'd have a negative reaction to.

some people are so soft it kills me

I have fetish for pictures of guns myself

I suppose you can never trust anyone. Even if you are working in the alpha team, delivering new products.

>I don't doubt that had they report me, innocent or not, I would also be fired.
Sounds like a really dumb thing for you to have done then.

I thought we were friends.

So, you think it's a good idea to send fetish pictures to random coworkers?

>it kills me
Ah, that's why you need a gun to protect yourself.

I know now, that I was not a good decision.


20/20 hindsight... for sure!