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Letting go.

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I wish I could tell them my life is a messy chaos. I wish I could tell them I'll need several years of hard work to get to them. That the distance and the life condition difference are huge. But instead I prefer to be considered a meany. It's better than being a failure I guess...
Not that I really am a failure, it's just that I wasn't born a billionaire, so I can't fly away right out of the blue.

I'll always be upset I've never been sexually active and I've been considering getting an escort, I'm concerned I'm running out of time.

What is “self sabotage” for 100, Alex! You know most people aren’t rich. Be a better communicator.

I'm trying to balance my budget in order to fly away at whim

I am a drive to a bart station and can fly out to see my west coast teams play-anywhere

I was BLESSED to not have a partner to spend my money on and NO CHILDREN

so I will work on myself

I want to be there for my parents and take care of them

I am elevated in status that I even have a house to live in.

I don't care if I can't pay rent- I can go in person to the games while they watch them on TV

No idea whether I should stay my whole life in this country or go back home. I hate this place, but it's comfortable, stable and first world. When I'm back home I feel like this is where I belong and leaving hurts, but it's a third world country and not very stable. Moving countries sounds so fucking complicated tho

If your family is good then yeah, most people probably don’t see anything wrong with this.

then I am proud to be a Native American myself

I guess it is time to cash in my privilege

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I am truly sorry, I don't know if I should have been more patient with you or nit. But being left in the dark for, like, 7 months, with no explanation really pushed me to give up on you.

To my Godfather Donnie

Thank you showing me that I need to leave these evil women and focus on my Art so one day I can make the family proud and start my own little art company

It's been a year now since she disappeared. Unfriended everyone on Facebook, stopped coming to school, cut all contact with her friends. Her parents say she's fine, but won't say what's happening.

I miss her

I can't think about anything but work.
I somehow went from thinking about my interests while I try to force myself to pay attention in class neurotically worrying about my job when I should be decompressing. The only way I can get my head out of that fucking place is beating off to increasingly depraved and sadistic erp.

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No Fap

withdrawls suck, but if you don't have a partner it is the road to take

otherwise go get an impregnation fetish


He disappeared. This is pointless. Why the hell I even thought it means something? Probably he's used to flirting around with every girl he met. Men do that, aren't they? What a shame
I have to forget him as soon as possible. Should I text my ex?


Just watch sad movies and eat ice cream until you just hate them forever

your never gonna see this dad.

you are the only reason I'm still here, and when you eventually leave It won't be long before I do too.

Im sorry I wasn't the son you wanted me to be, you always expected so much of me and I could never deliver. all I ever wanted to do was make you proud and I never could. I could never follow in your footsteps.

If I were you I wouldn't care about me anymore, but for some stupid reason you still seem to believe I can do more than I can, every time I dissappoint you somehow means nothing.

please stop caring, so I don't feel like I'm hurting you every time I fuck up royally. I don't want you to believe in me anymore, everyone else lost hope a long time ago and yet somehow you still hang on by a thread.

just let me go as a failure, I know it's true and you know it's true so don't feel obliged to care just because your my dad.

I don't want to be here anymore but I don't want to hurt you, I can't keep this up forever.

thanks alot,

Nah text someone new.

To Joey

you are a great Uncle and I aspire to be like you with my niece

You're loved more then you know

I have it more rough then you

You're brother made me keep this souvenir

I wish I had a brother like him

I look forward to every year and see all of you

We are family and we look out for one another

>get a top 5% male
>expect him to stay with your average, boring ass
lol. maybe in another life, though. keep that dream high!

you wish, hahaha.

Will my wish come true?

Reply hazy. Try again later.

I don't think I know very much about attracting women, but as far as I can tell, pickup artists are a complete scam. They seem to deliberately make the process appear more complicated than it actually is or needs to be so that they can foster a level of confusion that turns single, desperate men towards them. Then they use that to sell books, DVDs and tickets to grossly overpriced seminars.
Also a lot of what they teach as solutions appears to be largely bullshit anyway.

