How do I convince my gf to let me fuck other women...

How do I convince my gf to let me fuck other women? I'm at the point where I dick her down good enough that she seems really satisfied sexually, since she wants to fuck like 24/7.

However, I just have this ridiculously strong desire to fuck another woman again. We've been together for 3 years now and my lust grows stronger with every passing day. Every marginally cute girl I see instantly has me thinking about ravaging like a fucking dog in heat. It's not even about the sex anymore. It's a primal urge now to engulf my body on a small framed big titted blonde. My ex-gf had just C cups, current is B cup, but I would literally kill my own father if I could smother my face in a giant pair of knockers on a cute faced blonde as I nut deep inside her. I'm hard just typing it.

My big problem is my gf is really insecure, and I feel like asking her would make her think she's not pleasing me or something. I love her and she's great, but men are just not meant to be with one woman sexually. How do I ask her without offending her?

How would I ask for a threesome if letting me fuck other women is too weird?

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you are a slave for your dick and good for you man .

>How would I ask for a threesome if letting me fuck other women is too weird?

The rules for asking lewd shit is when you have fucked her good enough and the brain is full of chemicals. Just ask her what are her wildest fantasies and when she ask you just drop it.

>men are just not meant to be with one woman sexually.
AlL mEn ArE lIkE mE!11!1!
Fuck me sideways.

The best bet you have is to talk about having a threesome. Frame the conversation as just talking about each other’s kinks, from there it’s a rough road of finding someone that works for everyone. You could also talk about having an open relationship. Keep in mind bringing this up is a long shot at best and a relationship killer at worst. You have to ask yourself if this is worth it, and whether or not it will make you happy.

>but men are just not meant to be with one woman sexually
Tell her that and see how it goes. Pretty soon you ought to be able to fuck all the women you like.
>I enjoy the sexual insurance provided by a mongamous relationship, but I don't actually believe in monogamy
Shit or get off the pot faggot, this isn't actually a problem.

I do believe in monogamy as a concept of finding a companion to spend your life with. I don't believe it in meaning that companion is the only person you should ever have sex with. If there's no bond with someone you fuck outside the relationship there's no problem. The only time the problem arises is if your partner doesn't know about it.

She gets her good dicking but I don't get my lust sated. It's not fair.

Lol at needing a womans permission to do anything

i feel you OP. Im currently in a 3 year relationship and am starting to feel lust for other women. I met this gorgeous 22 year old petite hottie that i was talking to but she lost interest because i didn't make a move fast enough. DESU i would've probably gone as far as she initiated but i wasn't going to do any of the escalating myself

>my gf is really insecure

good luck

also some actualy advice, if you just straight up say you want a 3-some or ask for one its going to go very poorly unless out of some miracle shes been hiding that exact situation as a fetish this whole time.

The best path is more like this:
Fucking talk with her, talk dirty with her, share your desires and fantasies especially the unrealistic ones. Has to be done at the right time
like during foreplay

OP should have told his girlfriend on day one that he wanted an open relationship. Now if you try, she's gonna call you a cheating scumbag and leave you. (You are.)

>(You are.)
Not OP here, but unless he has cheated he isn't just because he wants to.... cheating is a verb... you gotta do it to qualify

You sound like my ex gf. " I'm only attracted to one person at a time"

utter bullshit... if you don't want to fuck anyone else ever, then there is something wrong with you.... probably low T

he's a cheater, you cuck.

It must be difficult being as stupid and insecure as you are

it must be difficult watching your wife smile at you while some thicker dicker makes her squeal in ways you can't.

would you let her fuck other guys when you are fucking other girls?

alright, for any girls here, does OP sound like he would make a better boyfriend than most of the guys sad that no girls like them? Obviously there is something about him that made his girlfriend like him, but is it worth it?

Welcome to adulthood. This never goes away.

not a girl but would you rather be with a chick that no dudes want to fuck because she's that undesirable or one that wants to fuck other dudes?

Female here.
I badly wish I had bf who would fuck a chick with me. That's so hot. Imagine tagging each other out to get straps and rope while the other bangs them.
>tfw no slut bf

Man I ruined my relationship for this. If your gf is the one then control yourself and don’t ruin your relationship

>a chick that no dudes want to fuck because she's that undesirable
I feel like that is a real false equivalency for obvious reasons, but in general I would gladly go for the girl that receives no male attention;
for the exact same reasons that are given when men post those threads "it's not because you are unattractive, your looks are fine, it's your attitude, the fact you stay inside all the time, and the fact that you hate men, and put no effort in"
So yes I would gladly have a girl with an acceptable appearance who is a total shut-in and hates men.

Why the hell do you want to fuck other women? seriously.

Why are you with her? Don't you love her more than every other girl? If there's another girl who has something else that yours doesn't, what you should be thinking about is how to get your girl to get the thing she lacks. This is part of the experience of being in a relationship.

she lacks the body, obviously

what if you both seem satisfied but she gets wet thinking of sneaking out one evening to get Tyrone to fill her up just as she's never been before. You aren't the only one with fantasies nigger, how do you feel about an open relationship where you are both fucking people but the value of you emotional bond is what keeps the relationship a thing

Only guys can fuck without emotional attachment.

kek, who told you that?

Bitches be open to you pumping and dumping and will actively proposition you especially if either of you are gonna be gone, e.g. she or you are on holiday etc.
You need to meet more sluts user.

having met 20 yr old girls that have so many FWB's that I questioned everything I thought I knew about relationships as a boomer and now see a therapist I say this: Don't be monogomous for someone else. Especially when young, virile and probably the most attractive you'll ever be. Life is short, fuck as many hoes as you feel like. Relationships are never forever anyway

You are looking at this all wrong OP. Since your lust is the primary concern there is no benefit to being in a committed relationship. After three years you have forgotten how liberating it is to freely fuck any woman willing.

If you still want to fuck the woman you have been fucking then ask her to be an on call hook up when you couldn't get laid that day.