Tips for new people?

checking out Jow Forums but I don't know where to start

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It is not too late to quit now.

Start on /b/


lurk moar newfag

>close Jow Forums
>close web browser
>turn off computer
>go outside


It will eat time for nothing, you will adapt to the people here and ruin your life.

Leave now ande never return

You have two options
1) Lurk more, newfriend
2) Run
Summer must be early this year.

gtfo before it's too late

go to reddit or something just don't stay here. bad idea

/r is what ppl like you need

nao sei usar isso me ajude

Do literally anything else. This place is q cesspit of misery and will give you a toxic mindset. It's also incredibly addictive and will eat so much of your free time for nothing in return. Take up a sport, play an instrument, improve your mind or exercise. Stare at a wall. Anything else then browsing here user.

You've been warned

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Take the blue pill and never look back. This site changes you. It teaches you about things you never knew existed. It will make you a bitter, toxic person. Leave. Right now.

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lurk moar, newfag.

You from north africa famalam?

> It teaches you about things you never knew existed.
True, but do you really wish you lived in blissed ignorance? I unironically think Jow Forums actually made me better over the years

Always red-pill, but don't lose hope, and change something in your life, don't listen to the fags on the site that are cucks, just act like you know what you're doing and you'll be just as good as the rest of the people here

Lurk moar