Im balding like a motherfucker and I'm only 20.
I've got a completely bald head now.
Thankfully I'm in decent shape so it don't look super bad.
Someone did lean out of their car window today and shout "baldy" at me, but I didn't take it personally and I started to laugh.
I love being a guy.


A lot of women know about it now (2019 after all), so it makes men come off as creepy - or it makes it hard for women to trust guys that use those sort of methods.

started talking to ex, she admitted feelings for me as she ended a relationship and I agreed and then that fizzled out. then, one of my female friends I became interested in but she doesn't seem interested back (and I think one of my old acquaintances is trying to get with her). I don't want to sound like some weird fuck but I really have so much I want to give. I'm not desperate for a girlfriend but I truly do miss being in a relationship and having that closeness. Kinda awkward around girls I don't know that well, and I have a pretty unique personality in general. I'm a pretty good student, I like to help others through things when they need it, I enjoy making people laugh, and I do my best to be genuine with everyone. I just do not know what to do.

I go to parties a lot at college but I'm too timid to bite the bullet and talk to a girl I haven't talked to before, unless I'm drunk off my ass, and at that point, I probably turn everybody off.

You had experience with a girl so you aren't too much of a fish out of water. Keep going to parties, don't change your personality and you will snag a girl. All about getting out there.

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Thanks user, I really appreciate that. I guess I could be in a much worse position. I just need to take that next step and get myself out there. I figure getting used to rejection and not being phased by it is a part of the game. Only need one to be interested anyways, in the long run. Thank you!

you're doing me a favor without realizing it but still, i'm a little sad.

I want to go see everyone, but I am terrified you will be there. My presence just reopens old wounds between us.

I have no food stamps anymore cause I didn't want to be for food cause I thought I found a job

The job is just stringing me a long cause I have no hours

The foodstamps were a joke

my whole situation is a joke

I hope I die before 28

Did he ghost you? Ask him where he went.

Some things have finally clicked for me, and I actually feel kind of like I belong on this planet. I feel more like a normal human instead of something savage and lost. It's like I'm wearing a new pair of eyes and it's kind of overwhelming. It gets a little better every day but I have a hard time concentrating because I have so much to process and think about and live/relive.

I really would like to have stayed friends. I hate this area, its so small with nothing to do that interests me and most i dont enjoy hanging out with. You were fun. I truly enjoyed my time with you, like I do with a good friend. We've only gone on two dates, so having said you feel platonic towards me is fine. We had so much in common, why just let that die. Im not clingy, i gave you distance, and you just ghost me.

I told a friend of mine about the girl I have a crush on.
It made me feel a lot better, and my friend was really encouraging about it too, so it really makes me feel good

Why are you sad?

What was the last message you wrote?

why do you care?

Please stop the delusion. You can be back in his life on a strict basis for safety purposes for him. You will never be allowed back into mine. It's not about being angry any more, it's about having let go. You really don't see how bad it was for me? My begging to get out of it the last 18 months didn't clue you in?

She's all mine now. No doubt about it.

Why are you so sure about that?

"still gotta teach me your cool tricks *yellow moon face looking left emoji*"

She shown me Heroes of the Storm, which is similar to LoL. She was excited a week before that to teach me.

She was in an abusive relationship before, telling me during our first date that she wanted to take it slow as well. So i did, and after two dates that i thought went great she tells me she needs to work out some stuff on top of just feeling platonic to me. (Yet she's chatting with another guy rn).

She’s chatting with another guy rn. I’m sorry, user, but it seems like you’ve lost this time. Try to forget her.

I don’t, actually. Just asking.

