Am I a shit person

So guys
I'm not sure if it's me or that I'm just a shit all around person or that it's just her but my girlfriend recently has been just shiting on me and talking to me as if I am dirt and thinks ik a complete dick I just need some advice annons

1 I go to hers for 2 days a week her parents are chill so I stay over we watch movies and chill we sometimes go out with her Mates or just the two of us, but then she would get really upset when I leave and yeah I don't like leaving her but I do have college and job I try my best to be there for her but she thinks I enjoy leaving her like yeah I might say oh I can't wait till I get home most the time that's for if I'm hungry and foods at home for me she then gets up set tells me she is going to cut her self when she gets home and makes it as if its me as to why she is cutting because I'm so selfish am I selfish, annother time I went out with some college friends and she text me 40x saying she Hates me she is going to cut and shit I rushed to hers payed £30 for a taxi for her to just say I don't know why you came yes she has depression so did my sister but I get a feeling this is something els
Sorry about the rant I'm just clueless and very lost

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>tells me she is going to cut her self when she gets home
She's a loon

Muway is not her name it's a joke between us

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She is not a sane person and has mental problems

I want to help her but she thinks she is fine

She seems a little unwell I would not associate with her and end the relationship at least on a good note and ignore her. Trust me "depressed" girls are huge baggage...

Your not the asshole here user. GF is totally crazy B. You have obligations to meet (college) and there's NOTHING you can do to just put it off to stay with her, it's out of your control. She is a manipulate ASSHOLE for trying to make you feel bad and make you out to be this abusive selfish awful person. But here she is herself being SELFISH in not caring about your commitments!

IMO user she can fuck right off with her' i am the most and only important thing in your life and everything else can be left to burn' attitude.

You sound like a okey guy user, don't take her back when she comes back crawling to lick your boot to get on your good side. YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS.

You only tell her you're excited to get home when there's food available/something for you there besides the presence and company of your lover? What a selfish prick. If I were her I'd leave before I'm stuck with you another 20 years.

Her what time you setting off
Me not long
Her why
Me my mum just asked me when I'm coming home because she is just about to put dinner on soon and it's family night so don't want to not go (family night is just the whole senpai comes home mum makes a dinner we play games and shit)

But then also most times I do that i would oder her some food or go down to the pub with her have a drink snack ect then go home

Ignore sempai ment to put family

Annother thing is today 8 brought her train ticket and payed for lunch then accused me to not care about her

Oh. It's mother-in-law issues. That's entirely different than what's going on in your head.

Your mother is always going to compete with your younger, hotter girlfriend for your attention and your girlfriend is pissed that you keep caving. Who cares about blood family, they'll always be there for you no matter what, but a romantic relationship takes work which is what makes it worth being in. Your girlfriend sees you as a sad wanker for always choosing your blood family over spending time with her/any sane girl looking for something serious would be annoyed by this.

If you don't want to miss "senpai night," why not invite her to it? She probably feels excluded on top of the idea you're not ready to leave your family and be in an adult relationship because you keep falling for mummy guilt-tripping.

Does your mom know about her? Does she invite your girlfriend to this family thing? If not, she doesn't take your relationship seriously and so your girlfriend thinks by you going to this event your mom doesn't invite her to that you don't take your relationship with her seriously either.

I miss put sempai I ment to put family night and I have invited her around plenty of times but she lost her apprenticeship and just started a new job so she was tight for cash I offered to buy her tickets and also my dad would take her home because her dad did the same for me and yes my family does know about her

Sounds a lot like borderline syndrome to me... it's a mental illness. look it up.... maybe she needs some help

I have tryed to get her to open up to her parents about this but she don't want to it's not my place I don't think to tell them on btw your doughter is cutting her self because she thinks I don't love or care about her as I said I got a taxi at 1 am to hers and her parents didn't seem to chatch on somthin was up

The best thing you can do is notify her family that she threatened to cut herself and just get her the fuck out of your life
You dont need to deal with that kind of shit and will one day find a prettier, smarter woman who will make you truly happy.

I don't know man I want to help her and still be there for her

Listen user, we can only guide you a bit but the biggest decisions are still on you. You are the only one that knows the whole situation and what is best for you.
It is your primal instinct to care for and protect a girl but is she worth it?
If you are not happy with her and she is not happy with you, and you have tried to solve the problem that is causing this and it didnt workout...
Only you know what is right user, and whatever you do know that you did the right thing because that is how you feel.
If you decide that breaking up is the right thing to do, you should inform her parents about her cutting threats, and you should know that you can still be friends after you break up and you can still be there for you when she needs you.
Good luck boi

Dumbass, why are you splaying her name and number out here for all of us to see? Unless you have other intentions

Shit didn't know it showed number /whoops

But that's not her real name just a joke we have