How gross is it honestly (personal views or society's) to be sexually interested in an 18 year old woman as a 25 year...

How gross is it honestly (personal views or society's) to be sexually interested in an 18 year old woman as a 25 year old man? I know it's "natural" but is it moral?

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As long as you’re not going for minors then it’s not horrible, although I wouldn’t tell this too people because whether you like it or not they will perceive you as someone who likes young girls, even if you have no pervasive intentions

No hope for fuckers like you seeking validation from the group.
It's your life, you are the only one whose opinion matters on the topic of what you want.
Ask for help when you don't know how to do something, but unless you want to live a life of regret, don't ask others what is ok and not ok to desire.

If a girl looks sexually mature then its biology that you'd be attracted to her and want to fuck. Animals have no AoC; they fuck the ones that are sexually mature. Morality is subjective and is different for every country so as long as you aren't breaking any laws then you are ok. Some places have the AoC at 13 years old and others at 18. Now personally 13 is too young imo but a fully developed 15 year old can make any man want her. I believe 15 is the AoC in Mexico IIRC

Fucking gross. Shows how undeveloped you are mentally.

good point. I've talked about it amongst some friends. and people who see me flirt with her seem a little on edge

that's a whole lot of ideology without much care for context there bud

Ehh, I think there's something to be said for differences in life experience. An 18 has only just begun to experience adulthood, if they seem confident they're probably exploring their sexuality healthily. A 13 year old? They surely don't know what they're getting into


18 year olds are still very immature. The brain is still developing, they don't have experience in the real world or real world relationships. They are often still naive, and think they aren't.
At 25, the brain is finally fully developed, and you are an adult with adult experiences.
Before 25, age differences mean a lot more in terms of maturity.

When you date so young, you show you are either mentally undeveloped, or are so socially/emotionally fucked up that you can't convince someone your own age to date you.
General society will look down upon you.

>18 year old adult
>not even a decade age gap between the two of you

it's fine, but I guess since you live in America because it sounds like it as no one in the rest of the world is worrying about what people think of them for dating other adults, you'll be chased by local villagers wielding pitchforks and torches saying that you're a pedo

see? Exactly what I mean.

Americans think that 18 year olds are 8 year olds.

18 year olds can vote, work, drive, live on their own, join the army, own and shoot guns, participate in pornography, pay taxes and everything that an adult does.

what exactly is this lack of "real world" experience or whatever you're trying to say that would make it so that them being in a relationship with someone still in their 20s would be like exploitation?

Does this mean the age of consent and voting and living on their own should be moved up to like 28 years old?

I fucked a couple of 18 YO girls when I was 30.
Was fun damn they were so firm and perky. For them it a novelty to fuck an older man and have you must after them.
Eventually it finishes because they are annoying as fuck and the naivety gets on my nerves.
I wouldn't tell anyone though, yeah you will get judged. Most of the judgment will come from men who are actually projecting Thier own jealousy.

Imagine saying you enjoyed taking a shit and someone else saying that's disgusting and you telling them "yo you're just projecting, bro. jelly?"

you don't sound like you have a GED let alone had sex with anyone

No I am just answering OPs question about personal and society's views. He wanted honestly.
It is legal and no one will stop you, but people will look down on you, talk behind your back, and generally think less of you for dating an 18 year old at 25. It just screams "loser".

I've been in 10+ year age gap relationships and people were just like "nice, she's hot".

Like I said, dating an 18 year old is not an issue outside of the USA.

It only looks weird and creepy when the guy is in his 40s or older, but even then it's still like "well, the two of them know what they're getting into"

I'm not an American, fag

Well you've got their "pants on head" moral values

cope harder, faggot

Your just jealous I can fuck girls 12 years my junior and you can't muster the courage to have a conversation with one.

>ego so fragile you have to boast about having sex with women as young as legally possible to Vietnamese frog posters
>ego so fragile you get triggered when anyone critiques your lifestyle

Speaking from experience, i wouldnt go with a chick that's younger than 21. 90% are still trying to figure out life, so as far as relationships, some think they know what they want but actually dont. But most women are fuckin retarded anyways so.

One can be proud of their sexual conquests and tell other people about it without having a fragile ego.
It was relevant to the question.
Not even close to triggered.
Nobody critiqued my lifestyle, stop looking for things that aren't there.

Not many years ago at all no one would have even thought twice about it or looked at you funny for suggesting it.

If she's hot who cares, "fully developed" doesn't mean shit from tards who don't know about human development. An 18 year old legally has all the same accountability as you, "muh not developed until 25", doesn't mean shit and if it had any weight we would scale all of society to 25. Humans both sexually and mentally develop in stages where there a periods of large growth then plateau. It's not about if you're fully developed, it's about if you've passed a stage that is considered developed enough.

Not gross. It's moral as long as you are interested in being serious, not pumping and dumping.

>have date with 18yo as a 28yo soon

The way i see it if she's the one initiating, I got no obligation to say no.

25 and 18 isnt bad user. I've seen 50+ with 18 year olds that is when it becomes creepy.

Only retarded americans think it's an issue
Age of consent should be 15 anyway

It is natural to find someone sexually attractive after they went through puberty.
I personally find it mildly distasteful to pursue them, in my opinion going after teenagers when you are not under 21 is a bit gross.
But it's not like I'll ever even bother telling you, I'll just think less of you.

It's hugely immoral and anyone who says otherwise is basically a pedophile desu

The difference between 18 y/o and 25 y/o borders on fucking bestiality. She's not "mature for her age" you're just an emotionally stunted overgrown teenager who needs to castrate himself

It's normal to be attracted to someone. It becomes something potentially laughable if you want to date. I'm 25 and can hardly look at 20 year olds without feeling like I'm talking to a kid, getting into a relationship with one or someone even younger than that just sounds crazy to me.