No matter how hard I try nothing I ever do is good enough for anyone. I run myself into the ground doing everything I can to be what everyone wants and live up to their expectations but it's never enough. Not a good enough mother, not a good enough wife, not a good enough daughter. I dont know what I could do to please them more I feel like I'm giving 150% all the time but it doesn't matter and everyone is always just disappointed in me anyways. I've been thinking about just giving up and killing myself. I think about it all the time. I hate myself and feel so worthless no matter what I do. I dont want yo hurt my children but i dont know how much longer i can keep going like this. It probably be better for them if i was just gone anyways. I'm so fucking stupid and shity they would be better off without me

I feel so much better after eating a meal with my family and talked things through

I am going to re-order the foostamps card I tore up and I am going to teach a Financial Responsibility class at my local library

thanks jesus!

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You’ve got me wondering: you never initiates convos cause you’re busy atm or cause you’re not interested in me?
Please make it clear, I’m bad at reading signals.

and I don’t want to stay in it, in fact, I am lying to my parents. They think I’m doing all A’s, and meeting ppl and shit, when in reality I am failing all the classes and hiding myself in the library, I am not sure for how much longer I will be able to keep this up. But soon the bubble will burst.

I hope I make it by then.

My friends too when I told them who I am crushing on. I thought they would've said I don't have a chance but I found out I kept saying those words ever so self-deprecating and they told me to have confidence and just have positive vibes/mindset. I want to be her friend first, so tomorrow for sure, I plan to get her cell phone number.

Kiki, do you love me?

it usually means not interested, sorry. :(
sometimes it means shy or anxious though. depends.

Probably. Time to move on.

There's a lot of subconscious nuances people unknowingly reveal when they are interested in someone. For example, if you're interested in a girl, she may flip the back of her hair showing the nape of her neck. Or, if your eyes meet with each other and she reflectively look away. I dunno, but sometimes, verbally don't always express anything but non-verbal can say a lot.

I'm over it, chill.

>I plan to get her cell phone number.
Same here, next time I see her. Probably won't be til Friday though
Best of luck user!

Yeah but at the same time, if they're putting effort in to talk to you at least there's something. 0 effort means there's nothing. Avoidance means, well, abandon ship.

Jesus christ I am feeling so alone.
I would literally talk to anyone

True. But maybe it's the way you carry yourself also that have the other person thinking "user isn't noticing me either?" So, eventually, they treat you as everyone else.

You've got my luck too. I'll report back rather it was a success or unsuccess, however, I have confidence now that I can do it.

I acknowledge it all, but I’m a girl interested in a guy and he won’t drop any of these non verbal hints, which make everything more difficult.

Sure but it seems like he’s only responding me cause he’s bored. He once said that he enjoys my company, we could spend like 6+ hours just chatting, but if he still won’t initiate it. I’m confused, really.

Good point.

Yeah... a good relationship is about balance. If you're always the one initiating maybe give it some space - the proverbial set the bird free.

There’s a person I only respond to if he texts me first. I’m honestly trying to maintain emotional distance and don’t want to get closer but I don’t dislike him so I don’t completely ignore him. I rarely text him first have been distancing myself further by slowly not responding because I’m slowly trying to cut off the relationship

Why don’t you just tell him you want to distance yourself from him? wtf
Playing this kinda game may be getting him confused, there’s no need unless you’re thinking about using him as backup.

I'm doing the to someone right now too, actually, I feel kind of bad because he's a catch in a lot of ways (cute, smart, same hobbies, owns successful business), but we have a history and we're too similar. He keeps saying we can be just friends but never wants to hangout unless it's late at night at his (red flag for me).

I am doing my best grandfather

Even if you are indeed stupid and shitty you will only fuck them up more then you may have already if you off yourself. Don't worry time marches on fast. You'll be dead before you know it anyway.

Even without women being more aware these days, years ago I read The Mystery Method and honestly even then some of it seemed kind of autisitc. He said some shit about carrying around props to perform magic tricks to wow them. I'm thinking, "Is he hitting on eight year olds or something?"

lol I thought the same when a friend of mine told me he was reading about pickup artists. That’s insane.

You made me laugh irl, thank you. Oh yeah, forgot about that guy. Anyway have this (You).

Every time a stranger touches my back with his finger while walking behind me at a bar... I die a little inside.

Bit cruel desu. Why keep up the charade at all? Let him down gently.

