College Flunky

I'm likely flunking out of college (Unless they accept an appeal from me, which is unlikely since I horrendously failed two semesters in a row). I've been deeply depressed for about 3 years and I skipped a ton of classes rarely submitted my work on time, and had very little social support.

Any advice? I want to keep it a secret from my family if possible, because they value education and think I'm a solid student. I'm considering joining the armed forces (Amerifag) and then going back to school in 3-4 years with the GI BIll, likely aiming to attend a much easier uni. I'd likely make up some bullshit story to my family about wanting to "find myself" or "grow up" or something like that. I'm 20 years old and have little job experience or money saved up. Silver lining is that my debt isn't too bad, I got a few grants and I paid off some of it while I was in school.

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If your family isn't a bunch of shitlords, I think being honest is best. Just tell them your plan if you think it'll go okay.

I'm terrified of telling them, I've always been the smart one of the family who had his shit together. Everyone would be shocked and my parents in particular are gonna be outraged

Also, dunno if your college has this option but you can go to a CC to make your classes (if it's lower div classes with an equivalent there) and raise your GPA and came back. Sounds like it ain't a good idea to tell your folks but then you'll just be lying and keeping up a front. I'm not pressuring you but it's your choice my dude. They'll find out either way soon, either you soften the blow (with honesty) or hit them with the reality of it when next semester rolls around. And yeah, depression sucks, my dude. My (ex) failed every single one of his classes, I kinda wanted to cry when I heard that, it's the shit reality we live in.

They will accept your appeal if you also provide a copy from a psychologist/therapist stating you were clinically depressed during the time of those semesters, therefore you were disabled and wasnt being accomodated by the school properly.

Big issue is a I took CC classes concurrently in High School, I graduated with an associates.

Wouldn't a psychiatrist be the only one who can diagnose me, not a therapist? I was seeing a therapist during the last couple months of the semester and he suggested seeing one.

Oh. Sorry, my dude, think you might be fucked then.

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Do you think an easier uni would accept my broken GPA if I were to come out of the armed forces?

Oh sure, Just tell the senpai that you don't think education is worth your time and that you're better off working at a gas station and drinking cheap beer as a hobby. I'm sure they will be fine with that.

You lazy sack of shit, couldn't even be bothered to read a few books and listen to some fucking lectures. The fuck did you do with your time, asshole?

I don't know. Might be better to start over fresh at that point.

Nice troll, but I do feel pretty awful about it to be fair. A lot of it was mental health issues but I've always been lazy and had a poor work ethic.

psychiatrists are for prescribing medications. They are a medical dr with a speciality in behavioral health.
A clinical psychologist can diagnose you just the same, just no pills.

I'm irritated that you threw away such an opportunity.

Treat your depression, get therapy, fess up to your parents, and do the college again when you can. Do not go into the military.

Drink water.

Good to know. Any good sites that are good for finding psychologists in your area?

My main goal this summer is to treat my depression and see another therapist. I'm not fessing up to the family unless I absolutely have to.

If your health insurance has a website then they will also provide a list of psychologists in your area that are covered under your insurance.

be honest with your family. if they want to judge you negatively then fuck them. family is bullshit imo. either they're allies or they're not. you shouldn't have to deceive your allies.

>I'm not fessing up to the family unless I absolutely have to.

Do you have student loans? Those bills that are on deferment while you are a student come due when you leave school or graduate.

Little update: My withdrawal from my last semester of classes is being processed by the school, I think that may help my case if I try to appeal getting kicked out.

Yes, I have loans, but like I said they're not that much and I could probably pay them off on my own within a year.

Your family loves you. Their support, at home, with their health insurance, as a solid foundation will give you room to get better. They don't understand your depression though, as a medical condition. That will be rough but is do-able with a therapist to help explain.

Rely on your family. They are your safety net and, speaking as a father, we are happy to be needed and know that our own work and sacrifice is making things better for you.

Speaking as a father with a kid who was in the exact situation you are.

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Same exact situation, cant really offer any advice but a good luck. We really fucked ourselves over, didn't we? I just submitted my appeal today, not looking forward to the conversation I have to have with my parents if the board says no.

go to german college, its free and in english.

whats your major in?

Simple just take a break. Relax, go to the gym, and eat good for a month or two. Take a vacation even. Clear ya head. Then when you’re going back to school go easier on the work load. No rush.

Godspeed, man.

Lol, if only.

Business, so it's not even like I have super hard classes or anything, I'm just a shit student.

Yeah, I plan on focusing on my health and seeing a therapist for a little bit before I even write my appeal.