Conversation with close friend, tells me the following

Conversation with close friend, tells me the following

>women are all whores
>every woman is replacable
>relationships are boring
>i dont believe in love or feelings
>women act on their emotions and intuition, one day everythings fine, next day they will break up
>personality and character is unnecessary
>the only thing that counts is having sex
>dont take women serious
>i studied anthropology and psychology trust me its in the nature of women
>on her birthday gift her jewelry, not your trust
>i think its good to see them as objects
>the more you make them human, the more they can influence you
>short time happiness like sex is better, instead of marrying a woman in which the marriage gets monotone really fast, everything becomes familiar
>im happy with my life, i bang different chicks every weekend, go to the gym and work on my success

What do you think of him?

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He sounds like he got hurt. Trust me, most people aren't happy with constant meaningless hookups

I talk with him about the JQ now that we've covered the WQ.

Useless degenerate narc that is too cool for the future gene pool.

Thats what I think aswell. I know he had over 10 relationships, in which he really invested lots of time and energy in. Every single time it was the girl that left him according to his stories.

>I bang different chicks every weekend
That works for a while until it stops working, but then you're a manwhore and women don't usually settle for that unless they're also whores and then, well, power to ya.

How old is he (or are you, if that's you)? He doesn't sound over 30, and that's about the kind of person I trust for relationship advice as they've actually been around long enough not to fuck it up constantly.

I'm 22, he is 24. I was in therapy for gambling addiction, but now that I'm clean, we try to clean up the rest of my shitty addictions, like porn, which is definitely hindering me in anything that has to do with women. So we talked about women, we talked about porn, and told him about what we talked about. And that is what I got out of him.

Sounds like the kinda guy who cries himself to sleep every night.

He's also insecure about his height, he is 5'4.

I don't know man, if he is then he is pretty good at faking and putting up an act.

Is he saying those things to try to make himself believe them?

>Is he saying those things to try to make himself believe them?
He probably does believe them, but it doesn’t mean you have to also.

It sounds like a wall of projection. He's trying not to be hurt again by being the one who does the hurt. Better yet, he's 24, so he's in that perfect throe of 'I'm smart enough to handle the world.'

He'll come down someday. Maybe on his own, maybe when shit happens to him.

Maybe. Everyone gets like that now and again but if that’s his consistent feeling... he’s probably a pretty lonely guy. And misery loves company. If you’re perpetually single he will always have a buddy available.

Those sound like excuses for not being able or interested in having a relationship. He isn't an incel obviously and maybe he is happy, but those generalizations are something somebody with a bad dating history would have.

He's afraid to open himself emotionally because he doesn't want to get hurt

Also something he said
>why should i invest in a relationship?
>do you know the costs? So much time, so much money, so many nerves
>why invest in something you dont know the outcome of
>i'll just stick to being productive and just fucking her

I'm definitely not trying to appropriate those thoughts.

Yeah, I'm pretty much the only one he regularly hangs out with. When I'm not available, he might meet up with druggies around his apartment block and snort coke.

>I studied psychology
He did not pay a lick of attention.
Did he do one year? Did they get to dunning Kruger effect? Confirmation bias? Worldviews and perspectives?

>What do you think of him?

Sounds like a cynical know it all asshole. The cause: he was cheated on and took it like a bitch, or noone will fuck him.

He only did like 1 or 2 years of some sociology major, now he is in his first semester of psychology, studying from home. As soon as he said that line I immediately realized he is full of shit. He compared some successful rap artist to my therapist, and would rather take his advice than hers.

Nice. Nice.
Yeah tell him to look up the dunning-kruger effect if he likes psychology so much. Then accuse him of having it anytime he opens his mouth.
It'll drive him insane and he'll eventually stfu

>smart people
Rappers have more experience with women and don't have a motive to lie. A female therapist is going to lie about women anyways and she's not even intelligent.

>I'm definitely not trying to appropriate those thoughts.
so then what was the point of this thread?

I just wanted to know your opinion about him, if it's a healthy way of thinking. I want the best for him. Happiness doesn't sound to me as what he describes it to be.
That's it.

He sounds like a very sad and depressed little man
Almost pity how pathetic he sounds

It is absolutely not a healthy way of thinking.

>le dunning-koper effect
NPCs got a new buzzword in their last update, didn't they?

>most people
maybe he's one of the other ones

>he's textbook DK
>outs himself
>tries to play it cool

Never change, Jow Forums

If he was he wouldn't be talking about women the way he does

Dunning-Kruger effect has created a Dunning-Kruger effect where stupid people think they are smart because they are aware of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Im not the one saying people couldn't possibly be smarter than me

This was inevitable to happen.

But you're immune to it

He may not be a happy person, but most of this stuff about women is common knowledge.

Nope, it just provides "evidence" to back up shutting down any discussion at will. It implies a (strong) opinion means low knowledge. On the face of it, fine. But considering the strength of an opinion can often be judged subjectively, and relative to one's own opinion, then it leads to saying any opinion significantly at ends with your is likely false, since difference in opinion = strength of opinion, and strong opinion = false opinion.
If I don't like what people have to say, I simply tell them that, regardless of who's "wrong" or "right"

I don't think you are very clever, if that's what you think user said.

sounds like hes got a rational mind, but doesnt do anything with his feelings other than be hurt. im in the same boat.
theres likely been too much that theyve seen or heard of women doing that brought him to that conclusion, and its not like hes wrong.