I do that to everyone though, it just means you're in the way and it's loud.

And cowardly.

No, there's a gentle push or 'move' motion, and there's pickup artist... what do they call it, kino escalation.

If I buy a 3D printer I WILL develop devices that can potentially harm people.


Why is everything so fucked. Why can't I just give everyone a fair chance. Why did it ever have to be this way.

Wtf dude
Seek help

Go to bed Michael.

I can't distinguish between love and lust. This might be my downfall.

Describe a situation you think fits more in the lust category rather than love category.

>men only want to commit to you if you add value to their life
>only thing they consider valuable from women is sex

why bother. yea getting pumped and dumped sucks but being in a relationship is just trading sex for a meager amount of affection and attention from men. I hate the idea of having to constantly please a man just for his presence.

i rather be alone.

then these fucks have the audacity to complain about the nature of women. we are conditioned this way bc it's what men want and respond to.

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I hope everything turns out all right

aw did he bump his lil head?

I mean, er- yeah, no. There's more to relationships than that. Having a partner, that's what you should be looking for.

>only thing they consider valuable from women is sex
Not really true, there's more it than that. Know plenty of near-sexless relationships
- Man


i've been in your exact situation for the past 2 weeks. if someone wants to talk to you they will. It's why you spoke to him in the first place right? exactly.


I wanted to have a life but I couldn't manage to do it alone. Now I'm old enough that I require having a life to not be alone.

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I'm trying to get over it. I'm trying to do what everyone else including me knows I should do and just drop it and move on with my life. But I can't.

That's right, I'm jealous of my friends and families' success. It's never a good idea to compare your life with others, but when my friend lands lucky success after lucky success and here I am doing the same shit... I can't help but be envious. Why can't I be like that? All of them are so bright, happy, motivated, bloomers. Here I am wasting away like the typical doomer I am. I never had drive or motivation. I never could be that uplifting bright and early/ up and at em' kind of guy. Idk. Why can't I be happy and full of energy like them? I used to be so full of energy when I was a kid (granted I was shy and has little friends). What happened?

>theres more to it
there really isn't. men acquire gfs for the sole purpose of having consistent and convenient access to pussy. gfs are just gloried cum rags for men.
>Know plenty of near-sexless relationship
yeah OKAY, let's see how long those last. he's probably cheating on her right now.

My obnoxious friend walked in when I had planned to tell you. Now, has it been too long? I don't know how to try again.

glorified *

you need better influences in your life mate

Juicy, what were you going to tell them?

Raised by grandparents serious mom and dad issues. Hard understanding of what family is but overtime I know what it is. Overtime quiet boy growing up. Late teens early 20s happen I explode personality wise. I care about all friends I encounter. Friends dwindle alchohalism ensues during time get married. Have baby I now am father stop drinking. Love life and listen to others like he taught me. Friends that stuck with me are family. Wife has higher paying job, been working at grocery store where current long term friends recide been there since I was 16. Poisoned tooth and bad psoriasis make me feel as if I've wronged someone in life or did something wrong.I dunno life isn't all that bad. Though I think alot about random people. Not much to bitch about we could all be better. Just happy I'm a father. Berate me for my narrow minded thinking I'll respect you either way it goes, but I always wonder if I've ever wronged anyone. As little sense as it makes. As little income as I make I'm glad to raise this child. Overall I think I have abandonment issues. Off my chest.

I hope Trump responds to my email

I don't know what else to do. I can't find a single place that accepts dogs. I need to move out. I can't take it anymore but I need to take my dog with me. If I leave her with my parents she is going to die and if I don't have her I WILL kill myself. I hate this world. Where did everything go so wrong? I just want a place for me and my dog to live in peace. Why is that so hard to ask?

Buy Land and Build a Homestead

falling for a girl at first sight at a con
think her friend is cute

I don't know man, I renewed my membership to Virgins Anonymous years ago. Doesn't lust lead to love. It's like Pokemon evolutions. Like leads to Lust leads to Love.